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What does EHC stand for?

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EHC: Exploring Health Careers****
EHC: Everybody Hates Chris***
EHC: Extension Homemakers Club***
EHC: Employers Health Coalition***
EHC: Environmental Health Coalition***
EHC: Enchanted Hills Camp***
EHC: Easy Hit Counter***
EHC: Essential Health Clinic***
EHC: Electric Hellfire Club***
EHC: Elektro Hausgeraete Center***
EHC: Electronic Home Confinement***
EHC: Emergency Hormonal Contraception***
EHC: Eastern Harford County***
EHC: Elmwood Health Center***
EHC: Episcopal Housing Corporation***
EHC: Epic Hero Cycle***
EHC: Environmental Health Centre***
EHC: Electronic Home Concepts***
EHC: East Hertfordshire Council***
EHC: Eastern Holding Company***
EHC: European Haemophilia Consortium***
EHC: European Hemophilia Consortium***
EHC: Error Handling Category***
EHC: Exploring Healthcare Careers***
EHC: Elk Hair Caddis***
EHC: Electronic Hardware Corporation***
EHC: Escorts Heart Centre***
EHC: elderly healthy controls**
EHC: electric heating carpet**
EHC: Electro Hydraulic Control**
EHC: enzyme-hydrolysed casein**
EHC: enzymically hydrolysed casein**
EHC: equivalent hard-cylinder**
EHC: eucapnic hypoxemic challenge**
EHC: euglycemic hyperinsulinemic clamp**
EHC: euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic clamp**
EHC: external horizontal cells**
EHC: extra-hepatic cholestasis**
EHC: first drafts of Environmental Health Criteria**
EHC: European Hostel Cooperation**
EHC: Every Home Crusade**
EHC: Emergency Housing Committee**
EHC: Engineering Honor Council**
EHC: enterovirus hepatitis and coagulopathy**
EHC: extensions of hypertrophied chondrocytes**
EHC: external auditory hair cells**
EHC: Electronic Height Control**
EHC: Elderly Health Centres**
EHC: European Hill Climb**
EHC: Employer Health Coalition**
EHC: Earthquake Hazard Center**
EHC: Ethnic Heritage Council**
EHC: East Hazel Crest**
EHC: Elder Housing Corporation**
EHC: Environment Health Criteria**
EHC: Environmental Hazard Communication**
EHC: environmental health clinic**
EHC: Environmental High Council**
EHC: Environment and Health Coalition**
EHC: Employers Health Cooperative**
EHC: Earthquake Hazard Centre**
EHC: Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Casein**
EHC: Environmental Health Consultancy**
EHC: Emulate Headless Chicken**
EHC: Extreme Headless Chickens**
EHC: Export Health Certificate**
EHC: Electrolytic Hard Chromium**
EHC: Equipment Handover Charge*
EHC: Estates of Highland Creek*
EHC: Early Hormonal Contraception*
EHC: Eastside Hate Chapter*
EHC: Environmental Hazards Coordinator*
EHC: Environmental Health Consulting*
EHC: Employee Health Center*
EHC: Environment and Health Committee*
EHC: Essential Health Care*
EHC: Evergreen Health Care*
EHC: Exhaust Heat Control*
EHC: Event History Calendars*
EHC: Electrical Heating Control*
EHC: Eye Health Coordinator*
EHC: Environmental Health Conferences*
EHC: explosive hazard classification*
EHC: explosive hazard classifications*
EHC: Ed Hamilton and Company*
EHC: Electronic Herald Caledonian*
EHC: Endangered Higo Chumbo*
EHC: Endangered Higo Chumbos*
EHC: Endangered Hutia Cabrera*
EHC: Erimystax Hybopsis Cahni*
EHC: European Host Count*
EHC: Excalibur Headquarters Canada*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for EHC

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