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What does Dpe stand for?

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Dpe: Des Personnels Enseignants****
Dpe: Department of Price****
Dpe: Dragon Pearl Enclave****
Dpe: Diploma in Primary Education***
Dpe: Decriminalisation of Parking Enforcement***
Dpe: Department of Private Education***
Dpe: Decriminalised Parking Enforcement***
Dpe: Department for Professional Employees***
Dpe: Dubai Petroleum Establishment***
Dpe: Department of Program Evaluation***
Dpe: Design Patterns Explained***
Dpe: Drew Price Engineering***
Dpe: Des Projets Education***
Dpe: De Projetos Especiais***
Dpe: drake pacific enterprises***
Dpe: Diversity Programs in Engineering***
Dpe: Dual phase extraction***
Dpe: Designated Pilot Examiners***
Dpe: Demande Pour Emettre***
Dpe: Data Processing Electronics***
Dpe: Dept of Public Enterprises***
Dpe: Disarmament Peace Education***
Dpe: Digital Power Europe***
Dpe: Department Primary Education***
Dpe: Data Parity Error***
Dpe: Detected Parity Error***
Dpe: Dual Processor Engine***
Dpe: Dead Path Elimination***
Dpe: daily protein excretion**
Dpe: Death Personification Exercise**
Dpe: dehydrated poultry excreta**
Dpe: diabetes patient education**
Dpe: diesel particulate extract**
Dpe: diet-plus-exercise**
Dpe: differential pulsed elution**
Dpe: diffuse periaxial encephalitis**
Dpe: direct phase encoding**
Dpe: distal promoter element**
Dpe: distortion product emissions**
Dpe: Department of Primary Education**
Dpe: Digital Printing Exhibition**
Dpe: days post exposure**
Dpe: days post-exposure**
Dpe: Driving Performance Evaluation**
Dpe: Design and Prototyping Environment**
Dpe: Department of Petroleum and Energy**
Dpe: Dubai Pearl Exchange**
Dpe: 1,2-di(4-pyridyl)ethylene**
Dpe: Delayed post-anoxic encephalopathy**
Dpe: distortion product emission phase**
Dpe: distortion product otoacoustic emissions**
Dpe: distortion production otoacoustic emissions**
Dpe: distortion-product otoacoustic emissions**
Dpe: Department of Phenomenal Evidence**
Dpe: Daily Pesticide Exposure**
Dpe: Development for Peace Education**
Dpe: 2-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethanol**
Dpe: headgroup-dansylated phosphatidylethanolamine**
Dpe: Division of Policy Evaluation**
Dpe: Development Printing Enlargement**
Dpe: Downstream Promoter Elements**
Dpe: Division of Physics Education**
Dpe: Delivery Process Engine**
Dpe: Display Position Error**
Dpe: DAWG Pwnd Elite**
Dpe: Designated Plans Examiner**
Dpe: days post-aerosol exposure**
Dpe: Developer Partner Evangelism**
Dpe: L-alpha-dansylphosphatidylethanolamine**
Dpe: preceding physical examination**
Dpe: Defence Personnel Executive**
Dpe: Dept for Professional**
Dpe: Digital Platinum Entertainment**
Dpe: Diploma Programme Examination**
Dpe: Distributed Processing Environments**
Dpe: Doctoral Preliminary Examination**
Dpe: Department of Planet Earth**
Dpe: Decompression Performance Enhancement**
Dpe: Disk Processing Enclosure**
Dpe: Distributed Processing Engineering**
Dpe: Division of Prevention Education**
Dpe: Dynamic Parameter Estimator**
Dpe: Drastic Pull Ejection**
Dpe: Data Parity Enable*
Dpe: Daytime Parent Ed*
Dpe: Deer Park Elementary*
Dpe: Desktop Property Evaluation*
Dpe: Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine*
Dpe: Dadeh Pardazan Ehdas*
Dpe: Data Processing Environment*
Dpe: Development Printing and Enlargement*
Dpe: Data Prefetch Enable*
Dpe: Diploma Program Examination*
Dpe: Drivers Performance Evaluation*
Dpe: Department of Plastics Engineering*
Dpe: Dewan Penunjang Ekspor*
Dpe: DF Population Estimates*
Dpe: Diocese of Peoria*
Dpe: Director of Primary Education*
Dpe: Diversity Peer Educators*
Dpe: Demo Polymorphic Engine*
Dpe: Director of Psychiatry Education*
Dpe: Dangerous Piles and Embankments*
Dpe: Data Processing Extract*
Dpe: Dante Primm Enterprises*
Dpe: Data Path Exchange*
Dpe: Data Primitive Element*
Dpe: Days before Panicle Emergence*
Dpe: Defense Planning Exchange*
Dpe: Department of Petroleum Engineering*
Dpe: Department of Physics and Energy*
Dpe: Design Precipitation Event*
Dpe: Detailed Planning Engineering*
Dpe: Digital Photos of Earthquakes*
Dpe: Director of Product Enhancement*
Dpe: Dise±ado Por Ericsson*
Dpe: Division of Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology*
Dpe: Doctor of Philosophy in Environment*
Dpe: Dolphin Project Europe*
Dpe: Drilling and Production Engineer*
Dpe: Duckman Paramount Entertainment*

Note: Acronym Finder has 59 verified definitions for Dpe

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