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EPIC: Educational Policy Improvement Center****
EPIC: European Public Information Centres****
EPIC: Ending Piracy of Integrated Circuits****
EPIC: Exmoor Ponies in Conservation****
EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Center****
EPIC: European Prospective Investigation of Cancer****
EPIC: Election Process Information Collection****
EPIC: Electronic Plant Information Centre****
EPIC: Educational Programs in the Community****
EPIC: Extended Programmable Input Controller****
EPIC: Explicit Parallel Instruction Computing***
EPIC: Energy Performance and Indoor Climate***
EPIC: Emergency Preparedness Information Center***
EPIC: Estates and Protected Individuals Code***
EPIC: Elder Prescription Insurance Coverage***
EPIC: Engineering Procurement Installation and Commissioning***
EPIC: Electronic Privacy and Information Center***
EPIC: Engineering Procurement Installation and Construction***
EPIC: European Property Italian Conference***
EPIC: Enhanced Programmable Ircii Client***
EPIC: Ethanol Promotion Information Council***
EPIC: Equatorial Processes Including Coupling***
EPIC: European Preservation Information Center***
EPIC: Energy Policy Initiatives Center***
EPIC: Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia***
EPIC: Exhibition Park in Canberra***
EPIC: European Parahuman Intervention Coalition***
EPIC: Echo Persantine International Cooperative***
EPIC: Environmental Protection Indicators for California***
EPIC: Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computers***
EPIC: Eliot Park Innovation Centre***
EPIC: Electors Photo Identity Cards***
EPIC: European Public Information Centre***
EPIC: Electron and Positron Induced Chemistry***
EPIC: European Prospective Investigation on Cancer***
EPIC: European Pain in Cancer***
EPIC: Explicit Planetary Isentropic Coordinate***
EPIC: Early Postmenopausal Intervention Cohort***
EPIC: Education and the Public Interest Center***
EPIC: Electro Pyrotechnic Initiator Chip***
EPIC: Electron Probe Instrumentation Center***
EPIC: Enterprise Platform Integration Contract***
EPIC: Edgewood Partners Insurance Center***
EPIC: Evolutionary Process for Integrating COTS***
EPIC: Executive Process Interactive Control***
EPIC: Eastern Pacific Industrial Corporation***
EPIC: Expert Preceptor Interactive Curriculum***
EPIC: Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera***
EPIC: Enhanced Performance Implanted CMOS***
EPIC: Electronic Purchasing in Collaboration***
EPIC: Educational Partnership for Instructing Children***
EPIC: Explicity Parallel Instruction Computing***
EPIC: Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control***
EPIC: Electronic Privacy Info Center***
EPIC: Employee Partnership for Insurance Coverage***
EPIC: European Prototype for Integrated Care***
EPIC: Enterprise for Progress in the Community***
EPIC: Electoral Photo Identity Card***
EPIC: Explicit Parallelism Instruction Computing***
EPIC: Ensemble Personal Image Consulting***
EPIC: Einstein Polarization Interferometer for Cosmology***
EPIC: ehime prefectural international center***
EPIC: Evoked Potentials International Conference***
EPIC: Edinburgh Protein Interaction Centre***
EPIC: Electrical Power in Canada***
EPIC: Educational Planning and Information Center**
EPIC: Emergency Procedures Information Centre**
EPIC: Early Postmenopausal Interventional Cohort**
EPIC: early postoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy**
EPIC: elastase proteinase inhibitor complex**
EPIC: elastase-proteinase inhibitor complex**
EPIC: exon-primed, intron-crossing**
EPIC: Expanded Prostate Index Composite**
EPIC: external pneumatic intermittent compression**
EPIC: Educators Personal Insurance Center**
EPIC: Environmental Protection in the Caribbean**
EPIC: European Preservation Information Centre**
EPIC: East Pacific Investigation of Climate**
EPIC: Effective Parenting Information for Children**
EPIC: Emergency Public Information and Communications**
EPIC: European Photon Imaging Cameras**
EPIC: Ethics and Policy Issues Centre**
EPIC: Environmental Permit Information Center**
EPIC: Echo Persantine Italian Cooperative Study**
EPIC: etoposide, prednisolone, ifosfamide and carboplatin**
EPIC: Etoposide, Prednisolone, Ifosfamide and Cisplatin**
EPIC: European Partners in Christ**
EPIC: Environmental Policy Information Center**
EPIC: electoral photo identity cards**
EPIC: Evaluation of 7E3 for the Prevention of Ischemic Complications**
EPIC: Educational Program Innovations Centre**
EPIC: Electronic Photonic Integrated Circuits**
EPIC: Engineering Procurement Installation Commissioning**
EPIC: East Plano Islamic Center**
EPIC: Electronic Processes Initiatives Committee**
EPIC: Electronic Publishing Innovation Centre**
EPIC: Equity Partnership Investment Company**
EPIC: Eudora Pool Ice Center**
EPIC: Electronic Policy Information Center**
EPIC: Environmental Policy and Information Center**
EPIC: Educational Program Innovations Charity**
EPIC: Effects of Public Information in Cancer**
EPIC: Expedited Processing at International Crossings**
EPIC: Economic Policy Initiative Consortium**
EPIC: Experimental Probe of Inflationary Cosmology**
EPIC: Environmental Protection and Information Center**
EPIC: European Product Information Centre**
EPIC: Education Program for Infants and Children**
EPIC: elastase alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor complex**
EPIC: European Prospective Investigation of Cancer study**
EPIC: East Phillips Improvement Coalition**
EPIC: Environmental and Plastics Industry Council**
EPIC: Electronic Procurement and Invoicing Center**
EPIC: Edora Pool and Ice Center**
EPIC: Environment and Plastics Institute of Canada**
EPIC: European Partnering and Investment Conference**
EPIC: Encapsulated Protection Inside Clothing**
EPIC: European Packaging Institutes Consortium**
EPIC: emerging producers in community**
EPIC: Ethics Policy Integration Centre**
EPIC: Econo Power International Corporation**
EPIC: electronic product information co**
EPIC: 7E3 in Preventing Ischemic Complications**
EPIC: c7E3 in Preventing Ischemic Complications**
EPIC: Eletronic Privacy Information Center**
EPIC: Ending Poverty in Community**
EPIC: English Plus Information Clearinghouse**
EPIC: Exon Primed Intron Crossing**
EPIC: european policy information centre**
EPIC: Electronic Pricing Information and Catalogs**
EPIC: Electronics Privacy Information Center**
EPIC: Enhancing Perceptions in Culture**
EPIC: Education Prevention of Impaired Crashes**
EPIC: Environmental Policies and Institutions for Central**
EPIC: Environmental Products for Important Causes**
EPIC: Environmental Planning Information Council**
EPIC: European Privatization Investment Corporation**
EPIC: Ex Prisoners Interpretative Centre**
EPIC: Eastern Plains Independent Conference**
EPIC: Everyday People Initiating Change**
EPIC: Extended PCM Interface Controller**
EPIC: El Pueblo Interdevelopment Corporation**
EPIC: Engineered Panels in Construction**
EPIC: Environmental Performance Improvement Club**
EPIC: Equatorial Pacific International Co**
EPIC: Europe Pakistan India Consortium**
EPIC: Experiential Participatory Interactive and Communal**
EPIC: Eastern Pacific Investigations of Climate**
EPIC: Exult Process Intelligence Center**
EPIC: enterprise performance improvement centre**
EPIC: Educational Participation in Communities**
EPIC: Eldercare Project in Cornwall**
EPIC: Employment Pathways for Interns and Co**
EPIC: Engineer Procure Install Commission**
EPIC: Ethical and Professional Issues in Computing**
EPIC: Education Practice Industry Connection**
EPIC: Emu Producers International Co**
EPIC: Energy Production and Industrial Construction**
EPIC: Early Participatory Intervention for Catastrophe**
EPIC: Electronic Privacy Info Ctr**
EPIC: Environment Policy Integration and Coordination**
EPIC: Equestrian Partners in Conservation**
EPIC: European P I Correspondents**
EPIC: European Photonic Industry Consortium**
EPIC: EAO Project Information Centre**
EPIC: Education and Prevention in Communities**
EPIC: Engaging People Inspiring Change**
EPIC: Equal Partners in Change**
EPIC: Equipping People in Church**
EPIC: Establish People in Christ**
EPIC: Every Person in Community**
EPIC: Excellent Performance in Communications**
EPIC: Explicit Parallel Instruction Code**
EPIC: Easy Polychaete Identification Classification**
EPIC: Educational Political Industrial Consumer**
EPIC: Electronic and Photonic Integrated Circuits**
EPIC: Electronic Product Integration Corporation**
EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Centre**
EPIC: Employment Potential Improvement Corporation**
EPIC: Emu Producers International Cooperative**
EPIC: European Poetry Information Centre**
EPIC: Eastern Paranormal Investigation Center**
EPIC: Educating Practices in the Community**
EPIC: Electronic Properties Information Center**
EPIC: Emergency Physicians Integrated Care**
EPIC: Employees Political Information Committee**
EPIC: Enhanced Pathways Into Care**
EPIC: Enhancing Practice Improving Care**
EPIC: Enterprise Process Improvement Community**
EPIC: Environmental Product Information Consortium**
EPIC: European Perspectives on International Communication**
EPIC: Exchange Price Information Code**
EPIC: Eastern Panhandle Inter County**
EPIC: Efficient Protocol Independent Compression**
EPIC: Elector Photo Identity Card**
EPIC: Entry Program Into College**
EPIC: Environmental Protection Info Center**
EPIC: European Project for Ice Coring**
EPIC: Exceptional People in Camden**
EPIC: Emergency Physicians Insurance Company**
EPIC: Engineer Procure Install Construct**
EPIC: Engineering Polymer Industrial Consortium**
EPIC: Eagle Performance Improvement Consultants*
EPIC: Economic Policy Implementation Council*
EPIC: Egg and Poultry Industry Conference*
EPIC: El Paso Instructional Channel*
EPIC: Electronically Programmed Injection Control*
EPIC: Emergency Physician Interim Communique*
EPIC: Energetic Particle and Ion Composition*
EPIC: Energetic Particles and Ion Composition*
EPIC: Environment Professional Interest Council*
EPIC: Erosion Productivity Index Calculator*
EPIC: Ethanol Producers Information Council*
EPIC: European Process Intensification Conference*
EPIC: Extension Professional Improvement Conference*
EPIC: Ear Professionals International Corporation*
EPIC: Education Policy Implementation Center*
EPIC: Education Provision in the Community*
EPIC: Educational Programs Innovations Center*
EPIC: Electric Political Involvement Committee*
EPIC: Electronic Privacy Informatin Center*
EPIC: Emerging Professionals in Camping*
EPIC: Emeritus Professors in Columbia*
EPIC: Empowering People Inspiring Communities*
EPIC: Energy Production Infrastructure Center*
EPIC: Eternally Planted in Christ*
EPIC: European Philosophical Inquiry Centre*
EPIC: Exchanging Process Improvement experiences across SMEs by Conferencing on the internet*
EPIC: Education Partners in Covenant*
EPIC: Electron Photon Interaction Code*
EPIC: Electronic Payment Interchange and Conversion*
EPIC: Environmental Protection Improvement Company*
EPIC: Estate Planning Investment Concepts*
EPIC: Ethanol Promotional and Information Council*
EPIC: European Packaging Institute Consortium*
EPIC: European Property Investment Corporation*
EPIC: Events Preceding Interstitial Cystitis*
EPIC: Every Person in Christ*
EPIC: Ex Prisoners Interpretive Centre*
EPIC: Early Prevention and Intervention Commission*
EPIC: Early Prevention in Childhood*
EPIC: Educational Partners in Covenant*
EPIC: Educational Policy Information Centre*
EPIC: Electric Propulsion Interactions Code*
EPIC: Electronic Performance Improvement Consultant*
EPIC: Electrophysiologic Personal Interfaced Computer*
EPIC: Emory Practical Interventional Course*
EPIC: Empowerment Presence Integrity and Compassion*
EPIC: Entry Processing Inquiry and Correction*
EPIC: European Privatisation Investment Corporation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 87 verified definitions for EPIC

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