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EBD: Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties****
EBD: Emotional and Behavioral Disorders****
EBD: East Bank Demerara****
EBD: Escola Biblica Dominical****
EBD: Easton Bible Dictionary****
EBD: Emotional Behavioral Disorders****
EBD: Evidence Based Dentistry****
EBD: Emotional and or Behavioural Difficulties***
EBD: Electronic Braking Distribution***
EBD: Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities***
EBD: Emotional Behavior Disorders***
EBD: Emotional Behavioral Disability***
EBD: Eight Ball Deluxe***
EBD: Emotional Behavior Disorder***
EBD: English Book Depot***
EBD: European Bird Directive***
EBD: Enterprise Buyer Desktop***
EBD: Education by Design***
EBD: Emotional or Behavioral Disorder***
EBD: Evidence Based Diagnosis***
EBD: Empresa Brasileira De***
EBD: Emotional Behavioral Difficulties***
EBD: Emotionally Behaviorally Disturbed***
EBD: electric birefringence decay**
EBD: electron beam deposition**
EBD: endocardial border definition**
EBD: endocardial border detection**
EBD: endoglucanase binding domain**
EBD: endoscopic balloon dilatation**
EBD: endoscopic balloon dilation**
EBD: endoscopic biliary decompression**
EBD: endoscopic biliary drainage**
EBD: enteric beta-defensin**
EBD: epileptiform burst discharge**
EBD: equivalence by descent**
EBD: equivalent behavioral dose**
EBD: eucaloric balanced diet**
EBD: exemplar breakpoints distance**
EBD: external biliary drainage**
EBD: extracorporeal bile duct**
EBD: extragenital Bowen disease**
EBD: extrahepatic bile duct**
EBD: extrahepatic bile ducts**
EBD: extrahepatic biliary ducts**
EBD: extralobular biliary duct**
EBD: Electron Beam Deposited**
EBD: Embryoid Body Derived**
EBD: Extended Business District**
EBD: Elderly Blind and Disabled**
EBD: emotional or behavioral disorders**
EBD: emotionally and behaviourally disordered**
EBD: endoscopic papillary balloon dilation**
EBD: Evan's blue dye**
EBD: extragenital Bowen's disease**
EBD: Engineering by Design**
EBD: Emotional and or Behavioral Difficulties**
EBD: Emotional Behavior Disabilities**
EBD: Emotional and Behavioural Disorder**
EBD: Emotional Behavior Disability**
EBD: Electrical Board Description**
EBD: Empresa Boliviana De**
EBD: Elderly Blood Donors**
EBD: Emotionally Behaviorally Disordered**
EBD: European Business Desks**
EBD: Early Booking Discounts**
EBD: Eastons Bible Dictionary**
EBD: Egli Blickle Dreier**
EBD: Emotional and Behavior Disorder**
EBD: English Business Document**
EBD: E Business Development*
EBD: Electrical Board Descriptions*
EBD: Emotional and Behavioural Disabilities*
EBD: Enterprise and Business Development*
EBD: Emotional and Behavioral Difficulty*
EBD: Environmental Benefits Districts*
EBD: Executive Benefits Design*
EBD: Eaten Black Diamond*
EBD: Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Dy*
EBD: Ecosystems and Biogeochemical Dynamics*
EBD: Electron Backscattering Diffraction*
EBD: Electron Beam Destructions*
EBD: Endangered Bactrian Deer*
EBD: Endangered Bayou Darters*
EBD: Endangered Blackside Dace*
EBD: English Belorussian Dictionary*
EBD: Environmental Bioagent Detection*
EBD: Espace Bureautique Devis*
EBD: Esserly Black Diamond*
EBD: Eureka Bibliographic Database*

Note: Acronym Finder has 27 verified definitions for EBD

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