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GAL: Geometry Algorithms Library****
GAL: Greyhound Awareness League****
GAL: Government Analytical Laboratory***
GAL: Girls as Leaders***
GAL: GNOME Application Library***
GAL: Gruppo Azione Locale***
GAL: Guardian Ad Lidem***
GAL: Guardian Ad Litems***
GAL: Guardians Ad Litems***
GAL: Glen Allen Library (Glen Allen, VA)***
GAL: Guardian Ad Lidum***
GAL: General Administration Letter***
GAL: Guardian Ad Litum***
GAL: Global Alliance Logistics***
GAL: Guardianship Ad Litem***
GAL: Guinea Airways Ltd***
GAL: Godrej Appliances Ltd***
GAL: Gestione Aziendale Libera***
GAL: GenePix Array List***
GAL: Global Arts Link***
GAL: Gruppo Aeromodellisti Lugano***
GAL: George A Lincoln***
GAL: Gene Array List***
GAL: Gruppo APRS Lombardia***
GAL: Grasses And Legumes***
GAL: General Administration Letters***
GAL: General Administrative Letter***
GAL: Greyhound Action League**
GAL: general activation level**
GAL: giant autofluorescent lymphocytes**
GAL: gingival attachment level**
GAL: glycine-alanine loop**
GAL: Groupe Alpin Luxembourgeois**
GAL: General Array Logic**
GAL: gingival attachment level measurements**
GAL: glucose, aspartate, and lactobionate**
GAL: General Aircraft Ltd**
GAL: Grand Avenue Limited**
GAL: Global Active Limited**
GAL: Girls Athletic League**
GAL: Graphics Adaptor Language**
GAL: Global Address Listing**
GAL: Geek Auto Linker**
GAL: Goods Avoiding Line**
GAL: global access limited**
GAL: Grassroots Advocacy Leaders**
GAL: groupe allure libre**
GAL: Girne Anafartalar Lisesi**
GAL: Grease And Lubricants**
GAL: Gateway Address Lists**
GAL: Generalized Assembly Language**
GAL: Gulf Africa Lines**
GAL: Great Appellate Lawyer**
GAL: Guardian Ad Litim**
GAL: Genetic Analysis Laboratory**
GAL: Gestionali per L*
GAL: Giffels Associates Limited*
GAL: Getting All the Loot*
GAL: Goes Away Laughing*
GAL: Grupa Artystyczno Literacjka*
GAL: Guardium at Litum*
GAL: Gulf Additives LLC*
GAL: Gate Array Logics*
GAL: General Assembly Language*
GAL: Greening Australia Limited*
GAL: Genetic Algorithm in Lisp*
GAL: Generally Accepted Locally*
GAL: Geography At Loughborough*
GAL: Gigatron Associates Limited*
GAL: Global Academy Library*
GAL: Grading of Affected Lands*
GAL: Graduate Acquisition Logistics*
GAL: Great Atlantic Liners*
GAL: Groovy Annies Links*
GAL: Groupe Arcop Le*

Note: Acronym Finder has 34 verified definitions for GAL

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