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What does EVC stand for?

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EVC: Elders Verworven Competenties****
EVC: Evergreen Valley College****
EVC: Eastern Virginia Chapter****
EVC: Economic Vitality Corporation****
EVC: Eisa Video Controller****
EVC: East Valley Church****
EVC: Electronic Valve Controller***
EVC: Eerder Verworven Competenties***
EVC: Entrepreneur and Venture Capital***
EVC: Educational Visits Coordinator***
EVC: Expiratory Vital Capacity***
EVC: Educational Video Center***
EVC: European Vascular Course***
EVC: european veterans championships***
EVC: ExecuTrain Virtual Campus***
EVC: Ellis Van Creveld***
EVC: Earth Viewing Camera***
EVC: East Village Cabaret***
EVC: European Vacuum Conference***
EVC: Eaton Vance Corp***
EVC: European Vinyl Corporation***
EVC: European Virtual Center***
EVC: Ecological Vegetation Classes***
EVC: Employee Value Creation***
EVC: Entrepreneur and Venture Club***
EVC: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital***
EVC: Excellence Virtual Campus***
EVC: Economic Value to the Customer***
EVC: Ethanol Vehicle Challenge**
EVC: Exceed Velocity of CPU**
EVC: ear vascular conductance**
EVC: effective vascular compliance**
EVC: expiratory volume clamping**
EVC: expired vital capacity**
EVC: English Virtual Community**
EVC: Electric Vehicle Controllers**
EVC: Execute Verbal Commands**
EVC: E1 Tor Vibrio cholerae**
EVC: eastern valley center**
EVC: Edamse Voetbal Club**
EVC: European Vacuum Congress**
EVC: Excel Vocational Center**
EVC: Enterprise Value Consulting**
EVC: Exhaust Valve Closes**
EVC: Embedded Visual Computing**
EVC: Emergency Volunteer Center**
EVC: End of Vertical Curve**
EVC: Eaton Vance Corporation**
EVC: Educational Visit Co**
EVC: East View Cartographic**
EVC: Educational Visit Coordinators**
EVC: Easy View Configuration**
EVC: Elettra Virtual Collaboratory**
EVC: Ethernet Virtual Connections**
EVC: Evatt Victoria Centre**
EVC: Election Volunteer Coordinators**
EVC: Electronic Village Coalition**
EVC: Ecological Vegetation Community**
EVC: Entrepreneurial Venture Creation**
EVC: Enterprise Ventures Corporation**
EVC: Emergency Veterinary Clinic**
EVC: External Version Control**
EVC: Ecological Vegetation Communities**
EVC: Elkhorn Valley Campus**
EVC: Emory Vaccine Center*
EVC: Engineering Visualization Center*
EVC: Evolution Versus Creationism*
EVC: Executive Virtual Campus*
EVC: European Vynil Corporation*
EVC: Ejecutor Virus Creator*
EVC: Existing Visual Conditions*
EVC: Education Visits Co*
EVC: Electronic Visitor Center*
EVC: Ethernet Virtual Circuits*
EVC: Evolution Versus Creation*
EVC: Electric Vehicle Conversion*
EVC: Envoyez Vos Commentaires*
EVC: Eagle Valley Coal*
EVC: Edicola Virtuale Chiusa*
EVC: Education Virtual Classroom*
EVC: Effective Vegetative Cover*
EVC: European Vacuum Conf*

Note: Acronym Finder has 32 verified definitions for EVC

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