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FOC: Friends of Calligraphy****
FOC: Forces of Chaos****
FOC: Faculty Oversight Committee****
FOC: For Fibre Optic Cable****
FOC: Fluorinated Organic Compounds****
FOC: Full Operational Capabilities****
FOC: French Olympic Committee****
FOC: FEATURES in October****
FOC: Friends of the Conservatory****
FOC: Friends of Cheese****
FOC: Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz***
FOC: Faith Outreach Church***
FOC: Fiber Optic Collimators***
FOC: Family of Company***
FOC: Fundamentals of Canoeing***
FOC: Facilities Oversight Committee***
FOC: Flags of Convenience***
FOC: Friend of the Chair***
FOC: Friends of Cameroon***
FOC: For Orchid Conservation***
FOC: Forward of Centre***
FOC: Fire Operations Center***
FOC: free oral communications***
FOC: Friend of Cheney***
FOC: Friends of Cheney***
FOC: Freshman Orientation Committee***
FOC: Facilities Operations Center***
FOC: Freshmen Orientation Camp***
FOC: Flood Operations Center***
FOC: Friends of the Carousel***
FOC: Faculty Organization Committee***
FOC: Fibre Optical Components***
FOC: Fellowship of the Concerned***
FOC: Forum Officials Committee***
FOC: Fusarium Oxysporum Complex***
FOC: Final Order Cutoff***
FOC: Friend of Chester***
FOC: Fee Oversight Committee***
FOC: financial operations committee***
FOC: Finnish Organization of Canada***
FOC: Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture***
FOC: Friends of Conservation***
FOC: Full of Complains***
FOC: Force on Council***
FOC: Framing Our Community***
FOC: Final Order Cut***
FOC: Flag Officer Commanding***
FOC: Faculty Office Complex***
FOC: Field Oriented Controllers***
FOC: Fraction Organic Carbon***
FOC: Firm Order Commitments***
FOC: Future Operational Capabilities***
FOC: Frontier Oil Corporation***
FOC: Fiber Optic Converter***
FOC: Fear of Calamity***
FOC: Full on Conditions***
FOC: Fraction of Organic Carbon***
FOC: Fencing Officials Commission***
FOC: Facilities Officers Conference***
FOC: Forecast Operations Center***
FOC: Fish Oil Concentrate***
FOC: Full Operating Capability***
FOC: Foreign Ownership Changes***
FOC: Fire Offices Committee***
FOC: Fiber Optic Colonoscopy***
FOC: Fans of Chester***
FOC: Fluorine on Call***
FOC: Flight Operations Coordinator***
FOC: Friends of the Clearwater***
FOC: Fiber Optic Components***
FOC: Funding Oversight Committee***
FOC: Friends of Cadets***
FOC: Fibre Optic Cable***
FOC: Fisheries Oceanography Committee***
FOC: Franchise Operations Consultant***
FOC: For the Faint Object Camera***
FOC: Frequently Offered Corrections***
FOC: Finance Operations Center***
FOC: Functional Oversight Committee***
FOC: First Order Chapter***
FOC: Financial Oversight Committee***
FOC: Fire Officers Committee***
FOC: Families of Color***
FOC: Freight Operating Companies**
FOC: Friends of Calakmul**
FOC: Fibrodysplasia ossificans circumscripta**
FOC: first order correction**
FOC: fish oil compound**
FOC: fish oil concentrates**
FOC: flight of colours**
FOC: function ovary cysts**
FOC: functional obstacle course**
FOC: functional ovarian cysts**
FOC: Freshmen Orientation Camps**
FOC: Forum Oversight Committee**
FOC: Forest Owners Conference**
FOC: Final Operating Capability**
FOC: Features in One Control**
FOC: fish oil plus cholesterol**
FOC: Fishing and Outdoors Club**
FOC: flight of colours test**
FOC: Firm Order Confirmations**
FOC: Fire Operations Committee**
FOC: Friends of Chalfont**
FOC: Fayetteville Open Channel**
FOC: Floors on Crowfoot**
FOC: Fan Off Control**
FOC: Finance Officers Committee**
FOC: Fellowship of Concern**
FOC: Forgotten Opera Company**
FOC: Fiber Optics Cable**
FOC: From the Office by Calling**
FOC: Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz**
FOC: Friends of the Cowlitz**
FOC: Function of Change**
FOC: Fire on Command**
FOC: of ovarian cancer**
FOC: Farmers Oilseed Cooperative**
FOC: Financial Opportunities Center**
FOC: Falls of Cruachan**
FOC: Field Ornithologists Club**
FOC: Freshman Orientation Camps**
FOC: From Our Correspondent**
FOC: Full Operation Capability**
FOC: Full Operational Capacity**
FOC: False Orders Committee**
FOC: Fellowship of the Carpenter**
FOC: Friends of the Coast**
FOC: Factory Outlets Centres**
FOC: Flower of Chivalry**
FOC: Football Operations Committee**
FOC: From Office Club**
FOC: Foreign Owned Companies**
FOC: Freshman Orientation Camp**
FOC: Freight Operating Company**
FOC: Federal Occupational Category**
FOC: Foot Orienteering Commission**
FOC: Fiber Optical Collimator**
FOC: Fathers of the Chapel**
FOC: Fencing Official Commission**
FOC: Federal Office of Cultural**
FOC: Fiber Optic Crossconnect**
FOC: Feminist Orientation Center**
FOC: Findlay Office Complex**
FOC: First Order Change**
FOC: Flag of Conveniences**
FOC: Field Observation Committee**
FOC: Falling Off Chair**
FOC: Final Operational Clearance**
FOC: Friends of CATA**
FOC: Finnish Open Championships**
FOC: Fronto Occipital Circumference**
FOC: Fairey Owners Club**
FOC: Force Operating Capabilities**
FOC: Forensic Odontology Committee**
FOC: Fiber Optics Communications*
FOC: Field Operating Center*
FOC: Fleet Ops Command*
FOC: Fractional Order Control*
FOC: Fully Operational Capability*
FOC: Families Organizing for Change*
FOC: Finnish Olympic Committee*
FOC: FITS Oversight Committee*
FOC: Forward Operations Cell*
FOC: Future Operations Capability*
FOC: Fencing Officials Committee*
FOC: Flight of Colors*
FOC: Food Outlet Center*
FOC: Friends of Cawthon*
FOC: Friends of Changanacherry*
FOC: Fuel Oil Cooler*
FOC: Fundamentals of Caregiving*
FOC: Failure Oversight Committee*
FOC: Family of Choice*
FOC: Favorite OLTL Characters*
FOC: federal occupation code*
FOC: Flight Operations Control*
FOC: Fluid Outer Core*
FOC: For Forward of Center*
FOC: francophones osteodensitometrie cliniqu*
FOC: Freshman Outreach Committee*
FOC: Family of Contracts*
FOC: Favorite OLTL Character*
FOC: Final Operational Configuration*
FOC: Firm Order Committment*
FOC: Flight Operations Centre*
FOC: Foreign Operation Company*
FOC: Fraternal Order of Colonials*
FOC: Freshment Orientation Camp*
FOC: Friends of Clayesmore*
FOC: Full Optional Capability*
FOC: Field Office Code*
FOC: Fonthill Ontario Canada*
FOC: Forces of Conflict*
FOC: Form of Communication*
FOC: Fact of Ownership or Control*
FOC: Faculty Of Chemistry*
FOC: Fibre Optique a Cotonou*
FOC: Finch Ocheltree and Comapany*
FOC: Finding Oil Chevron*
FOC: Fisher Online Catalogue*
FOC: Founding Of Classicals*
FOC: Frame Of Choice*
FOC: Frames of Choice*
FOC: Friends Of Cheat*
FOC: Function Of Climate*

Note: Acronym Finder has 116 verified definitions for FOC

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