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EMU: Elite Military Unit****
EMU: Economic Monetary Union****
EMU: Europese Monetaire Unie****
EMU: Enterprise Management Utility****
EMU: European Monetary Unification****
EMU: Education for Mutual Understanding****
EMU: Electric Multiple Units****
EMU: Energy Management Unit****
EMU: Existing Multi Use****
EMU: Eastern Michagan University****
EMU: Environmental Monitoring Units***
EMU: EU Monetary Union***
EMU: Electron Microscope Unit***
EMU: Europske Monetarne Unije***
EMU: Energy Market Update***
EMU: european muslim union***
EMU: EEG Monitoring Unit***
EMU: Easter Michigan University***
EMU: Education Mobile Unit***
EMU: Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti, MI)***
EMU: Environmental Management Unit***
EMU: Electronic Monitoring Units***
EMU: Electronic Music Unit***
EMU: Eastern Mich Univ***
EMU: Elk Management Units***
EMU: Efficiency Monitoring Unit***
EMU: Efficient Material Utilization***
EMU: Economische Monetaire Unie***
EMU: Electrical Multiple Units***
EMU: extravehicular Mobility Units***
EMU: Energy Measuring Unit***
EMU: electronic materials update***
EMU: Evropske Monetarne Unije***
EMU: Educational Multimedia Unit***
EMU: Environmental Monitor Unit***
EMU: Experimental Military Unit***
EMU: Environmental Management Units***
EMU: Eduardo Mondlane University***
EMU: Electro Magnetic Unit**
EMU: epidermal melanin unit**
EMU: Epilepsy Monitoring Units**
EMU: Event Management Utility**
EMU: Even More Unemployment**
EMU: Evropska Monetarna Unija**
EMU: Emergency Medical Update**
EMU: Eastern Mandate Union**
EMU: Ekonomske in Monetarne Unije**
EMU: Ekonomsko in Monetarno Unijo**
EMU: Environmental Medicine Unit**
EMU: Environmental Measuring Unit**
EMU: Easterm Michigan University**
EMU: early morning urine samples**
EMU: Emergency Medicine Updates**
EMU: Elk Management Unit**
EMU: Evangelical Members of the Uniting**
EMU: Emergency Mobile Unit**
EMU: Error Message Utility**
EMU: Early Music Union**
EMU: Environmental Medical Unit**
EMU: Every Month at the Union**
EMU: Ecosystem Management Understanding**
EMU: Ecological Management Units**
EMU: Electrical Mechanical Utilities**
EMU: Excessive Media Use**
EMU: Electronically Mediated Urb**
EMU: Expeditionary Medical Unit**
EMU: Educational Mobile Unit**
EMU: Event Monitoring Utility**
EMU: Eastern Marine Underwriters**
EMU: Economic and Moneraty Union**
EMU: Equipment Management Unit**
EMU: Evropsku Monetarnu Uniju**
EMU: European Metal Union**
EMU: ECONOMY Monetary Union**
EMU: Evaluation and Monitoring Unit**
EMU: Eastern Management Unit**
EMU: Energy Matter Unit**
EMU: Extended Mini USB**
EMU: Economic and Monetary Unit**
EMU: Electric Motor Unit**
EMU: Estate Management Units**
EMU: Education and Media Unit**
EMU: Efektywnych Metod Umuzykalniania**
EMU: EXPRESS Memory Unit**
EMU: Education Microtechnology Unit**
EMU: Enthusiasm for Monetary Union**
EMU: European Monitary Union**
EMU: Element Management Unit**
EMU: Efficient Materials Utilization**
EMU: English Majors Union**
EMU: Economical and Monetary Union**
EMU: Engineering Model Units**
EMU: European Monitory Union**
EMU: Environment Monitoring Unit**
EMU: Europe and Monetary Union**
EMU: Exhibition Mobile Unit**
EMU: Electrical Motive Units**
EMU: EAP Methods Update*
EMU: Educational Media Unit*
EMU: Export Marketing Unit*
EMU: Eastern Mighigan University*
EMU: Electronic Modular Units*
EMU: Electronic Multiple Unit*
EMU: European Micronational Union*
EMU: Expanded Memory Unit*
EMU: East Murchison United*
EMU: Economic and Monetarny Union*
EMU: Employer Maintenance Unit*
EMU: Entertainment Music Unit*
EMU: Elders of Mystic Understanding*
EMU: Establishment for Universal*
EMU: European Merits Unlimited*
EMU: Evaluation Mobility and Usability*
EMU: Extravehicular Maneuvering/Mobility Unit*
EMU: Eight Michigan Universities*
EMU: ElectroMagnetic Unit/Extravehicular Mobility Unit*
EMU: Engineering Memorial University*
EMU: ecological managemen units*
EMU: Economic and Moneytary Union/Electrical Motor Unit*
EMU: Electro Multiple Units*
EMU: European Monetary Union o Economic and Monetary Union*

Note: Acronym Finder has 42 verified definitions for EMU

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