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What does GAG stand for?

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GAG: Golden Audio Gate****
GAG: General Affairs Group****
GAG: Gospel Announcers Guild***
GAG: Gender Advisory Group***
GAG: Graphic Artist Guild***
GAG: Genetic Algorithms Group***
GAG: Grant Advisory Group***
GAG: Games And Gifts***
GAG: Gang Activities Group***
GAG: Galactic Alliance Guard***
GAG: Global Anti Golf***
GAG: Graphic Arts Guild***
GAG: Ghanaian Australian Goldfields***
GAG: Glutamic Acid GAA***
GAG: Ghana Australian Goldfields***
GAG: Garnet And Gold**
GAG: 2-(S-glutathionyl) acetyl glutathione**
GAG: gamma-acetylen GABA**
GAG: gamma-acetylen-GABA**
GAG: gamma-acetylene GABA**
GAG: gamma-acetylenic GABA**
GAG: gamma-acetylenic-GABA**
GAG: glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: glycos- and galactosaminoglycan**
GAG: growth and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: Gruppo Animazione Giovanile**
GAG: Georgie Anne Geyer**
GAG: Garbee and Garbee**
GAG: Geant4 Adaptive GUI**
GAG: Geography Advisory Group**
GAG: 3H-glucosamine and labeled glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: Collagen and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: Collagen and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: collagen and glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: collagen and glycosoaminoglycan**
GAG: collagen, and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: GCF and its glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: greater amounts of glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: guanine-adenine-guanine sequences**
GAG: Proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: proteoglycan and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: Proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: Gregoriaans Abdijkoor Grimbergen**
GAG: Grid Applications Group**
GAG: Graduate Advisory Group**
GAG: Goat Anti Guinea**
GAG: Grand Aleph Godol**
GAG: Georg Agricola Gesellschaft**
GAG: Gays Against Genocide**
GAG: Gamba Action Group**
GAG: 3H]-glucosamine-labelled glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: cartilage, and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: general vibration, glycosaminoglycanuria**
GAG: glycoconjugates, essentially glycosaminoglycans**
GAG: Greater Allentown Grotto**
GAG: SDS-page and glycosaminoglycan**
GAG: Ghana Actors Guild**
GAG: Guide Agili per Genitori**
GAG: group-associated antigen**
GAG: Getting Ahead of the Game**
GAG: Gaining Angle of Gaze**
GAG: Gamers Action Group**
GAG: Geography And Geology**
GAG: genealogie association gravelines**
GAG: Global Advisory Group**
GAG: Graphic Animation GmbH**
GAG: Geologists And Geophysicists**
GAG: Galaxy Aerospace Galaxy**
GAG: Guardian Angels Germany**
GAG: Germination And Growth**
GAG: Guaranteed Articles Group**
GAG: Government Affairs Group**
GAG: Government Agencies Government**
GAG: Green Advocacy Group**
GAG: God Awful Guild**
GAG: Games and Activities Galore*
GAG: Garth Action Group*
GAG: Geology And Geophysics*
GAG: Ground to Air to Ground*
GAG: GanGreen Armed Guards*
GAG: Geant Adaptive Gui*
GAG: Gender Actie Groep*
GAG: Gifts And Gratuities*
GAG: Gender Action Group*
GAG: Governor Advisory Group*
GAG: German Attack Group*
GAG: Golden Art Guide*
GAG: Greek Architecture Gopher*
GAG: Geodynamics At Goddard*
GAG: Georgia Anthropology Gopher*
GAG: Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated*
GAG: Geotechnical And Geoenvironmenta*
GAG: Glasgow Archaeology Gopher*
GAG: Glasgow Astrophysics Group*
GAG: Gnaccarini Art Gallery*
GAG: Graz Applied Geodesy*
GAG: Green Arrow Guatemala*
GAG: Greenpeace Australia Greengood*
GAG: Group About Greeks*
GAG: Gudrun Audio Group*
GAG: Guess the Animal Game*

Note: Acronym Finder has 14 verified definitions for GAG

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