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What does DWR stand for?

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DWR: Drinking Water Reports****
DWR: Drinking Water Regulatory****
DWR: Development We Recently****
DWR: Daily Weather Records***
DWR: Durable Water Resistant***
DWR: Division of Water Rights***
DWR: District Wide Reporting***
DWR: Durable Water Repellant***
DWR: Driving While Reading***
DWR: Durable Water Resistance***
DWR: Directorate of Wheat Research***
DWR: Direct Web Rendering***
DWR: Double Wedding Ring***
DWR: Durable Water Repellancy***
DWR: Day for Waterfowl***
DWR: Davis Waste Removal***
DWR: Diving at Work Regulations***
DWR: Department for Water Resources***
DWR: Department of Wildlife Resources***
DWR: Deadly Waves Radio***
DWR: Dirty Water Records***
DWR: Die Weisse Rose**
DWR: deep water running**
DWR: delayed wattle reaction**
DWR: Delayed wattle reactions**
DWR: delayed wattle reactivity**
DWR: displacement with reduction**
DWR: domestic Wistar rats**
DWR: Double-wave reentry**
DWR: Dept Water Resources**
DWR: Dynamic Wireless Routing**
DWR: Dichotic Word Recognition**
DWR: Delayed Word Recall test**
DWR: Duke of Wellingtons Regiment**
DWR: District Women Representatives**
DWR: Downtown Woodland Revitalization**
DWR: Dynamic Wealth Report**
DWR: Drinking Water Rights**
DWR: Damascus Wildlife Rangers**
DWR: Deseret Western Railway**
DWR: Dry Weight Rank**
DWR: Danger Will Robinson**
DWR: Deaf Women of Rochester**
DWR: Durable Water Repellents**
DWR: Domain Wide Reports**
DWR: Dept of Wildlife Resources**
DWR: Department of Workplace Relations**
DWR: Downstream of River**
DWR: Dragon Warrior Reborn**
DWR: Drinking Water Results**
DWR: Dackefejdens Western Riders*
DWR: Dala Western Riders*
DWR: Division Water Resources*
DWR: Downstream Waste Recovery*
DWR: Doppler Weather Radars*
DWR: Data for Water Resources*
DWR: Delta Whistler Resort*
DWR: District Water Reclamation*
DWR: Deutsche Welle Radio*
DWR: Developed Water Resources*
DWR: Developed Water Resource*
DWR: Dan Who Resource*
DWR: Danube Wetlands Restoration*
DWR: Date of Written Request*
DWR: Department of Waste Resources*
DWR: Designer Wedding Raleigh*
DWR: Division of Water Resources*
DWR: Don Wilms Realtor*

Note: Acronym Finder has 18 verified definitions for DWR

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