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What does FCT stand for?

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FCT: Fibre Channel Transport****
FCT: Fixed Cellular Terminals****
FCT: Fuel Cell Technologies***
FCT: Farm Community Trust***
FCT: Fatty Connective Tissue***
FCT: Fundação Ciência Tecnologia***
FCT: Florida Center for Teachers***
FCT: Front Country Trails***
FCT: Federal Coordinator of Transportation***
FCT: first city trust***
FCT: Financial Control Team***
FCT: FIATA Combined Transport***
FCT: Flow Control Table***
FCT: Functional Communication Training***
FCT: Flight Control Team***
FCT: Family Care Teams***
FCT: Frontier Carbon Technology***
FCT: Frasers Centrepoint Trust***
FCT: field crops technology***
FCT: First Coast Talent***
FCT: Foothills Community Theatre***
FCT: Firewall Configuration Tool***
FCT: Flow Completion Times***
FCT: Fever Clearance Time***
FCT: Fremont Centre Theatre***
FCT: Florida Community Trust***
FCT: Federal Contract Tower***
FCT: Forwarders Certificate of Transport***
FCT: Floyd County Times***
FCT: Flat Crush Test***
FCT: Flip Chip Technology***
FCT: Full Contact Trousers***
FCT: facial cooling task**
FCT: Facilitated communication training**
FCT: fat containing tubulus**
FCT: feature conjunction time**
FCT: fecal chymotrypsin test**
FCT: feline cationic trypsin**
FCT: fetal calf thymus**
FCT: fetal cell transplant**
FCT: fever clearance times**
FCT: fever-clearance times**
FCT: fibrinogen clotting time**
FCT: fibro-cavernous tuberculosis**
FCT: Fibrous capsule thickness**
FCT: figure connection test**
FCT: Finger Cooling Test**
FCT: fluorescein clearance test**
FCT: fluorescence cytotoxic tests**
FCT: focused cognitive therapy**
FCT: Favourable Condition Tables**
FCT: Four Color Theorem**
FCT: Face Centered Tetragonal**
FCT: Festo Configuration Tool**
FCT: Floor Care Technician**
FCT: First Container Terminal**
FCT: Free of Capture**
FCT: Flight Crew Training**
FCT: Footwear Clothing and Textiles**
FCT: For Christ Totally**
FCT: Folded Coil Technology**
FCT: family of carboxylate transporters**
FCT: fecal chymotrypsin excretion**
FCT: fixation capacity of transferrin**
FCT: follicular carcinoma of thyroid**
FCT: Florida Cancer Trials**
FCT: Food Cosmetics Toxicology**
FCT: Four Counties Training**
FCT: Flexible Call Transfer**
FCT: METHODS--Fecal chymotrypsin**
FCT: Festus Campaign Team**
FCT: FAA Contract Tower**
FCT: Flanders Container Terminal**
FCT: Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologia**
FCT: Faculdade de CiOncias e Tecnologia**
FCT: Fukushima Central Television**
FCT: Frame Count Transmitted**
FCT: Framingham Community Theater**
FCT: Fast Current Transformer**
FCT: FILIPINO Club Toastmasters**
FCT: Financial Correlation Table**
FCT: Ferrari Club Thailand**
FCT: Floristic Community Type**
FCT: Fundamentals of Computing Theory**
FCT: Fair Competition Tribunal**
FCT: First Chicago Trust**
FCT: Food Composition Tables**
FCT: Federation of Catholic Teachers**
FCT: Field Controlled Thyristor**
FCT: Flagler County Transport**
FCT: Function Control Table**
FCT: Fast Correlator Transform*
FCT: Firepower Control Teams*
FCT: Forum Coordination Team*
FCT: Fiber Continuity Tool*
FCT: Fast CyberForensic Triage*
FCT: Federal Contract Towers*
FCT: Flex Cam Technology*
FCT: Full Charge Test*
FCT: flow control tubing*
FCT: Forms Control Table*
FCT: Fibre Channel Test*
FCT: Franklin County Transportation*
FCT: Function Call Tree*
FCT: Functional Computerised Tomography*
FCT: Farmaco Chimico Tecnologico*
FCT: Forestry Commission Tasmania*
FCT: First Class Transportation*
FCT: Foreign Comparison Test*
FCT: Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnologi*
FCT: Faculty of Chemical Technology*
FCT: Falcon Custom Tackle*
FCT: Falken Cyberspace Tools*
FCT: Falmouth Community Television*
FCT: Fan Clarence Thomas*
FCT: Federal Chamber of Technical*
FCT: Federal City Tours*
FCT: Fentress County Tennessee*
FCT: First Colonial Trust*
FCT: Fisica Cosmica Tecnologie*
FCT: Five Continents Travel*
FCT: Flight Control Technology*
FCT: Foreign Competitive Testing (US Army)*
FCT: Fort Collins Thousands*
FCT: France Channel Tunnel*
FCT: Freeman Crown Three*
FCT: Freeman Crown Two*
FCT: Fulton County Two*

Note: Acronym Finder has 57 verified definitions for FCT

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