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EGC: European Geothermal Congress****
EGC: East Georgia College***
EGC: Electronic Greeting Card***
EGC: Emmanuel Gospel Center***
EGC: European Grid Conference***
EGC: Equal Gain Combiner***
EGC: Energy Generation Conference***
EGC: Electronic Gain Control***
EGC: Extended Graduate Campus***
EGC: East Greenland Coastal***
EGC: Eastern Goldfields College***
EGC: evansville gun club***
EGC: Evaporative Gas Conditioning***
EGC: Executive Governing Committee***
EGC: Educational Gaming Commons***
EGC: Electronic Game Card***
EGC: Elmira Gymnastics Club***
EGC: Entebbe Golf Club***
EGC: Electronic Gaming Club***
EGC: Exposed Geomembrane Cover***
EGC: Emirates Golf Club***
EGC: Emperor Gong Captures***
EGC: Enhanced Group Calling***
EGC: Ergonomic Garment Construction***
EGC: anti-endocrine granule constituent**
EGC: endocrine granule constituent**
EGC: endometrial gland cells**
EGC: endothelial giant cells**
EGC: eosinophil granule cells**
EGC: eosinophilic granule cell**
EGC: ethylene glycol chitin**
EGC: euglycemic glucose clamp**
EGC: external granule cell**
EGC: external granule cells**
EGC: extracellular glycerol concentration**
EGC: Evolution Gaming Clan**
EGC: El Gamal and Cover**
EGC: Engineering General Consultants**
EGC: Enlightened Gospel Choir**
EGC: Executive Guidance Committee**
EGC: enterotoxin gene cluster**
EGC: Education Guarantee Centre**
EGC: English Girls College**
EGC: early gastric adenocarcinoma**
EGC: eosinophilic granule containing cell**
EGC: epicatechin , (+)-gallocatechin , (-)-epigallocatechin**
EGC: epicatechin gallate , epigallocatechin**
EGC: epicatechin gallate , (-)-epigallocatechin**
EGC: epicatechin gallate , epigallocatechin**
EGC: epicatechin, (+)-gallocatechin , (-)-epigallocatechin**
EGC: epigallocatechin gallate > epigallocatechin**
EGC: epigallocatechin gallate , (-)-epigallocatechin**
EGC: epigallocatechin gallate , epigallocatechin**
EGC: euglycemic-hyperinsulinemic glucose clamps**
EGC: external granule cell layer**
EGC: Engine Gimbal Control**
EGC: Embryonic Germ Cells**
EGC: C)>(-)-epigallocatechin**
EGC: entrepreneurial growth companies**
EGC: Equipment Grounding Conductors**
EGC: Efficient Golay Correlator**
EGC: enhanced global connection**
EGC: Edina Garden Council**
EGC: Early Gastric Cancers**
EGC: Eastside Gangster Crips**
EGC: Exnora Green Cross**
EGC: English Gaming Community**
EGC: Eagles Gate College**
EGC: Entrepreneur Guidance Cell**
EGC: Essential Guide to Characters**
EGC: European Green City**
EGC: Extragonadal Germ Cell**
EGC: Econ Growth Center**
EGC: European Gliding Championships**
EGC: Exhaust Gas Check**
EGC: Easy Going Clan**
EGC: Economic Growth Connection**
EGC: Export Grains Centre**
EGC: European Group Cut**
EGC: Exam Grading Committee**
EGC: Ecclessia Gnostica Catholica**
EGC: Eternal Gaming Community**
EGC: European Gourmet Cuisine**
EGC: External Gauge Control**
EGC: European Grants Committee**
EGC: EverLAN Gaming Center**
EGC: Edgeworth or Gram Charlier*
EGC: Elite Game Community*
EGC: Export Grain Centre*
EGC: Executive Graduate Council*
EGC: Elim Gospel Church*
EGC: Emma Goldman Clinic*
EGC: European Graduate Catalogue*
EGC: European Graduate Collge*
EGC: Excipient General Chapters*
EGC: Eastern Garment Company*
EGC: Eldorado Gold Corporation*
EGC: Electron Gas Chromatograph*
EGC: Endowment Grants Committee*
EGC: Enhanced Grand Campaign*
EGC: Evil Genius Council*
EGC: Extreme Gamers Club*
EGC: East Gippsland Coalition*
EGC: Easter Greeting Cards*
EGC: East Grand Chain*
EGC: Eastern Gold Corporation*
EGC: Edgewood Golf Club*
EGC: El Guide to Chicago*
EGC: Elias Gaete Caceres*
EGC: Elk Grove Church*
EGC: Engineering Guidance Council*
EGC: enhanced graphics controller*
EGC: Eric of Great Cars*
EGC: Essex General Constructions*
EGC: Evolution of Grimethorpe Collier*
EGC: Evolution of Grimethorpe Collieries*

Note: Acronym Finder has 47 verified definitions for EGC

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