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What does FDT stand for?

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FDT: Framework Development Team****
FDT: For the Development***
FDT: formal description techniques***
FDT: Facility Design Team***
FDT: Fixed Disk Table***
FDT: Florida Digital Turnpike***
FDT: Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy***
FDT: Field Definition Table***
FDT: Field Dressing Tool***
FDT: File Descriptor Table***
FDT: File Description Table***
FDT: Forum Der Technik***
FDT: Formal Design Technique***
FDT: Framework Design Team***
FDT: function decision table***
FDT: FAT the Directory***
FDT: Function Description Table***
FDT: field data terminal***
FDT: Flash Development Toolkit***
FDT: Fortbildungsdienst Der Truppe**
FDT: Facial Discrimination Task**
FDT: fasting dietetic therapy**
FDT: figure drawing test**
FDT: Finn-Dorset-Targhee**
FDT: first detectable time**
FDT: fixed duration Therapy**
FDT: flexor digitorum tendons**
FDT: fluorescein disappearance test**
FDT: force displacement transducer**
FDT: forceps dilatational tracheostomy**
FDT: frequency doubling technique**
FDT: frequency-doubling technology**
FDT: Feature Driven Testing**
FDT: Financial Data Template**
FDT: Floodway Data Tables**
FDT: frequency doubling technology perimetry**
FDT: Fung's double-tube**
FDT: Farmer Development Trust**
FDT: Full Duplex Transmission**
FDT: Film Data Technologies**
FDT: fast delivery tooling**
FDT: Flexible Discharge Tube**
FDT: Fieldbus Device Tool**
FDT: Force Development Testing**
FDT: Fixation Device Transducer**
FDT: Frankie Double Team**
FDT: Forced Duction Test**
FDT: Fire Detection Tubing**
FDT: Fluorescence Decay Time**
FDT: Full Duplex Token**
FDT: Fish Drill Team**
FDT: Full Disc Telescope**
FDT: Fashion Design Technology*
FDT: Functional Description Table*
FDT: Full Duplex Technology*
FDT: Fondation Dosne Thiers*
FDT: French Development Team*
FDT: Function Data Table*
FDT: Field Deployable Trainer*
FDT: Frame Document Tree*
FDT: Fully Developed Turbulence*
FDT: Financial Dream Team*
FDT: Force Developmental Test*
FDT: Floor Drain Tank*
FDT: Fractal Data Technologies*
FDT: Famous Door Theatre*
FDT: Feature Development Team*
FDT: Four Development Tools*
FDT: Free Day Tickets*

Note: Acronym Finder has 21 verified definitions for FDT

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