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What does ECH stand for?

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ECH: Edgware Community Hospital****
ECH: Environment Culture and Heritage****
ECH: Eddy Current Heating***
ECH: East Chapel Hill***
ECH: Equatorial Coronal Holes***
ECH: Environmental Chemistry Health***
ECH: East Carolina Health***
ECH: Enoyl CoA Hydratase***
ECH: educational clearing house***
ECH: Equivalent Clock Hours***
ECH: Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless***
ECH: Enhanced Combat Helmet***
ECH: El Camino Hospital**
ECH: embryonic chick hearts**
ECH: endocervical cell hyperplasia**
ECH: endocrine cell hyperplasia**
ECH: Endoscopic clipping hemostasis**
ECH: energy conservation hypothesis**
ECH: enterocyte cell heights**
ECH: epididymal cribriform hyperplasia**
ECH: epithelial cell heights**
ECH: Epithelioid cell histiocytoma**
ECH: Escherichia coli hemolysin**
ECH: explosive choroidal hemorrhage**
ECH: expulsive choroidal haemorrhage**
ECH: expulsive choroidal hemorrhage**
ECH: European Committee for Homoeopathy**
ECH: Evolving Consumer Households**
ECH: Electronic Commerce Hotbed**
ECH: Enoyl CoA Hydratases**
ECH: Episcopal Church Home**
ECH: Equivalent Classroom Hours**
ECH: Encyclopedia of the Canonical Hadith**
ECH: East Chambers H**
ECH: Epoxy Clay Hybrid**
ECH: Evangelical Community Hospital**
ECH: Early Childhood Handicapped**
ECH: Early Child Hood**
ECH: European Castle Hotels**
ECH: European Comittee for Homeopathy**
ECH: European Committee of Homeopathy**
ECH: East Coast Highway**
ECH: Eastern Connecticut Hlth**
ECH: emergency control handle**
ECH: Effingham County Highway*
ECH: Enron Caribbean Holdings*
ECH: European Community Humanitarian*
ECH: European Council for Homeopathy*
ECH: E Cademy Holdings*
ECH: European City Hopper*
ECH: Education Contact Hours*
ECH: Embroidered Christmas Hanging*
ECH: Equity Clearing House*
ECH: Equivalency Clock Hours*
ECH: External Clock High*
ECH: Exchange Clearing House*
ECH: East Chicago Heights*
ECH: East Cobb Homes*
ECH: Ecolution Cyber Hemp*
ECH: Eldorado City Hall*
ECH: Electric Coal Hillery*
ECH: Electro Catalytic Hyper heater*
ECH: Elegant Custom Homes*
ECH: Embajada de Colombia en Helsinki*
ECH: Endangered Chub Humpback*
ECH: Endangered Chub Hutton*
ECH: Environment Center Habitat*
ECH: Environmental Clearinghouse House*
ECH: Enxaquecas CefalTias Headaches*
ECH: Erosion Control Headquarters*
ECH: Evidence Concerning the Hours*
ECH: Explores the Culinary History*

Note: Acronym Finder has 27 verified definitions for ECH

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