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EAGLE: Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge****
EAGLE: European Association for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy***
EAGLE: Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education***
EAGLE: Ethiopia Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment***
EAGLE: Exceptional Adult Georgian in Literacy Education***
EAGLE: Environmental and General Liability Exposures***
EAGLE: einfach anzuwendender grafischer layout editor**
EAGLE: Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprise**
EAGLE: Expert Advisory Groups on Language Engineering**
EAGLE: Electronic Archives of Greek and Latin Epigraphy**
EAGLE: Electronic Archive of Greek and Latin Epigraphy**
EAGLE: Environmental Audio Graphical Librarian Editor**
EAGLE: European Association for Grey Literature in Europe**
EAGLE: Extensible Architecture for General Linguistic Engineering**
EAGLE: Employee Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Equality**
EAGLE: Ethiopian Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment**
EAGLE: Ending Arguments Gently Legally and Economically**
EAGLE: Energy Application for Gas Liquid and Electricity**
EAGLE: Employee Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Empowerment**
EAGLE: Engineering Alliance for Global Education**
EAGLE: Every Accountable Ghanaian Living Everywhere**
EAGLE: Employee Alliance for Gay Lesbian*
EAGLE: Enhanced Assessment of Grade Level Expectations*
EAGLE: Ethiopian Afar Geophysical Lithospheric Experiment*
EAGLE: Exceptional Adult Georgians in Literacy Education*
EAGLE: Early Action and Guidance Leading to Empowerment*
EAGLE: Enterprise Acquisition Gateway Leading Edge*
EAGLE: Equine Assisted Growth Learning and Education*
EAGLE: Electronic Assistance Guide for Leading Engagements*
EAGLE: Enterprise Aquisition Gateway for Leading Edge*
EAGLE: European Association of Grey Literature Exploitation*
EAGLE: Exchange on Ageing the Law and Ethics*
EAGLE: Easy Analytic Graphic Language Essay*
EAGLE: Enterprise Applications Group for Legacy Emergir*
EAGLE: Enhanced Automation for the Government Legal Environment*
EAGLE: Excimer And Gas Laser Experimental*
EAGLE: extended application of ground laser equipment*

Note: Acronym Finder has 12 verified definitions for EAGLE

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