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What does FGS stand for?

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FGS: Fine Guidance Sensors****
FGS: Fire and Gas Systems****
FGS: Federazione Giovani Socialisti****
FGS: Federazione Giovanile Socialista****
FGS: Full Genomic Sequence****
FGS: Fire Gas System***
FGS: Farrell Grant Sparks***
FGS: Fine Grained Scalable***
FGS: Fast Growing Salmon***
FGS: For Fire and Gas***
FGS: Flat Ground Stock***
FGS: Foreign Ground Stations***
FGS: Funnel and Gate Systems***
FGS: Functional Gastrointestinal Symptoms***
FGS: Fish Guidance Systems***
FGS: Fine Grain Scheduling***
FGS: Fluid Gaming Structure***
FGS: Fairfield Grammar School***
FGS: For the Federation of Genealogical Societies***
FGS: Fine Grained Scalability***
FGS: Falmouth Genealogical Society***
FGS: Federation of Genealogy Societies***
FGS: Fiserv Global Services***
FGS: Faculty of Graduate Students***
FGS: Family Guidance Services***
FGS: Finmeccanica Group Services***
FGS: Family Guardian Survey***
FGS: First General Services***
FGS: Fredericksburg Genealogical Society***
FGS: Fine Granularity Scalable***
FGS: Flexi Guarantee Scheme***
FGS: Fibroid Growth Study***
FGS: French German Spanish***
FGS: Finest Grading Service***
FGS: Facial Grading System**
FGS: female genital schistosomiasis**
FGS: first grazing season**
FGS: first-grazing season**
FGS: floccular gel structures**
FGS: fluorescent Gram stain**
FGS: focal segmental glomerulosclerosis**
FGS: forearm grip strength**
FGS: forelimb grip strength**
FGS: formaldehyde-glutaraldehyde-sucrose**
FGS: fruit growers supply**
FGS: Functional grade scores**
FGS: Fast Gait Speed**
FGS: Force Generation Service**
FGS: Fine Granular Scalable**
FGS: Fundamental Gravitational Scale**
FGS: Freiburger Grafik Schule**
FGS: Filtered Gibbs Sampler**
FGS: Fugro Geosoft Solutions**
FGS: Force Gore Squad**
FGS: Fine Grain Scalability**
FGS: Freinet Gruppe Schweiz**
FGS: Faculty Graduate Scholarship**
FGS: Functional Grading Scale**
FGS: Ferriman-Gallwey hirsutism**
FGS: focal global glomerulosclerosis**
FGS: focal segmental glomerular sclerosis**
FGS: from inaccurate gold standard**
FGS: Freedom Graphics Systems**
FGS: Functional Groups Study**
FGS: Fuzzy GO Server**
FGS: Financial Guidance System**
FGS: First Generation Steam**
FGS: Federation of Genealogical Society**
FGS: Functional Grammar Series**
FGS: Focal Glomerular Sclerosis**
FGS: Focus on the Global South**
FGS: Fairhaven Girls School**
FGS: Fruithill Golfing Society**
FGS: Full Glare Shield**
FGS: Federation of Guitar Societies**
FGS: Forsberg Genealogy Sheets**
FGS: Florida German Shepherds**
FGS: Flexible Grinding System**
FGS: Force Gauge Stands**
FGS: FacePrint Global Solutions**
FGS: Facial Grading Scale**
FGS: Facial Grimace Scale**
FGS: Financial Graphic Service**
FGS: Fish Growth Simulator**
FGS: Fresno Golden Spikes**
FGS: Fischler Graduate School**
FGS: Fellow of the Geographical Society**
FGS: Fisher Grading Scale**
FGS: Fishing Guide to the Stars**
FGS: Fremont Growth Solutions**
FGS: Fundamental Gap Solitons**
FGS: Fellow of Geological Society**
FGS: Flatt Golf Services**
FGS: Florida Geriatrics Society**
FGS: Family Gram System**
FGS: Fellow Geological Society**
FGS: Forward Girth Station*
FGS: Fundamental Gravity Stations*
FGS: Federation Genealogical Societies*
FGS: Fiber Grating and Sensor*
FGS: Finished Glass Size*
FGS: Fixed Ground Station*
FGS: Franchise Growth System*
FGS: Fast Game System*
FGS: Folland Goodman and Stano*
FGS: Functionally Graded Steels*
FGS: Fine Granularity Sealability*
FGS: Flightline Ground System*
FGS: Flue Gas Scrubber*
FGS: Fluor Global Services*
FGS: Formula Grants System*
FGS: Front Girl Syndrome*
FGS: Fuel Gauging System*
FGS: Fantasy Gaming Society*
FGS: Fine Granular Scalabilitv*
FGS: finnish golf school*
FGS: Flexible Gutter Systems*
FGS: Fox Glove Solutions*
FGS: Fritz Geiger Signature*
FGS: fuel gauge sender*
FGS: Feinberg Graduate School*
FGS: Fintona Girls School*
FGS: Fixed Ground Segment*
FGS: Fungal Genetics Stock*
FGS: Father Guido Sarducci*
FGS: Finland Geological Survey*
FGS: Federal Government Sites*
FGS: Fiji Geological Survey*
FGS: French Geological Survey*
FGS: Fulton Generating Station*
FGS: Funcion de Gestion de Sistemas*
FGS: Facility Ground Station*
FGS: Faculty Geophysical Sciences*
FGS: Faculty of Geographical Sciences*
FGS: Faculty of Geological Sciences*
FGS: Faculty of Graduate Studies*
FGS: Federal Government Servers*
FGS: Federal Government Sources*
FGS: Federal Guidelines for Searching*
FGS: Fiesta of Gems Show*
FGS: Final Graded Slope*
FGS: Final Graded Slopes*
FGS: Final Graded Surfaces*
FGS: Finnish Graduate Schools*
FGS: Flame Gigantic Sigs*
FGS: Flexifax Global Services*
FGS: Folklore Ghost Stories*
FGS: Footlong Givin Strippers*
FGS: Forrest Gump Sounds*
FGS: Frankel Goldberg Smith*
FGS: Frankfurt Germany Schedules*
FGS: Frederick and Gramenz Shaft*
FGS: Free Geodetic Software*
FGS: Furnace Gas Spare*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for FGS

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