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What does DTU stand for?

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DTU: Danish Technical University****
DTU: Deutsche Triathlon Union****
DTU: Deutschen Triathlon Union****
DTU: Driver Training Unit***
DTU: Diabetes Transplant Unit***
DTU: Documents Techniques Unifies***
DTU: Deutsche Taekwondo Union***
DTU: Denmark Technical University***
DTU: Digital Test Unit***
DTU: dansk textil union***
DTU: Deutschen Taekwondo Union***
DTU: Diabetes Trials Unit***
DTU: Danmarks Tekniske Universitets***
DTU: Development Technology Unit***
DTU: Duy Tan University***
DTU: dubai trance underground***
DTU: Data Transport Utility***
DTU: Detroit Typographical Union***
DTU: Dresden Technical University***
DTU: Denmarks Technical University***
DTU: Discovering the Universe***
DTU: Data Transfer Units***
DTU: Department of Telecommunication***
DTU: Data Transfer Utility***
DTU: dental treatment units**
DTU: Diarrhea Training Unit**
DTU: Diarrhoea Training Units**
DTU: diarrhoea treatment unit**
DTU: Doppler transcranial ultrasound**
DTU: Database of the Technical University**
DTU: DANEMARK Technical University**
DTU: Di group Terminal Unit**
DTU: Dominica Trade Union**
DTU: and Treatment Unit**
DTU: DATA Transmit Unit**
DTU: Distance Teaching Universities**
DTU: Downtown Tulsa Unlimited**
DTU: Degree from the Technical University**
DTU: Detector Trigger Unit**
DTU: Data Termination Units**
DTU: Detailed Table Usage**
DTU: Dragon Talk Unit**
DTU: Drawers Temperate Underwear**
DTU: Data Termination Unit*
DTU: Dakota Truck Underwriters*
DTU: Darmstadt Technical University*
DTU: Data Termanit Unit*
DTU: Duisburg Technical University*
DTU: Digital Teaching Units*
DTU: Digital Transfer Unit*
DTU: Distribution Terminal Unit*
DTU: Daily Temperature Units*
DTU: Danmarks Tekniske University*
DTU: Date Time Update*
DTU: Denmarks Tekniske Universitet*
DTU: Designated Tribal Unit*
DTU: Deustche Triathlon Union*
DTU: Direct Track Utilitrailer*
DTU: Dragon Talk Units*
DTU: Drug Tactical Unit*
DTU: Data Transport Units*
DTU: Development Test Unit*
DTU: Deployable Telepresence Unit*
DTU: Daily Tactical Update*
DTU: Daily Tasking Updates*
DTU: Daily Technology Update*
DTU: Delaware Technical University*
DTU: Deployable Teleradiology Unit*
DTU: Dresden Technische UniversitSt*

Note: Acronym Finder has 22 verified definitions for DTU

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