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double strand breaks****
Double Side Band****
Dedicated School Bus***
Deutschen Sport Bundes***
Demand Side Bidding***
Data Systems Branch***
Detroit Small Business***
Direktoratet for Sivilt Beredskap***
Devil Stomper Battalion***
Dutch State Business***
Deutsche Schule Budapest***
Disabilities Services Board***
Dave Steffen Band***
Dave Stein BubHub***
Deutscher Sport Bund***
Double Strand Breakage***
Diagonal Serrated Band***
Detention Services Bureau***
De Surinaamse Bank***
Device Status Byte***
Detachable Silicone Balloon***
Digital Satellite Broadcasting***
Diplomatic Security Branch***
Delftsche Studenten Bond***
Disability Services Board***
diving safety board***
Data Storage Board***
Double Stranded Breaks***
Direct Silicon Bonded***
Device Status Bit***
Dive Safety Board***
Directory Service Bureau***
Data Systems Bureau***
Dispute Settlement Board***
Dummermuth Schulung Beratung***
Defence Science Board**
Danske Stats Baner**
Deaf Services Bureau**
death Statistics Bulletins**
degenerating synaptic boutons**
Dementia Screening Battery**
dental school-based**
Detachable Silicon Balloons**
differential spinal block**
Digit Span Backwards**
DNA strand break**
DNA strand breaks**
documenting symptomatic bradycardia**
Donor State Bonus**
donor-specific blood**
double-stranded break**
double-strands breaks**
Development Support Box**
Data Solution Box**
Dirty Southern Burners**
District Special Branch**
double-stand break**
Davos Schatzalp Bahn**
Data Store Block**
3-O-(3',3'-dimethyl)-succinyl-betulinic acid**
difficult separation from bypass**
DNA double-strand breaks**
double strand DNA break**
double stranded DNA breaks**
double-strand breaks, G**
double-strand DNA break**
double-stranded chromosomal break**
double-stranded DNA breaks**
Deltaboy Script Base**
Diamond State Bears**
single-breath carbon monoxide diffusing capacity**
Dental Science Building**
Davis Science Building**
Department of State Bulletin**
Double Stand Breaks**
Dry Support Bridge**
Deutschen Schule Barcelona**
Diamond Skills Baseball**
DNA double-strand breakage**
Defence Security Branch**
Dr Sven Baumgarten**
dave stein band**
Disability Services Boards**
Dreaded Sperm Buildup**
Dayton Stang Board**
Double Schottky Barrier**
and silicone balloons**
and single breath**
double-strand DNA breaks**
Deluxe Scooter Bag**
Diagonal Spin Basis**
Debt Service Burden**
Death Star Battles**
Digital Signed Binaries**
District Specialisten Beraad**
Diagnostic Status Byte**
Deutsche Schule Bilbao**
Dispute Settling Body**
Dealer Selection Boards**
Diocesan School Board**
Diocese of St Brendan**
Dealer Service Bulletin**
Deutscher Segler Bund**
Direct Satellite Broadcasting**
Drainage Systems in Balance**
Departmental Security Branch**
Down South Boyz**
Dry Sprinkler Boot**
david s broyles**
Dennis Swedish Blog**
Deutsche School of Bombay**
Dusty Springfield Bulletin**
Denison State Bank*
Director Sports Board*
Deployment Support Brigades*
Datenverarbeitungsorganisation der Steuerberatenden Berufe*
Defence Signals Branch*
Direct Sounder Beacon*
Distinguished Speakers Board*
Defence Signals Bureau*
Defensive Shore Bombardment*
Defense Science Boards*
denim shoulder bag*
Dental Science Bldg*
Deutscher Sportbund BLSV*
Disputes Solving Bureau*
Distribution Switch Board*
Dressage Sport Boots*
Dutch Safety Board*
Document Status Bulletin*
Distributed Systems Branch*
Dean Steel Buildings*
Deadly Sperm Back-Up*
DarkStar with Branford*
Delchamps Senior Bowl*
Delta Schools of Bussiness*
Den Sorte Befrielseshµr*
Denbigh Starkey Bozeman*
Dennis Simpson Bookmarks*
Department of Services for the Blind*
Der Schnoor in Bremen*
Designs Software for Business*
DIBTS Signaling Buffers*
Direct Signaling Blocked*
Directory of Small Business*
Display Station Buffer*
Document Specific Background*
Dollar Savings Bank*
Dzongdag Samtse Bhutan*
Dzongdag Sarpang Bhutan*

Note: Acronym Finder has 59 verified definitions for Dsb

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