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FACE: For A Clean Environment****
FACE: Free Air CO 2 Enrichment****
FACE: Fellow of the American College of Epidemiology****
FACE: Family and Community Empowerment***
FACE: Farming and Countryside Education***
FACE: Framed Acces Command Env***
FACE: Fieldsports Associations of the European***
FACE: First Aid Competition in Europe***
FACE: Florida Area Cirrus Experiment***
FACE: Foreign Affairs the Centre***
FACE: Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances***
FACE: Fatal Accident Circumstances and Epidemiology***
FACE: Fonality Authorized Certified Ecosystem***
FACE: Family and Community Education***
FACE: Formation Au Commerce Extérieur***
FACE: Friendly Aircraft Cabin Environment***
FACE: Faculty and College Excellence***
FACE: For Family and Consumer Education***
FACE: First Aid Convention in Europe***
FACE: Foundation for Academic Cultural Exchange***
FACE: Fellow American College of Endocrinology***
FACE: Forum for ACoustic Ecology***
FACE: Fellowship and Christian Encouragement***
FACE: Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education***
FACE: Filipino Association for Computer Excellence***
FACE: for advanced combustion engines***
FACE: Fire Awareness Child Education***
FACE: Federal Association for Creation of Employment***
FACE: Future Abilities and Creative Employment***
FACE: Fellowship of Artists for Cultural Evangelism***
FACE: Franco American Cultural Exchange***
FACE: Food and Cover Establishment***
FACE: Federal Acquisition Conference Exposition***
FACE: Filipino American Community Empowerment***
FACE: Food Additives and Chemicals***
FACE: Fatality Assessment Control Evaluation***
FACE: Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education***
FACE: Free Air Carbon Enrichment***
FACE: Fellow of the American College of Endocrinology***
FACE: Fund for Arts and Cultural Exchange***
FACE: Fetal Alcohol Canadian Expertise***
FACE: Family and Consumer Economics***
FACE: Future Airline Core Environment***
FACE: Family Abuse Crisis Exchange**
FACE: Faculty and Community Enhancement**
FACE: Fluorescence Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis**
FACE: fluorescence-assisted carbohydrate electrophoresis**
FACE: fluorophore-assisted CHO electrophoresis**
FACE: Fluorophore-Assisted-Carbohydrate Electrophoresis**
FACE: Florida Area Cumulus Experiment**
FACE: Fluids and Combustion Engineering**
FACE: free-air CO(2) enrichment**
FACE: Functional Analysis of Care Environments**
FACE: Framed Acces Command Environment**
FACE: For AIDS Children Everywhere**
FACE: Facts About Cuban Exiles**
FACE: Film Arts Culture and Entertainment**
FACE: Faculty Academic Contributions Exhibit**
FACE: Florida Association of Educational**
FACE: Feminist Advocates for Counselling Ethics**
FACE: Florida Arts and Community Enrichment**
FACE: Festival of Alternative Creative Exchange**
FACE: Forces Advisory Council on Entertainment**
FACE: Family Aid Catholic Education**
FACE: Focus Ask Comment and Employ**
FACE: Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation program**
FACE: Frontiers in Applied Computational Electromagnetics**
FACE: Farmers Associated to Conserve the Environment**
FACE: FID-Acquired-Echo sequence**
FACE: Free Air CO2 Experiment**
FACE: Florida Association of Computers**
FACE: Faith and Civic Engagement**
FACE: Fine Arts County of Effingham**
FACE: Foundation to Advance Childhood Education**
FACE: Fast Alcohol Consumption Evaluation**
FACE: Families and Children Education**
FACE: Fathers And Children for Equality**
FACE: Family Academy of Christian Education**
FACE: Federation of Associations on the Canadian Environment**
FACE: Flint Area Computer Enthusiasts**
FACE: Functional Assessment of the Care Environment**
FACE: Families of Alberta for Conductive Education**
FACE: Filipino American Caucus for Empowerment**
FACE: Friends of Abused Children Everywhere**
FACE: Fatality Assessment Control and Evaluation**
FACE: Fredericton Autism Centre for Education**
FACE: Family and Child Empowerment**
FACE: First Aid and Clinical Emergencies**
FACE: Forests Absorbing Carbondioxide Emission**
FACE: Facilities and Campus Enhancement**
FACE: Fundamental Action to Conserve Energy**
FACE: Fight Against Cuts in Education**
FACE: Foundation for the Advancement of Community Education**
FACE: Frank Antonio Cunningham Experiment**
FACE: Free Air Carbon Exchange**
FACE: Faith and Culture Exchange**
FACE: Family Aid to Catholic Education**
FACE: Fellow Australian College of Education**
FACE: Foundation for the Arts Community Enrichment**
FACE: Faith and Cultural Exchange**
FACE: Fast Auto Complete Engine**
FACE: Fostering Awareness of Catholic Education**
FACE: French America Cultural Exchange**
FACE: Future Adaptive Communication Environment**
FACE: Faith Action Community Experience**
FACE: Family Autism Centre for Education**
FACE: Florida Arts Community Enrichment**
FACE: Free Air CO 2 Exposure**
FACE: Free Air Controlled Enhancement**
FACE: Fuel Assist Control Equipment**
FACE: Families Advocating for Chromosomal Education**
FACE: Fellowship of Artists for Cultural Exchange**
FACE: Flurophore Assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis**
FACE: Foundation for Acadmic Cultural Exchange**
FACE: Four Agency Cooperative Effort**
FACE: Functional Analysis of the Care Environment**
FACE: Fellowship Association for Culture Education*
FACE: Field Artillery Computer Equipment*
FACE: Florida Alliance for Choice in Education*
FACE: Forces Advisory Committee on Entertainment*
FACE: Free Air CO 2 Enhancement*
FACE: Furthering Access to College Education*
FACE: Fast Accredited Creative Experts*
FACE: Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment*
FACE: Field Alterable Control Element*
FACE: Friends Achieving Customer Excellence*
FACE: Fuerzas Armadas Convencionales En*
FACE: Facial Aesthetics Conference Exhibition*
FACE: Faith Arts Culture Environment*
FACE: Fine Arts Center East*
FACE: Florida Association of Elementary*
FACE: Free Air CO 2 Enriched*
FACE: Facilitating Active Community Empowerment*
FACE: Film and Creativity Engaged*
FACE: For French American Cultural Exchange*
FACE: Framework for Accelerating Creative Enterprise*
FACE: Friendship Acceptance Courage and Equality*
FACE: Federation of African and Caribbean Elders*
FACE: Food Agriculture Community Environment*
FACE: Foundation of American Christian Education*
FACE: Free Air CO2 Exposure*
FACE: Funding Assistance Communication and Education*
FACE: Field Ancillary Computer Effort*
FACE: Fatalities Assessment and Control Evaluation*
FACE: funds Family and Child Education*
FACE: Fresh and Clean Environment*
FACE: Fundación Acción Comunal Ecuatoriana*
FACE: Federation of Associations of Computers in Engineering*
FACE: Framework for Academic Cooperation in Europe*

Note: Acronym Finder has 58 verified definitions for FACE

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