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GAP: Grant Advisory Panel****
GAP: Groups Algorithms and Programming****
GAP: Global Access Program****
GAP: Graduates and Professionals****
GAP: Global AIDS Prevention****
GAP: Good Agriculture Practices****
GAP: Global Action on Peatlands****
GAP: Google Advertising Professional****
GAP: GNOME Accessibility Project****
GAP: Government Affairs Program****
GAP: General Augusto Pinochet****
GAP: GTPase Activating Proteins****
GAP: Grant Administration Program****
GAP: Global Accountability Project****
GAP: Global Alignment Program****
GAP: Girl Adult Partnership****
GAP: Gartmore Asia Pacific****
GAP: Global Alliance for Progress****
GAP: Great American Popcorn****
GAP: Grazing Animals Project****
GAP: General Administrative Policy***
GAP: global aftermarket panel***
GAP: guaranteed automobile protection***
GAP: German Academic Publishers***
GAP: Generate and Print***
GAP: Great Adventure People***
GAP: General Access Profile***
GAP: GIMP Animation Package***
GAP: Governance Advisory Panel***
GAP: Geodiversity Action Plan***
GAP: Global Atlantic Partners***
GAP: Guidelines Applied in Practice***
GAP: Government Accountability to the People***
GAP: Global Action to Prevent***
GAP: good animal practice***
GAP: Gas and Particle***
GAP: General Assistance Program***
GAP: Gender Achievements and Prospects***
GAP: Great and Proud***
GAP: Garnett Allen Pierce***
GAP: Global Alliance for Pharmacogenomics***
GAP: Geriatric Assessment Program***
GAP: Guys Against Porn***
GAP: Group Activity Planning***
GAP: Greyhound Adoption Program***
GAP: Global Alliance of Performers***
GAP: Google Advertising Professionals***
GAP: Guadalupe Alternative Programs***
GAP: Grant Application Package***
GAP: Gang Awareness Prevention***
GAP: God Answers Prayers***
GAP: Grandparents as Parents***
GAP: Guardian Angels Program***
GAP: Golden Age Program***
GAP: Growth Accelerator Program***
GAP: Generell Access Profile***
GAP: Guidelines A Publication***
GAP: Grace Ann Productions***
GAP: Governance Action Plan***
GAP: Growing as Parents***
GAP: Ganga Action Plan***
GAP: Genome Anatomy Project***
GAP: Genetics Area Program***
GAP: Giovani Artisti Piacentini***
GAP: Growth Area Plan***
GAP: Gheorghe Aurel Pacurar***
GAP: Global Access Partners***
GAP: Gateshead Access Panel***
GAP: Gruppo Astrofili Pavese***
GAP: Grant Assistance Program***
GAP: Gifts and Presents***
GAP: Gender Advocacy Programme***
GAP: General Administration Procedures***
GAP: GlassFish Awards Program***
GAP: Groupe Asie Pacifique***
GAP: Gas Absorption Program***
GAP: Global Audio Project***
GAP: Global Assessment Programme***
GAP: Global Art Project***
GAP: Global Action Project***
GAP: Grt Atlantic Pacific***
GAP: Garnet Access Project***
GAP: Grief Assistance Program***
GAP: Generalized Assignment Problem***
GAP: Ground Accident Prevention***
GAP: Girls Actively Participating***
GAP: Governance and Planning***
GAP: Growth Acceleration Plan***
GAP: Gender Analysis and Policy***
GAP: Global Alliance Program***
GAP: Grant Assessment Panel***
GAP: Gender Advisory Panel***
GAP: Geographic Approach to Planning***
GAP: Global Automation Partners***
GAP: Gel Alignment Program***
GAP: Group Activities Program***
GAP: Good Agriculture Practice***
GAP: Global Alliance Partnerships***
GAP: Global Automotive Products***
GAP: Grateful and Appreciative***
GAP: General All Purpose***
GAP: Generic Attribution Provision***
GAP: Geographic Area Plan***
GAP: Genetic Activity Profiles***
GAP: Galactic Activation Portals***
GAP: Guidelines Applied to Practice***
GAP: Game Audio Player***
GAP: Global Attention Profiles***
GAP: GNU Administration Project***
GAP: Global Assistance Program***
GAP: Guardian Assistance Payment***
GAP: Global Asset Partners***
GAP: GPI Anchor Protein***
GAP: Guild of Analytical Psychology***
GAP: Get Active People***
GAP: Global Approval Program***
GAP: Global Application Platform***
GAP: Good Autism Practice***
GAP: Gender and Policy***
GAP: Gold Accumulation Plan***
GAP: Groups Algorithms Programming***
GAP: Guneydogu Anadolu Projesi***
GAP: Grievance Appeal Panel***
GAP: Grow America Project***
GAP: God All Powerful***
GAP: Growth Assistance Program***
GAP: Guardianship Assistance Payment***
GAP: Grazing Animal Project***
GAP: Government Agency Partnership***
GAP: Governance Accountability Project***
GAP: Good Agricultural Practise***
GAP: General Access PIN***
GAP: Global Access Platform***
GAP: Group Activity Programme***
GAP: General Advisory Panel***
GAP: Grands as Parents***
GAP: Guide for Association Practitioners***
GAP: Gross Agricultural Production***
GAP: Guideline Applied in Practice***
GAP: Grassroots Art Program***
GAP: Guidelines for the Assessment Process***
GAP: Governance Assessment Process***
GAP: Graduate Applied Project***
GAP: GTP Activating Protein***
GAP: Greek Airports Project***
GAP: Gang Awareness Project***
GAP: Gait Analysis Program***
GAP: Go Ahead Program***
GAP: get ahead program***
GAP: Glasgow Access Panel***
GAP: GNAT Academic Program***
GAP: Gulf Aircraft Partnership***
GAP: Genetic Algorithm Package***
GAP: Grassroots Action Program***
GAP: Grant Application Procedures***
GAP: GIMP Animation Plugin***
GAP: Global AIDS Programme***
GAP: Geospatial Application Profile***
GAP: Grassroots Awareness Program***
GAP: Group Advantage Program***
GAP: Ground Adapter Plug***
GAP: Georgia Association of Paralegals***
GAP: Global Accounting Practice***
GAP: Generalized Association Plots***
GAP: Group Access Project***
GAP: Group for Attitudes and Persuasion***
GAP: Guatemala Accompaniment Project***
GAP: Grandview Assistance Program***
GAP: GTPase Aktivierendes Protein***
GAP: Graphic Arts and Printing***
GAP: Graduate Achievement Program***
GAP: Great American Puzzle***
GAP: Green Arc Partnership***
GAP: Gluteal Artery Perforator***
GAP: Get Active Program***
GAP: Gather and Play***
GAP: Growth Acceleration Program***
GAP: greater anatolia project***
GAP: Guaranteed Affordability Program***
GAP: Green Action Project***
GAP: Guild of American Papercutters***
GAP: Goal Assessment Program***
GAP: Government Assistance Project***
GAP: Gyro and Accelerometer Panel***
GAP: General Academic Proficiency***
GAP: Good Aviation Practice***
GAP: Grant for Artist Projects***
GAP: Graduated and Professional***
GAP: Global Accounting Partners***
GAP: Grassroots Advocacy Plan***
GAP: Guaranteed Automotive Protection***
GAP: Greenwood Archer and Pine***
GAP: Graphics Application Program***
GAP: Ground Access Points***
GAP: Great Atlantic Pacific**
GAP: Great American Paintballs**
GAP: ARF-GTP-activating protein**
GAP: F1/growth associated protein**
GAP: galactosylated anti-PSA**
GAP: Gastric aberrant pancreas**
GAP: General Academic Pediatrician**
GAP: Genome Assembly Program**
GAP: glans approximation procedure**
GAP: globulines anormalement precipitables**
GAP: globulines anormalment precipitables**
GAP: Glottal area patency**
GAP: glucan associated proteins**
GAP: glycidyl acrylate polymer**
GAP: glycosaminoglycan-associated protein**
GAP: GnRH associated peptide**
GAP: GnRH-associated peptide**
GAP: GnRH-associated protein**
GAP: gold-antibody precipitation**
GAP: Gonadotropin associated peptide**
GAP: gonadotropin-associated peptide**
GAP: gonadotropin-associated protein**
GAP: Granulocyte alkaline phosphatase**
GAP: Gridding and partitioning**
GAP: grouped-age procedure**
GAP: Growth-associated protein**
GAP: GTPase accelerating proteins**
GAP: GTPase activator protein**
GAP: GTPase-accelerating protein**
GAP: GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: GTPase-activating-protein**
GAP: GTPase-activator protein**
GAP: Guideline Application Program**
GAP: hormone(GnRH)-associated peptide**
GAP: MgcRac-GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: p120-GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: p21ras-GTPase activating protein**
GAP: p21ras-GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: Ras-GTPase activating protein**
GAP: Ras-GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: Rho-GTPase activating protein**
GAP: Rho-GTPase-activating protein**
GAP: Gwent Alcohol Project**
GAP: Girls Alternative Program**
GAP: Gender Analysis Pathway**
GAP: Girls Are Powerful**
GAP: Government Access Program**
GAP: Gang Alternatives Program**
GAP: Gay Association of Professionals**
GAP: Gambling Assistance Program**
GAP: glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase**
GAP: Gang Alternative Program**
GAP: Gang Activity Prevention**
GAP: Government Accounting Program**
GAP: Grandparent Adoption Program**

Note: Acronym Finder has 109 verified definitions for GAP

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