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What does ECCM stand for?

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ECCM: Expanded Chronic Care Model****
ECCM: European Conference on Computational Mechanics****
ECCM: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management***
ECCM: Electronic Counter Counter Measures***
ECCM: European Conference on Composite Materials***
ECCM: Enterprise Collaboration and Content Management***
ECCM: Edinburgh City Centre Management***
ECCM: Eastern Center for Complementary Medicine***
ECCM: European Conf on Composite Materials***
ECCM: European Conference on Cognitive Modelling***
ECCM: Embryonic chick cardiac myocytes**
ECCM: endothelial cell conditioned medium**
ECCM: endothelial cell-conditioned medium**
ECCM: endothelial-cell-conditioned medium**
ECCM: epithelial cell conditioned medium**
ECCM: epithelial cell-conditioned medium**
ECCM: East Carolina Case Management**
ECCM: East Caribbean Common Market**
ECCM: European Cultural Capitals and Months**
ECCM: epithelial cell culture conditioned media**
ECCM: Erie County Care Management**
ECCM: European Conf on Computational Mechanics**
ECCM: endothelial cells or their conditioned medium**
ECCM: European Call Center Manager**
ECCM: Episcopal Cursillo Community of Minnesota**
ECCM: Extended Constant Capacitance Model**
ECCM: Experts Committee on Customs Matters**
ECCM: Ecological Characterization of Coastal Maine**
ECCM: Eritrean Community Center of Minnesota**
ECCM: Edinburgh Centre for Climate Management**
ECCM: Enterprise Change Configuration Management**
ECCM: Enterprise Catalog Content Management**
ECCM: Equilibrium Cloud Condensation Model**
ECCM: Electric Counter Counter Measure**
ECCM: Electrical Cables Custom Made*
ECCM: Edinburgh Center for Carbon Management*
ECCM: Expert Committee on Customs Matters*
ECCM: East Coast Communications of Massachusetts*
ECCM: ECM and Counter Countermeasures*
ECCM: Ecological Carrying Capacity Model*
ECCM: Edinburg Center for Carbon Management*
ECCM: Electronic Customer Contact Management*
ECCM: European Conference on Customer Management*
ECCM: European Council for Computational Mechanics*
ECCM: Electronic Counter Counterintelligence Measure*
ECCM: (Electronic/Electromagnetic) Counter-Countermeasure*
ECCM: Egyptian Coal Company Meek*
ECCM: electronic counter-countermeasures (electromagnetic spectrum)*
ECCM: Equitable Coal Company Majestic*
ECCM: Evangelical Church of Christ in Mozambique*

Note: Acronym Finder has 8 verified definitions for ECCM

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