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FASC: Finance Admin Section Chief***
FASC: Further Amended Statement of Claim***
FASC: First Avenue Service Center***
FASC: First Astrobiology Science Conference***
FASC: Finance and Audit Sub Committee***
FASC: Foreign Affairs Service Center***
FASC: Fire Alarm System Contractor***
FASC: Family Action of Sonoma County***
FASC: Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee***
FASC: Fine Arts Student Council***
FASC: Family Adult Service Center***
FASC: Federation of ASEAN Shippers Councils***
FASC: Factory Authorized Service Centers***
FASC: Finance and Administration Sub Committee***
FASC: Faculty Awards Selection Committee***
FASC: Financial Applications of the Smart Card***
FASC: Federation of Anglo Swiss Clubs***
FASC: Former Army Staff College***
FASC: Finance and Administrative Services Committee***
FASC: Friends Academy Summer Camps***
FASC: First Automotive Service Corporation***
FASC: Franklin Area Survival Center***
FASC: fluorescent-activated substrate conversion**
FASC: Film and Study Collection**
FASC: Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers**
FASC: Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center**
FASC: Financial Audit Sub Committee**
FASC: Financial Administrative Services Corporation**
FASC: Federal Agency Smart Card**
FASC: Folk Arts of Social Change**
FASC: Faculty Association Suffolk Community**
FASC: Faculty Academic Standards Committees**
FASC: Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Centers**
FASC: Federation of African Societies of Chemistry**
FASC: Florida Association of Support Coordinators**
FASC: First Arab Statistical Conference**
FASC: Fayetteville Area Sentencing Center**
FASC: Faculty of Arts Student Council**
FASC: Federation of Automobile Sports of China**
FASC: First Automotive Service Corp**
FASC: Flight Attendant Service Center**
FASC: Freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Center**
FASC: Federated Advisory Services Company**
FASC: Federation of American Scientists**
FASC: Fame Academy Supporters Club**
FASC: Financial Asset Service Company**
FASC: Fellow of the Academy of Sciences**
FASC: Food and Agricultural Statistics Centre**
FASC: Facility Access Security Clearance**
FASC: Finance and Administrative Sub Committee**
FASC: first american scientfic cp**
FASC: Federal Agency Steering Committee**
FASC: Federal Agency Smart Credential*
FASC: first amer scientific corp*
FASC: Future of Aging Services Conference*
FASC: Faculty of Arts Student Caucus*
FASC: FedEx Authorised Ship Centers*
FASC: Freshwater Amateur Swimming Club*
FASC: Financial and Administrative Services Committee*
FASC: Flight Attendant Services Corporation*
FASC: Full Aperture Solar Calibrator*
FASC: Faculty Appointments and Salary Committee*
FASC: Fairbanks Ambulatory Surgery Center*
FASC: FedEx Authorized Shipping Centers*
FASC: First Aid Service Corps*
FASC: First Arab Statistics Conference*
FASC: Factory Authorised Service Center*
FASC: Factory Authorized Service Center*
FASC: Financial Asset Services Companies*
FASC: Food and Agriculture Standards Committee*
FASC: Forward Air Support Centre*
FASC: Fire and Air Support Center (USMC)*
FASC: Full Aperture Solar Calibration*
FASC: Fire and Signaling Cable*
FASC: Future of the Amateur Service Committee*

Note: Acronym Finder has 20 verified definitions for FASC

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