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EDC: Ecumenical Development Cooperative****
EDC: Entertainment Distribution Company****
EDC: Educational Development Corporation****
EDC: Educational Development Center****
EDC: Economic Development Committee****
EDC: Executive Development Center****
EDC: Economic Development the Chamber****
EDC: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals****
EDC: Error Detection And Correction****
EDC: Electronic Data Center****
EDC: Epidemiology Data Center****
EDC: Entrepreneurial Development Centre****
EDC: Environment Data Centre****
EDC: Economic Development Consortium****
EDC: Esprit De Corps****
EDC: European Driving Cycle****
EDC: Educational Development Centre****
EDC: Enhanced to Capture****
EDC: Environmental Discovery Center****
EDC: economic development center****
EDC: Economic Development Corporations****
EDC: European Distribution Centers****
EDC: Enterprise Development Centre****
EDC: Employee Development Center****
EDC: Earth Drum Council****
EDC: European Documentation Centres****
EDC: Express Distribution Center***
EDC: European Distribution Centres***
EDC: El Dorado County***
EDC: Executive Development Committee***
EDC: economic development cooperative***
EDC: Executed in Coordination***
EDC: Endocrine Disruptor Compounds***
EDC: Enterprise Development Corporation***
EDC: Entrepreneurship Development Cell***
EDC: Extended Day Class***
EDC: Electronic Disaster Crew***
EDC: Enterprise Development Center***
EDC: Enterprise Data Collection***
EDC: Electronic Data Collection***
EDC: Education Development Centre***
EDC: Economic Development Company***
EDC: Equity Development Corporation***
EDC: Euro Dance Center***
EDC: Ecole Des Cadres***
EDC: EROS Data Centre***
EDC: Elektronische Dämpfer Control***
EDC: Electrically Driven Compressor***
EDC: Enterprise Development Centres***
EDC: European Drive Cycle***
EDC: Enterprise Development Committee***
EDC: Environmental Design Construction***
EDC: European Defence Community***
EDC: Environmental Data Center***
EDC: European Distribution Center***
EDC: European Documentation Center***
EDC: Early Dance Circle***
EDC: Extended Duty Care***
EDC: Educational Developers Caucus***
EDC: Evans Data Corporation***
EDC: Entrepreneurial Development Center***
EDC: Electronics Distributors Corporation***
EDC: Equipment Demonstration Centre***
EDC: Employers Direct Corporation***
EDC: Enterprise Development Centers***
EDC: Environmental Development Co***
EDC: E Data Corporation***
EDC: European Distribution Centre***
EDC: El Dorado Center***
EDC: Educational Disadvantage Committee***
EDC: Extra Departmental Course***
EDC: Elizabeth Development Company***
EDC: Electronic Disk Communication***
EDC: External Development Charges***
EDC: Endocrine disrupting compounds***
EDC: Export Distribution Centre***
EDC: Ecole De Commerce***
EDC: Export Development Council***
EDC: Engineering Design Consultants***
EDC: Eastman Dental Center***
EDC: Economic Development Councils***
EDC: Enterprise Development Coordinator***
EDC: Education Development Charges***
EDC: European Digital Cities***
EDC: Engineering Development Centre***
EDC: Eastern Dakota Conference***
EDC: Earth Day Canada***
EDC: European Development Cooperation***
EDC: Electronic Death Certificate***
EDC: East Dunbartonshire Council***
EDC: European Draughts Confederation***
EDC: Educational Development for Children***
EDC: Ecological Design Center***
EDC: Electro Dynamics Crystal***
EDC: Error Detection/Correction***
EDC: Executive Development Course***
EDC: Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory***
EDC: Environmental Development Corporation***
EDC: Error Detection Correction***
EDC: Event Detection and Characterization***
EDC: Economic Development Coalition***
EDC: Economic Development Contact***
EDC: Executive Director of the CDC***
EDC: Economic Development Covers***
EDC: Euro Discount Club***
EDC: Electronic Dampening Control***
EDC: European Detergents Conference***
EDC: Ethylene Di Chloride***
EDC: Electricite Du Cambodge***
EDC: Engineering Deans Council***
EDC: Energy Dissipated per Cycle***
EDC: Elite Design Consultants***
EDC: European Document Centre***
EDC: Engineering Design and Communication***
EDC: Enterprise Database Corporation***
EDC: Executive Development Centre***
EDC: Equipment Distribution Centre***
EDC: Europski Dokumentacijski Centar***
EDC: European DAN College***
EDC: Evropski Dokumentacijski Center***
EDC: Enterprise Data Connector***
EDC: Economic Development and Cultural***
EDC: Equity Diversity and Compliance***
EDC: European Design Center***
EDC: Early Display Configuration***
EDC: Excavator Design Center***
EDC: Electricity Development Corporation***
EDC: Environmental Defence Canada***
EDC: Embedded Data Collector***
EDC: Egyptian Dance Code***
EDC: Engineering Design Construction***
EDC: Employment Development Centre***
EDC: Environmental Data Centre***
EDC: Education Dev Center***
EDC: Economic Development Conveyances***
EDC: Epidemiology and Disease Control***
EDC: Elevation Data Catalogue**
EDC: European Development Center**
EDC: Eating Disorders Center**
EDC: electric dynamic catathermometer**
EDC: electro-discharge compaction**
EDC: end-diastolic count**
EDC: endothelium-dependent contraction**
EDC: epithelial dendric cells**
EDC: epithelial dendritic cells**
EDC: ethanol derived calories**
EDC: ethanol-derived calorie**
EDC: ethanol-derived calories**
EDC: ethanol-derived-calories**
EDC: EtOH-derived calories**
EDC: expected delivery, cesarean**
EDC: expected direct cost**
EDC: Experimental Diffraction Correction**
EDC: extensor digiti communis**
EDC: extensor digiti communus**
EDC: extensor digitorum comunis**
EDC: extremity diameter composite**
EDC: Enron Development Corp**
EDC: Energy Distribution Curves**
EDC: Employment Development Center**
EDC: Exam Development Committee**
EDC: Enhanced Duty Cycle**
EDC: Engaged the Canadian**
EDC: Earth Defense Command**
EDC: Emmanuel Da Costa**
EDC: Executive Diversity Committee**
EDC: energy delivery company**
EDC: Etirage De Charonne**
EDC: European Drought Centre**
EDC: Edizioni Di Comunit**
EDC: Embeddable Die Customization**
EDC: Eastern Die Casting**
EDC: Electrical Displacement Control**
EDC: Electricity Du Cambodge**
EDC: Educational Development Council**
EDC: Enterprise Database Connector**
EDC: European Documentation Centers**
EDC: 1-ethyl-3-(dimethylaminopropyl)-carbodiimide**
EDC: 1-ethyl-3-(dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide**
EDC: 1-ethyl-3-dimethylaminopropyl carbodiimide**
EDC: early distal tubule cells**
EDC: electro-discharge compaction technique**
EDC: electron-donating cardinal adsorbent**
EDC: end-diastolic volume , circumference**
EDC: equivalent dose of chloropromazine**
EDC: estimated dates of confinement**
EDC: estimated day of confinement**
EDC: ethyl-dimethyl-aminopropylcarbodiimide**
EDC: expected dates of confinement**
EDC: extensor digitorum communis muscle**
EDC: N-ethyl-N'-(dimethylaminopropyl)-carbodiimide**
EDC: Equality and Diversity Committee**
EDC: Eviction Defense Collaborative**
EDC: Enterprise Database Connectivity**
EDC: Emirates Dredging Company**
EDC: endocrine disrupting contaminants**
EDC: Error Detecting and Correcting**
EDC: date of confinement**
EDC: technique--electrodischarge compaction**
EDC: Envoy Data Corporation**
EDC: Engineering Design Change**
EDC: Entrepreneurship Development Cells**
EDC: Extended Directory Catalog**
EDC: Economic Development and Conservation**
EDC: Express Distribution Centre**
EDC: Electronic Document Capture**
EDC: Employment Development Centres**
EDC: Electronic Dispersion Compensator**
EDC: Enterprise Development Cambodia**
EDC: Environmental Design Charrette**
EDC: Executive Director Council**
EDC: N4-etheno(2'-deoxy)cytidine**
EDC: Environmental Distribution Center**
EDC: EastMed Developers Conference**
EDC: Engineering Development Center**
EDC: Earth Design Consultants**
EDC: External Device Control**
EDC: Eastern Defense Command**
EDC: Electronic Document Centre**
EDC: Electricity Development Centre**
EDC: dose-dependent carbodiimide**
EDC: EPICA Dome Concordia**
EDC: End Diastolic Counts**
EDC: Eating Disorder Coalition**
EDC: 1-ethyl-3-[3-(dimethylamino)propyl]carbodiimide**
EDC: Engineering and Design Concepts**
EDC: European Development Council**
EDC: Education Development Component**
EDC: Electricity Development Center**
EDC: European Darts Council**
EDC: Endoscopy Development Company**
EDC: Engineering Dynamics Corporation**
EDC: Evasive Driving Course**
EDC: Extended Database Container**
EDC: Eden Detention Center**
EDC: Electronics Development Corporation**
EDC: Elektronik Data Cad**
EDC: Ethnic Dance Chicago**
EDC: European Danube Commission**
EDC: Embedded Decoupling Capacitance**
EDC: Environmental Dynamics Corporation**
EDC: Executive Director of the Clallam**
EDC: Eastern Directors Council**
EDC: Eco Development Committees**
EDC: Environmental Data Catalogue**
EDC: External Device Code**
EDC: Early Disposition Court**
EDC: Enterprise Desktop Client**
EDC: Environmental Design Consortium**

Note: Acronym Finder has 124 verified definitions for EDC

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