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What does FAIR stand for?

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FAIR: Footwear Association of Importers and Retailchains****
FAIR: Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research****
FAIR: Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform****
FAIR: Football Association of Ireland****
FAIR: Focus on Access to Institutional Resources****
FAIR: Federation of American Immigration Reform****
FAIR: Federal Agricultural Improvement and Reform***
FAIR: Foundation for Animals in Risk***
FAIR: Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism***
FAIR: Families Adopting in Response***
FAIR: Food Addicts in Recovery***
FAIR: Food Animal Integrated Research***
FAIR: Families Against Incinerator Risk***
FAIR: Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform***
FAIR: Fixed Asset Inventory and Reconciliation***
FAIR: Family Action Information and Resource***
FAIR: Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Resource***
FAIR: Family and Individual Resource***
FAIR: Farm Animal Identification and Records***
FAIR: Future Asteroid Interception Research***
FAIR: Financial Aid Independent Review***
FAIR: Forum Against Islamophobia Racism***
FAIR: Foundation for Arab Israeli Reconciliation***
FAIR: Foundation for AIDS and Immune Research***
FAIR: Finance Administration and Intergovernmental Relations***
FAIR: Foundation for Advanced Information and Research***
FAIR: Forum on Asian Insolvency Reform***
FAIR: Facility for Antiprotons and Ion Research***
FAIR: Florida Association for Institutional Research***
FAIR: For AIDS Immune Research***
FAIR: Faculty Academic Information Reporting***
FAIR: Freely Accessible Institute Resources***
FAIR: Family Advice Information Resource***
FAIR: Family Advocacy and Information Resource***
FAIR: Fisheries, Agriculture and agro-Industrial Research***
FAIR: Financial Assurance and Insurance for Redevelopment**
FAIR: fast accurate iterative reconstruction**
FAIR: Federal Improvement and Reform**
FAIR: Fight Against Islamic Radicals**
FAIR: Flow sensitive Alternating Inversion Recovery**
FAIR: flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery**
FAIR: Flow-sensitive Alternating-Inversion Recovery**
FAIR: HS-flow-sensitive alternating inversion recovery**
FAIR: Families Advocating Injury Reduction**
FAIR: Federal Activities and Inventory Reform**
FAIR: Feedback Assistance Inclusion and Respect**
FAIR: First Association of Independent Racers**
FAIR: Family Action Information and Rescue**
FAIR: Foundation for Autism Information and Research**
FAIR: Foundation for Aftermarket Industry Research**
FAIR: Farmer Access to Innovation Resources**
FAIR: Facility of Antiproton and Ion Research**
FAIR: Fast Access Information Retrieval**
FAIR: Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform**
FAIR: Families Against Immigrant Racism**
FAIR: Federation of Immigration Reform**
FAIR: Flight Attendants for Independent Representation**
FAIR: Framework to Assess International Regimes**
FAIR: Forum Against Islamaphobia and Racism**
FAIR: Foundation for Autism Information Research**
FAIR: Focus on Access to Information Resources**
FAIR: Finance Administration Intergovernmental Relations**
FAIR: Free American Immigration Rights**
FAIR: Food and Agriculture Improvement and Reform**
FAIR: Fixed Asset Inventory Reconciliation**
FAIR: Florida Agriculture Information Retrieval**
FAIR: Focused Asset Integrity Reviews**
FAIR: Forum of Academic and Institutional Rights**
FAIR: Fellowship Awareness Inclusion Relaxation**
FAIR: Financial Analysis and Information Reporting*
FAIR: Federation of Agents and International Representatives*
FAIR: Fellowship Agency for International Relief*
FAIR: Foundation for Allergy Information and Research*
FAIR: Federation Against Intolerance and Racism*
FAIR: Finding Answers Intervention Research*
FAIR: Food Agricultural Initiatives Roundtable*
FAIR: Fund for Assuring an Independent Retirement*
FAIR: Faculty Academic and Information Reporting*
FAIR: Fatalities and Immediate Response*
FAIR: Financial Assurances and Insurance for Redevelopment*
FAIR: Foundation for Apologetic Information Research*
FAIR: Funding Arts in Rotherham*
FAIR: Fabrication Assenibly and Inspection Record*
FAIR: Federal Agriculture Improvement and Report*
FAIR: Financial Accounting Inventory Reporting*
FAIR: Forecast and Assessment of socio-economic Impact of advanced communications and Recommendations*

Note: Acronym Finder has 35 verified definitions for FAIR

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