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What does GARP stand for?

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GARP: Governors Annual Report to Parents****
GARP: Generic Attribute Registration Protocol****
GARP: Grant Application Review Process***
GARP: Global Atmospheric Research Programme***
GARP: Growth at Reasonable Price***
GARP: Glutamic Acid Rich Protein***
GARP: Group Address Registration Protocol***
GARP: Generally Accepted Risk Principles**
GARP: glutamate and alanine rich protein**
GARP: glutamate and alanine-rich protein**
GARP: glutamic acid/alanine-rich protein**
GARP: Global Atmosphere Research Programme**
GARP: Gruppe Autoren Regisseure Produzenten**
GARP: GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program**
GARP: Governors Annual Report for Parents**
GARP: Glutamic Acid Rich Proteins**
GARP: Georgia Association of Railroad Passengers**
GARP: Global Association for Risk Professionals**
GARP: Government Assisted Repatriation Programme**
GARP: Global and Anti Racist Perspectives**
GARP: Green Accounting Research Project**
GARP: Gender and Achievement Research Program**
GARP: Growth at the Right Price**
GARP: Grand Army of the Republic**
GARP: Generic Attribute Resolution Protocol**
GARP: Greek Activities Review Panel**
GARP: Generalized Axiom of Revealed Preferences**
GARP: Gender Attitude Reassessment Program**
GARP: Generalized Axioms of Revealed Preference**
GARP: Global Association of Risk Practitioners**
GARP: Grewe Archaeological Research Project**
GARP: Generic Aircraft Release Process*
GARP: Georgia Animal Rights and Protection*
GARP: Group Address Resolution Protocol*
GARP: Georgia Ammonia Refrigeration Program*
GARP: Global Association of Risks Professionals*
GARP: Graduate Admissions Review Portal*
GARP: Gender Achievement Research Program*
GARP: Gender Asylum and Recovery Project*
GARP: Genetic Algorithm for Ruleset Production*
GARP: Genetics Adjudication Resource Project*
GARP: Global Apparel Research Programme*
GARP: Graduate Assistant Recruitment Program*
GARP: Growth at A Reasonnable Price*
GARP: Generally Accepted Regulatory Principles*
GARP: Global Association Risk Professionals*
GARP: Global Atmosphere Research Program*
GARP: Goodna Assisted Referral Project*
GARP: Graduate Aid Redesign Project*
GARP: Government Auditors Resource Page*
GARP: GEMPAK Analysis Rendering Program*

Note: Acronym Finder has 12 verified definitions for GARP

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