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What does FML stand for?

Found 93 meanings of the FML acronym and abbreviation
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FML: Fundación Miguel Lillo****
FML: Family and Medical Leave***
FML: Full Maintenance Leasing***
FML: Flint Metro League***
FML: Finite Matters Ltd***
FML: Functionele Mogelijkheden Lijst***
FML: Family Memorial Library (Wrens, GA)***
FML: Fanwood Memorial Library (Fanwood, NJ)***
FML: Field Memorial Library (Conway, MA)***
FML: Finch Memorial Library (Arnold, NE)***
FML: Finkelstein Memorial Library (Spring Valley, NY)***
FML: Fletcher Memorial Library (Ludlow, VT)***
FML: Floyd Memorial Library (Greenport, NY)***
FML: Forbush Memorial Library (Westminster, MA)***
FML: Forster Memorial Library (Strong, ME)***
FML: Fred Macaron Library (Springer, NM)***
FML: Fred Memorial Library (Mooringsport, LA)***
FML: Fan Milk Limited***
FML: Flying Moose Lodge***
FML: Focus Minerals Ltd***
FML: Fellowship of the Maple Leaf***
FML: File Mirror List***
FML: Friedrich Miescher Laboratorium***
FML: Flight Mechanics Laboratory***
FML: Full Metal Lined***
FML: Fermentation Malo Lactique***
FML: Ferrari Market Letter***
FML: Functional Materials Laboratory***
FML: Friedrich Miescher Laboratory***
FML: Flash Markup Language**
FML: First Mutual Limited**
FML: follicular mixed lymphoma**
FML: fucose mannose ligand**
FML: fucose-mannose ligand**
FML: Fundacion Miguel Lillo**
FML: First Middle and Last**
FML: Fully Metal Lined**
FML: Flexible Membrane Liners**
FML: Federal Mortgage Licensing**
FML: Freiburg Medical Laboratory**
FML: focal myocardial lesions**
FML: fjordland minerals ltd**
FML: flexible polymer membrane liner**
FML: Flail Mitral Leaflet**
FML: F-wave minimal latency**
FML: Frontier Mining Ltd**
FML: Fiber Maracas Large**
FML: Free Management Library**
FML: Face Modeling Language**
FML: Flux Markup Language**
FML: FFA Masters League**
FML: Failure Mechanics Laboratory**
FML: Fibre Modular Link**
FML: Foundation for Microbiology Lectures**
FML: Fiber Metal Laminates**
FML: Festival Management Ltd**
FML: Forest Markup Language**
FML: Form Markup Language**
FML: Fred Meyer Lounge**
FML: Fantasy Music League**
FML: Frankfurter Marxisten Leninisten**
FML: Functional Markup Language**
FML: Frequency Modulated Link**
FML: Fitting and Minimization Library**
FML: Forth Markup Language**
FML: FIRST Mutual Life*
FML: Fluid Mechanics Laboratory*
FML: Fuchsia Mailing List*
FML: Functional Macromolecular Laboratory*
FML: Friedlander Management Limited*
FML: Frank Miller Lumber*
FML: Frequency Memory Loop*
FML: Futurologic Markup Language*
FML: Faculty Multimedia Lab*
FML: Falklands Minerals Limited*
FML: Forio Macro Language*
FML: Florida Math League*
FML: Fault Message Line*
FML: Ferret Mailing Lists*
FML: Final Materials List*
FML: Founders Memorial Library*
FML: Financial Management Letters*
FML: Fluid Mechanics List*
FML: Fais Moi l~Amour*
FML: Foreign Masterpiece Library*
FML: Federal Mining Law*
FML: Fishbon Memorial Library*
FML: Florence Museums List*
FML: Free Macarena Lessons*
FML: Freecloud Mixing Laboratory*
FML: Fresh Maine Lobster*
FML: Friend of My Life*
FML: Friends Medical Laboratory*

Note: Acronym Finder has 51 verified definitions for FML

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