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What does FAE stand for?

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FAE: Fresh Air Exhaust****
FAE: Find All Episodes****
FAE: Field Application Engineers***
FAE: Frame Accurate Editing***
FAE: Follicle Associated Epithelium***
FAE: Fertility Awareness Education***
FAE: Foundation for Accounting Education***
FAE: Fumaric Acid Esters***
FAE: Fuel Air Explosives***
FAE: folk arts england***
FAE: Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana***
FAE: Floral Avenue Elementary (Bartow, FL)***
FAE: Fuerza Aerea Ecuatoriana***
FAE: Fantasy Art of Etsy***
FAE: Frente Amplio Estudiantil***
FAE: Field Applications Engineering***
FAE: Friends of the Asian Elephant***
FAE: Foetal Alcohol Effects***
FAE: Ferulic Acid Esterase***
FAE: Foreign Artists Exhibition***
FAE: Fresh Air Exchange***
FAE: Field Application Engineering***
FAE: Force And Effect***
FAE: Field Applications Engineers***
FAE: First American Edition***
FAE: Fuel Air Explosion**
FAE: FAS)/Fetal Alcohol Effects**
FAE: fatty acid elongase**
FAE: fatty acid esterification**
FAE: fatty acid esters**
FAE: fatty acyl esters**
FAE: FeLV)-associated enteritis**
FAE: fetal alcohol exposed**
FAE: fetal alcohol exposure**
FAE: fetal alcohol-exposed**
FAE: Flexible airway endoscopy**
FAE: follicle associated epithelial**
FAE: follicle-associated epithelia**
FAE: follicle-associated epithelial**
FAE: follicular associated epithelium**
FAE: follicular-associated epithelium**
FAE: functional androgen excess**
FAE: further attenuated Enders**
FAE: lymphoid-follicle associated epithelial**
FAE: Foundation for Alternative Energy**
FAE: Functional Anatomy and Evolution**
FAE: Fusion Apple Entertainment**
FAE: Formaldehyde-activating enzyme**
FAE: Food And Entertainment**
FAE: Fund for Adult Education**
FAE: follicle-associated epithelial cells**
FAE: follicle-associated epithelial tissue**
FAE: Fetal Alcohol Effected**
FAE: Fetal Alkol Etkileri**
FAE: For Applied English**
FAE: Fantasy Artists Emerging**
FAE: Federal Aid Eligibility**
FAE: Fuel And Energy**
FAE: Federation of Arab Engineers**
FAE: Free Adult Entertainment**
FAE: Federation of Engineering**
FAE: Fatty Alcohol Ethoxylates**
FAE: Financial Advisors Enterprise**
FAE: Final Admitting Examinations**
FAE: Friends of Asian Elephants**
FAE: faculdade albert einstein**
FAE: Fagan Applicazioni Elettroniche**
FAE: Filed Application Engineer**
FAE: Fund for the Advancement of Education**
FAE: Functional Accessibility Evaluation**
FAE: Facial Animation Engine*
FAE: FarmWorld Agricultural Exchange*
FAE: Faculty and Equipment*
FAE: Fidelity Advisor Emerging*
FAE: Foundation for Awakening Enlightenment*
FAE: FAA Acquisition Executive*
FAE: Field Apllications Engineer*
FAE: Faculty Academic English*
FAE: Foreman Architects Engineers*
FAE: False Acceptance Error*
FAE: Fast Aging Export*
FAE: Forced Air Electric*
FAE: Fisheries And Environment*
FAE: Fine Art Exhibitions*
FAE: Foothill Auto Electric*
FAE: Forum for Acoustic Ecology*
FAE: Faculty of Agricultural Engineering*
FAE: Faculty of Arts Erasmus*
FAE: First Authoritive Edition*
FAE: Flat Areas or Embankments*
FAE: Food Agrigultural Environmental*
FAE: Food and Agricultural Education*
FAE: Formation Assistance Express*
FAE: Forrest At Esdhof esd ornl*
FAE: Friedrich Alexander Erlangen*

Note: Acronym Finder has 28 verified definitions for FAE

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