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What does GAI stand for?

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GAI: Green Area Index****
GAI: Graham Associates Inc****
GAI: Gateway Access Interface***
GAI: Gama'a al Islamiyya***
GAI: Government Application Integration***
GAI: Gama a al Islamiyya***
GAI: Graphics Adapter Interface***
GAI: Groundwater Analytical Inc***
GAI: Goderich Aircraft Inc***
GAI: Gambler Addiction Index***
GAI: Global Aging Initiative***
GAI: Genetic Annotation Initiative***
GAI: Gulf Atlantic Industries***
GAI: Government Affairs Institute***
GAI: Government Acquisitions Inc***
GAI: Gibberellic Acid Insensitive***
GAI: Golden Area Initiatives***
GAI: Genetics Associates Inc***
GAI: Garvey Associates Inc***
GAI: Global AIDS Initiative**
GAI: generalized adenopathic infection**
GAI: Geriatric Assessment Instrument**
GAI: gingival assessment index**
GAI: Glomerular Activity Index**
GAI: glomerular amyloid-index**
GAI: Guidive Affective Imagery**
GAI: Gama at Al Islamiyya**
GAI: Gay American Indians**
GAI: Guided Affective Imagery**
GAI: Genome Annotation Initiative**
GAI: Gromelski Associates Inc**
GAI: Gupta Associates Inc**
GAI: Gabbert Associates Inc**
GAI: Glutaric acidemia type I**
GAI: Ground Alert Intercept**
GAI: Guest Associates Inc**
GAI: Geothermal Association of Iceland**
GAI: Geospatial Applications and Interoperability**
GAI: Generalized Additive Independence**
GAI: Genius Artist Innovator**
GAI: Global Alaska Industries**
GAI: Griffith Asia Institute**
GAI: Gulf Associates Inc**
GAI: gallaher associates inc**
GAI: Group Audit Integrity**
GAI: Gereja Anglikan Indonesia**
GAI: Generic Action Item**
GAI: Galyardt Associates Inc**
GAI: Georgia Archaeological Institute**
GAI: Globe Automotive Imports**
GAI: Greenwerks Atlantic Inc*
GAI: Galacnet Auto Installer*
GAI: Gas Assisted Injection*
GAI: Gemeenschappelijke Antenne Inrichting*
GAI: General Administrative Instructions*
GAI: Global American Inc*
GAI: Greening Associates Inc*
GAI: Gas Alberta Inc*
GAI: Gasvoda and Associates Inc*
GAI: General Airport Information*
GAI: Gerencia Ambiental Internacional*
GAI: Geniuses Artists Innovators*
GAI: Government Academic and Industry*
GAI: Gross Annual Increment*
GAI: Galler Associates Inc*
GAI: Global Analysis Interpretation*
GAI: Gamaat Al Islamiyya*
GAI: General Assembly Illinois*
GAI: Global Action and Information*
GAI: Griseuk and Associates*
GAI: Galerie d'Art International*
GAI: Gallagher and Associates Incorporated*
GAI: General Aviation Information*
GAI: Geriatrics and Aging Institutes*
GAI: German Agricultural Information*
GAI: Giffels Associates Incorporated*
GAI: Glavopoulos Associates Incorporated*
GAI: Global Agribusiness Information*
GAI: Graphic Alchemy Interactive*
GAI: Grupo Automatpo Industrial*

Note: Acronym Finder has 24 verified definitions for GAI

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