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What does GAIN stand for?

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GAIN: Gator Advertising Information Network***
GAIN: Gender in Africa Information Network***
GAIN: Global Aviation Information Network***
GAIN: Gender Advocacy Internet News***
GAIN: Grassroots Action and Information Network***
GAIN: Global Agriculture Information Network***
GAIN: Global Agribusiness Information Network***
GAIN: Gynaecological Awareness Information Network***
GAIN: Grassroots Action Institute and Network***
GAIN: Genetic Association Information Network***
GAIN: Geographic Alliance in Nevada***
GAIN: Gone Away Information Network***
GAIN: Governance and AIDS Initiative***
GAIN: Global Appraisal of Individual Needs***
GAIN: Global Allergy Information Network***
GAIN: Glycine Antagonist in Neuroprotection***
GAIN: GAME Archive and Information Network***
GAIN: German Academic International Network***
GAIN: Golf Accessible and Inclusive Networks***
GAIN: Guildford Anti Incinerator Network***
GAIN: Global Audit Information Network***
GAIN: Guam Animals in Need***
GAIN: Greenhouse Action in Newcastle***
GAIN: Global Analysis and Information Network**
GAIN: Global Action and Information Network**
GAIN: Gift Associates Interchange Network**
GAIN: Galveston Alliance of Island Neighborhoods**
GAIN: Get Ahead in Nursing**
GAIN: Greater Annapolis Interfaith Network**
GAIN: Global Alliance to Improve Nutrition**
GAIN: Grassroots Action Information Network**
GAIN: Global Alliance Integrated Network**
GAIN: Graphic Arts Intelligence Network**
GAIN: Global AIDS Intervention Network**
GAIN: Gallup American Indian Network**
GAIN: Global Access Information Network**
GAIN: Graduate Alumni International Network**
GAIN: Gateway Arts Industry Network**
GAIN: Glendale Area Information Network**
GAIN: Gator Advertising and Informational Network**
GAIN: Global Active IP Networks**
GAIN: Global Autogas Industry Network**
GAIN: Government Agency Intelligence Network**
GAIN: Gully Alternatives and Information Network**
GAIN: Geodetic Alpine Integrated Network**
GAIN: Getting Accessible Information Now**
GAIN: Global Access Innovation Network**
GAIN: Graphics Art Information Network**
GAIN: Global Aviation Insurance Network**
GAIN: Genetic Association Identification Network**
GAIN: Global Adherence Interdisciplinary Network**
GAIN: Global Aviation Improvement Network**
GAIN: Global Alliance for New**
GAIN: Gynecological Awareness Information Network**
GAIN: Gateshead Advocacy and Information Network**
GAIN: Getting Ahead in Nursing**
GAIN: Getting Alternative Information Now**
GAIN: Gladstone Area Industrial Network**
GAIN: Greenhouse Action in Nillumbik**
GAIN: GAME Archive Information Network*
GAIN: Global Axis Integration Network*
GAIN: Government Access Information Network*
GAIN: Government Agencies Intelligence Network*
GAIN: Graphics Arts Information Network*
GAIN: Gender Awareness Information Network*
GAIN: Geospatial Awareness and Intelligence Network*
GAIN: Gathering of Artists and Illustrators of Nature*
GAIN: Graphic Arts Info Network*
GAIN: Global Aerosol Information Network*
GAIN: Global Ambient Intelligence Network*
GAIN: Goldrich Associates International Network*
GAIN: Graphic Arts Industry Network*
GAIN: Georgia Agents Insurance Network*
GAIN: Get Alternative Information Now*
GAIN: Global Action Information Network*
GAIN: Graphic Aids for Investigating Networks*
GAIN: Greater Alarm Information Network*
GAIN: Greater Archibald Intervale Neighborhood*
GAIN: Group Acquisitions Initiative Network*
GAIN: Growth Achieved by Integrated Networks*
GAIN: Glass Amplifiers for Integrated Networks*
GAIN: GSA Acquisition Information Network*

Note: Acronym Finder has 20 verified definitions for GAIN

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