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EAC: Eastern Arizona College****
EAC: Edmonton Arts Council****
EAC: Effective Address Calculation****
EAC: Engineering Advisory Committee****
EAC: Education Assistance Corporation****
EAC: Exact Audo Copy****
EAC: Equity Assistance Center****
EAC: External Advisory Council****
EAC: Extended Acute Care****
EAC: Enterprise Architecture Council****
EAC: Enterprise Application Consulting****
EAC: Electrical and Computer****
EAC: Education Advisement Center****
EAC: Emmanuel Apostolic Church****
EAC: Ecology Action Centre****
EAC: Equity Assistance Centers****
EAC: Exhibit Advisory Committee****
EAC: Estimate to Complete****
EAC: Eastern Athletic Club****
EAC: Entreprise Autochtone Canada***
EAC: Energy Alberta Corporation***
EAC: European Adoption Consultants***
EAC: Exhibitor Advisory Council***
EAC: Environmental Affairs Council***
EAC: Emilio Aguinaldo College***
EAC: Essential Access Community***
EAC: Ethnic Advisory Council***
EAC: Eindhovense Aero Club***
EAC: East Asian Collection***
EAC: Extension Advisory Council***
EAC: Elections Assistance Commission***
EAC: External Advisory Committee***
EAC: Elderly Accommodation Counsel***
EAC: Economics Advisory Committee***
EAC: External Audit Committee***
EAC: Electricity Advisory Committee***
EAC: Exhibitor Appointed Contractors***
EAC: Explore A College***
EAC: Employees Advisory Committee***
EAC: European Aerosol Conference***
EAC: Environmental Action Community***
EAC: Establish Any Committees***
EAC: East African Countries***
EAC: Empire Aero Center***
EAC: Euro Atlantic Center***
EAC: Educational Advising Center***
EAC: European Assault Cup***
EAC: Education Abroad Center***
EAC: Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry***
EAC: East Austrailian Current***
EAC: expert appraisal committee***
EAC: Environment Assisted Cracking***
EAC: Electronic Air Cleaners***
EAC: European Airlift Centre***
EAC: Epilepsy Association of Calgary***
EAC: East Asia Center***
EAC: Existence of an Audit Committee***
EAC: Exhibition Advisory Committee***
EAC: Edmonton Art Club***
EAC: East African Cooperation***
EAC: Environmental Action Committee***
EAC: Employee Assistance Consulting***
EAC: Extended Area Calling***
EAC: Edmontonarts Ab Ca***
EAC: East Asia Congress***
EAC: Employees Advisory Council***
EAC: External Affairs Committee***
EAC: Engineering Alumni Council***
EAC: Emergency Aid Coalition***
EAC: Employee Advisory Committee***
EAC: Electricity Authority of Cambodia***
EAC: Emporia Arts Council***
EAC: Education Advisory Committee***
EAC: Engineering Academic Center***
EAC: employee assistance center***
EAC: Educators Advisory Council***
EAC: Environmental Aeroscience Corporation***
EAC: Embroiderers Association of Canada***
EAC: Euro Asia Center***
EAC: European Astronauts Centre***
EAC: Elkland Area Community (Elkland, PA)***
EAC: Enhancement Advisory Committee***
EAC: Edmonton Alberta Canada***
EAC: European Accreditation of Certification***
EAC: Environmentally Assisted Cracking***
EAC: East Africa Comesa***
EAC: English for Academic Communication***
EAC: Estonian Accreditation Centre***
EAC: East African Center***
EAC: East Africa Community***
EAC: Estimated at Completion***
EAC: Electoral Affairs Commission***
EAC: Export Assistance Centers***
EAC: Educational Affairs Committee***
EAC: Euro Agro Centrum***
EAC: Employee Advisory Council***
EAC: Elections and Charged***
EAC: Employees Action Committee***
EAC: Echelon Above Corps***
EAC: Economic Advisory Council***
EAC: Entrepreneurship Advisory Council***
EAC: European Airlift Coordination***
EAC: European AgriCultural Convention***
EAC: Enfermedad Arterial Coronaria***
EAC: Euro Asia Centre***
EAC: Estimate of the Cost***
EAC: European Acquisition Capital***
EAC: Engineering Accreditation Council***
EAC: Economie Art Communication***
EAC: English and Centre***
EAC: Environmental Action Coalition***
EAC: Environmental Advisory Councils***
EAC: Euro Asia Consulting***
EAC: Environmental Access Committee***
EAC: Early Action Compacts***
EAC: Education and Assistance Corporation***
EAC: Evaluation and Advisory Committee***
EAC: Education Advising Center***
EAC: Employee Activities Committee***
EAC: Ecology Action Center***
EAC: Extreme Aerobatic Club***
EAC: Election Administration Commission***
EAC: Eastern Army Command***
EAC: Evanston Athletic Club***
EAC: Expert Advisory Committee***
EAC: Education Advisory Council***
EAC: Educational Affairs Council***
EAC: Estimates at Completion***
EAC: Eastern Africa COMESA***
EAC: Eastern African Community***
EAC: East Asia Crossing***
EAC: Estimate at Complete***
EAC: Exhibitions And Conferences***
EAC: Examination Advisory Committee***
EAC: Enterprise Architectures Conference***
EAC: Employment Action Center***
EAC: Employer Advisory Councils***
EAC: Experience Arts Camp***
EAC: Employment Assistance Committee***
EAC: Employment Authorization Card***
EAC: Electric Analog Computer***
EAC: European Advisory Committee***
EAC: Egmont Alpine Club***
EAC: Erie Apple Crunchers***
EAC: Exhibitor Advisory Committee***
EAC: European Association for Counselling***
EAC: Engineering Advisory Council***
EAC: Ethnic Affairs Commission***
EAC: External Authenticate Command***
EAC: Extended Antenna Cable***
EAC: Elections Administration Committee***
EAC: Exploitation Agricole Collective***
EAC: Established to Create***
EAC: Electronic Access Conferences***
EAC: Enhancement Advisory Council***
EAC: Estimated Acquisition Cost***
EAC: Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma***
EAC: European Association for Counseling***
EAC: Earthquake Assessment Committee***
EAC: Electrostatic Air Cleaners***
EAC: Estimated Annual Cost***
EAC: External Agencies and Clients***
EAC: Estes Aerospace Club***
EAC: Edward Alleyn Club***
EAC: Elderly Accommodation Council***
EAC: European Advisory Council***
EAC: Educational Advisory Council***
EAC: Eastern Appraisal Consulting**
EAC: Exquisite Air Charter**
EAC: Educational Assistance Corporation**
EAC: Engineering Applications Center**
EAC: Environmental Affairs Committee**
EAC: early arthritis clinic**
EAC: early arthritis clinics**
EAC: effective albumin concentration**
EAC: Ehrilich ascitic cancer**
EAC: Ehrlich ascite carcinoma**
EAC: Ehrlich ascited carcinoma**
EAC: Ehrlich ascites cancer**
EAC: Ehrlich Ascites Cell**
EAC: Ehrlich ascitic carcinoma**
EAC: Ehrlichs ascites carcinoma**
EAC: electrophoretic affinity chromatography**
EAC: ellipsoid associated cells**
EAC: ellipsoid-associated cell**
EAC: ellipsoid-associated cells**
EAC: emotional approach coping**
EAC: Endo Aortic Clamp**
EAC: Endoscopic aspiration cytology**
EAC: environment-assisted cracking**
EAC: Environmental Action Council**
EAC: environmental allergen challenge**
EAC: enzyme-antibody conjugate**
EAC: erythema annulare centrifigum**
EAC: erythrocyte--antibody--complement**
EAC: erythrocytes , and complement**
EAC: esophageal acid clearance**
EAC: eudismic-affinity correlations**
EAC: excessive alcohol consumers**
EAC: exercise-associated collapse**
EAC: Expectations About Counseling**
EAC: Expectations About Counselling**
EAC: experimental autoimmune cholangitis**
EAC: expired air condensate**
EAC: external auditive channel**
EAC: external auditory canals**
EAC: eye anterior chamber**
EAC: MAC)-Estimated Acquisition Cost**
EAC: EAS Access Control**
EAC: Environmental Assessment Consultant**
EAC: European Arboriculture Council**
EAC: Exhibitors Advisory Committee**
EAC: Employers Advocacy Council**
EAC: Employers Advisory Council**
EAC: Emerald Agricultural College**
EAC: Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps**
EAC: Endocrine Active Compounds**
EAC: Environmental Advisory Committees**
EAC: Engineering Accreditation Committee**
EAC: East Asia Cable**
EAC: Election Assistance Committee**
EAC: Endangered Animals Center**
EAC: Expeditionary Airborne Command**
EAC: Edinburg Attendance Center**
EAC: Ethnic Advisory Commission**
EAC: European Affiliate Championship**
EAC: Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells**
EAC: Ehrlich ascites mammary carcinoma**
EAC: Ehrlich ascites tumour cells**
EAC: Ehrlich's ascites carcinoma**
EAC: Ehrlich's ascites cardinoma**
EAC: ehtyl adenosine-5'-carboxylate**
EAC: electrostatic air cleaning technology**
EAC: encephalomyelitis , neuritis and carditis**
EAC: epithelium adjacent to carcinoma**
EAC: Erythema anulare centrifugum Darier**
EAC: erythrocyte-antibody-complement complex**
EAC: erythrocyte-antibody-complement complexes**
EAC: erythrocytes and for C3**
EAC: erythrocytes-19S antibody-complement**
EAC: experimental allergic blepharoconjunctivitis**
EAC: postoperative analgesic concentration**
EAC: Ed Approach Clearance**
EAC: Egyptian Airport Company**
EAC: environment advisory council**
EAC: Environmental Assessment Certificate**
EAC: Europe Against Cancer**

Note: Acronym Finder has 135 verified definitions for EAC

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