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EMSA: Emergency Medical Services Act****
EMSA: European Medical Students Association****
EMSA: Edmonton Minor Soccer Association***
EMSA: Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assays***
EMSA: Eesti Meremeeste Soltumatu Ametiühing***
EMSA: Elementary Modern Standard Arabic***
EMSA: Emergency Medical Service Authority***
EMSA: Enrollment Management and Student Affairs***
EMSA: European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators***
EMSA: Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association***
EMSA: Electrophoretic Mobility Supershift Assay***
EMSA: Emergency Minnesota Supplemental Aid***
EMSA: Electrophoresis Mobility Shift Assays***
EMSA: Eligible Metropolitan Statistical Area***
EMSA: European Marine STEP Association***
EMSA: European Multiple System Atrophy***
EMSA: Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Analyses**
EMSA: electophoretic mobility shift assays**
EMSA: electro-mobility shift assay**
EMSA: electro-mobility shift assays**
EMSA: electropholic mobility shift assay**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility shift analysis**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility shift approach**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility sift assays**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility-shift assay**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobilty shift assays**
EMSA: electrophoretic-mobility shift assay**
EMSA: electrophoretic-mobility-shift assay**
EMSA: electrophoretic-mobility-shift-assay**
EMSA: Electrophoretical mobility shift assay**
EMSA: eletrophoretic mobility shift assay**
EMSA: Environmental Model Segment Approach**
EMSA: epithelial migration-stimulating activity**
EMSA: Super'-electrophoretic mobility shift assays**
EMSA: Electrophoresis Mobility Shift Assay**
EMSA: Europska Medicinska Studentska Asocijacija**
EMSA: electrophoretic gel mobility shift assays**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility gel shift assay**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility gel shift assays**
EMSA: electrophoretic mobility gel shifting analysis**
EMSA: Emergency Medical Service Agency**
EMSA: Gel mobility shift assay**
EMSA: eligible metropolitan statistical areas**
EMSA: Energy Management Student Association**
EMSA: European Medical Student Association**
EMSA: Enterprise Messaging Security Architecture**
EMSA: performed using mobility shift analysis**
EMSA: Emergency Medical Services Association**
EMSA: Emergency Medical Student Association**
EMSA: European Masters Sports Association**
EMSA: European Maritime Security Agency**
EMSA: European Maritime Safety Authority**
EMSA: European Maritime STEP Association**
EMSA: Evangelical Mission Society of America**
EMSA: Edinburgh Malaysian Students Association**
EMSA: European Medical Students Associations**
EMSA: European Marine Safety Agency**
EMSA: Emergency Medical Service Alliance*
EMSA: Ethiopian Medical Students Association*
EMSA: Eighth Mile Sprint Association*
EMSA: Emergency Medicine Students Association*
EMSA: Employment Movement for South Africa*
EMSA: Environment Management Systems Association*
EMSA: Environmental Management Systems Agreements*
EMSA: Energy and Mineral Sites Austra*
EMSA: Energy and Mineral Sites Australia*
EMSA: Environmental Management Systems Assessment*

Note: Acronym Finder has 19 verified definitions for EMSA

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