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EML: Educational Modelling Language****
EML: Extensible Markup Language****
EML: Event Management and Logistics***
EML: Educational Modelling Languages***
EML: Extension of ML***
EML: East Marietta Library (Marietta, GA)***
EML: East Millcreek Library (Salt Lake City, UT)***
EML: East Milton Library (Milton, MA)***
EML: Eastpointe Memorial Library (Eastpointe, MI)***
EML: Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library (Rimersburg, PA)***
EML: Eckels Memorial Library (Oakland, IA)***
EML: Edmondson Memorial Library (Vardaman, MS)***
EML: Eldorado Memorial Library (Eldorado, IL)***
EML: Elk Mountain Library (Elk Mountain, WY)***
EML: Ellicottville Memorial Library (Ellicottville, NY)***
EML: Elting Memorial Library (New Paltz, NY)***
EML: Eustis Memorial Library (Eustis, FL)***
EML: Evans Memorial Library (Aberdeen, MS)***
EML: European Mountain Leader***
EML: Electronic Mailing List***
EML: Educational Markup Language***
EML: Error Management Logic***
EML: Electronic Music Lab***
EML: Exchange Manager Library***
EML: Education Modelling Language***
EML: Environmental and Morale Leave***
EML: Environmental Measurement Laboratory***
EML: Excel Macro Language***
EML: Email from Lotus***
EML: Electronic Music Labs***
EML: Enterprise Medical Liability***
EML: Environmental Markup Language***
EML: Excel Macro Laroux***
EML: E Manufacturing Laboratory***
EML: ERDAS Macro Language***
EML: Eisai Manufacturing Ltd***
EML: Electron Microscopy Laboratory**
EML: endoscopic mechanical lithotripsy**
EML: endoscopic mechanical lithotripter**
EML: erythrocyte magnesium level**
EML: exophytic mass lesion**
EML: extracorporeal microexplosive lithotripsy**
EML: Exhibition Management Ltd**
EML: Education Modeling Language**
EML: Ecological Markup Language**
EML: European Market Liaison**
EML: European Mountain Leaders**
EML: Environmental Monitoring Laboratory**
EML: epinephrine maximal stimulated lipolysis**
EML: extrication from mental load**
EML: Extended Markup Language**
EML: Emergency Management Laboratory**
EML: Engineering Media Lab**
EML: Evaluation of Milk Laboratories**
EML: Electronic Mailing Lists**
EML: Early Morning Light**
EML: Environmental Management Ltd**
EML: Environmental Microbiology Laboratory**
EML: Eesti Maksumaksjate Liit**
EML: Emperor Mines Limited**
EML: Electro Magnetic Levitator**
EML: Extended Media List**
EML: Eesti Maastikuvibu Liitu**
EML: Electronic Metrology Laboratory**
EML: Extended Motor Life**
EML: Expanded Metal Lath**
EML: Electroabsorption Modulated Lasers**
EML: Extension to ML**
EML: Electro Mart Ltd**
EML: Emory Medical Laboratory**
EML: Expeditionary Medical Logistics**
EML: Electro Motive Leasing**
EML: Equipment Modification List**
EML: Elementary Mathematics Lab**
EML: Environmental Moral Leave**
EML: Estimated Minimum Levels**
EML: Electro Magnetic Launcher**
EML: Emotion Markup Language**
EML: Evolution of ML**
EML: Electrical Machines Laboratory*
EML: Environmental Modeling Laboratory*
EML: External Medullary Lamina*
EML: Externally Modulated Lasers*
EML: Environmental Measurements Ltd*
EML: Electron Microprobe Laboratory*
EML: Emso Model Library*
EML: European Marketing Liaison*
EML: Electronic Mail List*
EML: Email Markup Language*
EML: Emulator Machine Language*
EML: Executable Modeling Languages*
EML: Educative Modeling Languages*
EML: Electrometals Mining Limited*
EML: Emerald Motion Language*
EML: Energy Monitor Logger*
EML: Estended Maternity Leave*
EML: European Management Ltd*
EML: Exposure Models Library*
EML: Expected Measured Loss in telephony*
EML: Each Monitoring Location*
EML: El Mundo Latino*
EML: Electro Mechanical Laboratories*
EML: Electronic Music Links*
EML: Emission Measurement Laboratory*
EML: Even More Links*
EML: Engineering Measured Loss*
EML: Earthdawn Mailing List*
EML: Electric Mercado Literature*
EML: Electric Music Link*
EML: Electronic Map Library*
EML: Elektrochok og Muligvis Lobotomi*
EML: Enviromental Measurements Laboratory*
EML: Enviromental Morale Leave*
EML: Enviromine Mailing List*
EML: European Medical Lexicon*
EML: Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory*
EML: Excel Machinery Limited*
EML: Explore the Meaningless of Life*
EML: Extractive Metallurgy Laboratory*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for EML

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