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FAS: Funds at Schwab****
FAS: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome****
FAS: Fragment Assembly System****
FAS: Fitness and Amateur Sport****
FAS: Financial Accounting System****
FAS: Fixed Asset Systems****
FAS: Foras Aiseanna Saothair****
FAS: Fixed Asset Solutions****
FAS: Fire Alarm Station****
FAS: Financial Aid Solutions****
FAS: Fingerprint Authentication System****
FAS: Fallen Angel Squad****
FAS: Financial Aid Services****
FAS: Fine Art Supplies****
FAS: Foreign Agricultural Services****
FAS: Function Analysis System****
FAS: Fernsehen Am Strelasund****
FAS: Fetal Alchohol Syndrome****
FAS: Facility Automation Systems****
FAS: Finnish Accounting Standards****
FAS: final average salary****
FAS: Flexible Accounting System***
FAS: Financial Asset Services***
FAS: Financial Administration System***
FAS: Financial and Administrative Services***
FAS: Faculty of the Arts and Sciences***
FAS: Finding A Solution***
FAS: Florida Academic Scholarship***
FAS: Femmes Africa Solidarite***
FAS: Food and Society***
FAS: Full Academic Status***
FAS: Financial Assistance Scheme***
FAS: Financial Applications Support***
FAS: For Fixed Asset***
FAS: Floral Accounting Systems***
FAS: Florida Academic Scholars***
FAS: Fire Alarm Systems***
FAS: Farnborough Air Show***
FAS: Fetal Alcohol Sydrome***
FAS: Foreign Agriculture Services***
FAS: Field Advisory Services***
FAS: Foreign Affairs Society***
FAS: Find A Symphony***
FAS: Fine Arts Software***
FAS: Future Army Structure***
FAS: Federation of Scientists***
FAS: Finance and Administrative Services***
FAS: Future Administrative Systems***
FAS: Financial Aid Scholarships***
FAS: Fetal Alcohol Support***
FAS: Fore Aft Sliding***
FAS: For Asian Societies***
FAS: Federal Aid Secondary***
FAS: Fluorescent Actin Staining***
FAS: Federal Aid to States***
FAS: Federation of African States***
FAS: Foreign Ag Service***
FAS: Fine Art Society***
FAS: Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences***
FAS: Fiber Access System***
FAS: Factory Assembled Structure***
FAS: Funding Agency for Schools***
FAS: Flamsteed Astronomy Society***
FAS: Full Approximation Storage***
FAS: False Authority Syndrome***
FAS: Freie Aktive Schule***
FAS: Firearms Academy of Seattle***
FAS: Florida Aquifer System***
FAS: Fall Arrest Systems***
FAS: Fugro Airborne Surveys***
FAS: Family Alcohol Service***
FAS: Fuerza Aerea Salvadorena***
FAS: Forecasting and Analysis System***
FAS: Full Approximation Scheme***
FAS: Federal Accounting Standards***
FAS: Florin Analytical Services***
FAS: Future Audio Solutions***
FAS: Federal Aid System***
FAS: first assistant secretaries***
FAS: Forward Area Sight***
FAS: Frederick Adventist School***
FAS: Firewall Administration System***
FAS: Francis Asbury Society***
FAS: Faculty Abroad Seminar***
FAS: First and Seconds***
FAS: Free African Society***
FAS: Field Advisory Service***
FAS: Free Along Ship***
FAS: Federation of Animal Science***
FAS: Fall Arrest System***
FAS: Florida Academy of Sciences***
FAS: Flexible Authorization System***
FAS: Fishing Access Site***
FAS: Financial Aid System***
FAS: Field Artillery School***
FAS: Financial Accountings Standards***
FAS: Flow Assurance System***
FAS: Final Audit Statement***
FAS: Fixed Asset Subsystem***
FAS: Felles Administrative Systemer***
FAS: Funeral Arbitration Scheme***
FAS: Faculty of Asian Studies***
FAS: Fairfax Audubon Society***
FAS: Finow Air Service***
FAS: First Aid Station***
FAS: Federal Air Surgeon***
FAS: Fetal Alkol Sendromu***
FAS: Ferrous Ammonium Sulfate***
FAS: Flexible Assembly System***
FAS: Free Alpha Subunit***
FAS: Faculty Activity System***
FAS: Filipino Association of Singapore***
FAS: Foix Alajouanine Syndrome***
FAS: Fetal Acohol Syndrome***
FAS: Fractional Area Shortening***
FAS: Flight Announcement System***
FAS: Final Approach Segment***
FAS: Free Acceleration Smoke**
FAS: Face Arial Size**
FAS: Fatty Acid Synthases**
FAS: Farm Animal Shelters**
FAS: enzymes--fatty acid synthetase**
FAS: Facial Affective Scale**
FAS: Factory Automation Systems**
FAS: family allergy score**
FAS: Family Attitude Scale**
FAS: Fatal Alcohol Syndrome**
FAS: Feeding Assessment Schedule**
FAS: Feelings about School**
FAS: Feline asthma syndrome**
FAS: fetal acoustic stimulation**
FAS: fetal akinesia sequence**
FAS: fiber axis system**
FAS: fibrin adhesion system**
FAS: Fibrin Analysing System**
FAS: fibrin analysis system**
FAS: fibrin assay system**
FAS: fibrinogen adhesive system**
FAS: field amplification stacking**
FAS: fluorescence actin staining**
FAS: fluorescence actin-staining**
FAS: fluorescent antibody staining**
FAS: folic acid sufficient**
FAS: Folic acid supplementation**
FAS: Food Attitude Survey**
FAS: Food Attitudes Survey**
FAS: forward angle scatter**
FAS: fractional area shrinkage**
FAS: Framingham Anger Scale**
FAS: Frequency amplitude spectra**
FAS: fresh autologous serum**
FAS: functional assessment scale**
FAS: Functional Assessment System**
FAS: Florennes Aviation Society**
FAS: Fetal Alcohol Study**
FAS: First Assistant Secretary**
FAS: Fibrin Adhesive System**
FAS: Football Association of Selangor**
FAS: Frameart Asia Show**
FAS: Film Activated Switching**
FAS: Full Authorization System**
FAS: Flight Application Software**
FAS: Faculty Access System**
FAS: Finance and Administrative Section**
FAS: Framework for Strategic**
FAS: Fund for American Studies**
FAS: Fairfax Adult Softball**
FAS: Fine Arts Studio**
FAS: Field Access System**
FAS: Faculty After Some**
FAS: Fetal Alcoholism Syndrome**
FAS: Foot Ankle Surgery**
FAS: Fixed Assets Systems**
FAS: Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate**
FAS: Free Alongside Steamer**
FAS: Fundraising and Sage**
FAS: fatty acid synthetase complex**
FAS: fatty acyl-CoA synthetase**
FAS: Fear and Avoidance Scales**
FAS: fibrin-based adhesive system**
FAS: fractional area of shortening**
FAS: free common alpha-subunit**
FAS: Federal Account Symbols**
FAS: Ferret Aid Society**
FAS: Fixed Assets Subsystem**
FAS: Facts Are Stupid**
FAS: Finnish Academy of Sciences**
FAS: Femmes Afrique Solidarite**
FAS: Foundation Administrative Services**
FAS: Foreign Aid Service**
FAS: Faculty of Arts Society**
FAS: Federal Agency Staff**
FAS: Forgotten Animal Shelter**
FAS: Funding Allocation System**
FAS: factor activating exoenzyme S**
FAS: Filtered Air Supply**
FAS: Football Association of Sarawak**
FAS: TAG-fatty acids**
FAS: Federation of American Science**
FAS: Family Advocacy Specialist**
FAS: Febre Amarela Silvestre**
FAS: Field Aligned Striations**
FAS: Fiji Accounting Standards**
FAS: Flexible Assembling Systems**
FAS: Federazione Autonoma Statali**
FAS: Faculty Activity Survey**
FAS: Finacial Aid Services**
FAS: Forged Alloy Steel**
FAS: Fuel Accounting System**
FAS: Functional Adaptive Supportive**
FAS: Fatigue Assessment Scale**
FAS: fatty acid metabolism**
FAS: Folic Acid Synthesis**
FAS: folic acid synthesis protein**
FAS: Futures American School**
FAS: First Amendment Studies**
FAS: Force Aérienne Stratégique**
FAS: Fun for All Singles**
FAS: Financial Advice Service**
FAS: Flow And Storage**
FAS: Foundation for Advancement of Science**
FAS: future all stars**
FAS: Felt Arousal Scale**
FAS: Finance and Accounting Services**
FAS: folic acid synthesized gene**
FAS: fully androgenized females**
FAS: Famliy Accident Scheme**
FAS: Fellowship Advisory Service**
FAS: Fibre Attached Storage**
FAS: Flanders Aviation Society**
FAS: Family Assistance Scheme**
FAS: Final Asset Screening**
FAS: Fisheries Adjustment Scheme**
FAS: Force Aerienne Strategique**
FAS: Fun Audio System**
FAS: Flank Array Sonar**
FAS: Farm Advisory Systems**
FAS: Federation of Amercian Scientists**
FAS: Female Alternative Surgery**
FAS: Flow Audit Study**
FAS: Federation of Air Sports**
FAS: Flight Advisory Service**
FAS: Fuels Automated Systems**
FAS: Funds Administrative Services**
FAS: Financial Administrators Section**
FAS: Finnish Anthropological Society**
FAS: Forum Ausbildung Sehbehinderung**
FAS: Final Approach Speed**

Note: Acronym Finder has 113 verified definitions for FAS

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