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What does DTL stand for?

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DTL: Domestic Tax Law****
DTL: Dallas Theatre League***
DTL: Die Toten Leben***
DTL: Digital Technology Licensing***
DTL: Des Techniques Logicielles***
DTL: Digital Technology Laboratory***
DTL: Deutsche Tinnitus Liga***
DTL: Detroit Testing Laboratory***
DTL: Division Team Leaders***
DTL: Datamatics Technologies Limited***
DTL: Danvers Township Library (Danvers, IL)***
DTL: Delaware Township Library (Valley Falls, KS)***
DTL: Dixon Township Library (Argonia, KS)***
DTL: Dover Town Library (Dover, MA)***
DTL: Dryden Township Library (Dryden, MI)***
DTL: Dundee Township Library (Dundee, IL)***
DTL: DOI Tokyo Limited***
DTL: Data Transfer Library***
DTL: Distance to Leader***
DTL: Distance Teaching and Learning***
DTL: David Tyson Lighting***
DTL: Desert Theatre League***
DTL: Dialogue Tag Language***
DTL: Desktop Tape Library***
DTL: Demerara Timbers Limited***
DTL: Dynamatic Technologies Limited***
DTL: Dependable Turbines Ltd***
DTL: Decision Table Language***
DTL: Dirft Tube Linac***
DTL: Danish Transport and Logistics***
DTL: dexion trading ld***
DTL: DVI Text Language***
DTL: Dawson-Trick-Litzkow**
DTL: Dawson-Trick-Litzlkow**
DTL: descending thin limbs**
DTL: Descending Thin Limb**
DTL: Driver Training Lorry**
DTL: Design of the Low**
DTL: Dynamic Termination Logic**
DTL: Departed This Life**
DTL: Database Technologies Ltd**
DTL: Duncans Tea Limited**
DTL: Dubbed the Lotus**
DTL: Daily Trip Limit**
DTL: Dawson, Trick, and Litzkow**
DTL: Dawson-Trick-Litzkow type**
DTL: Dairy Tech Labs**
DTL: Data Transformation Language**
DTL: Dream Team Localization**
DTL: Demand and time liabilities**
DTL: Device Transaction Level**
DTL: Dynamitron Tandem Laboratorium**
DTL: Dynamitron Tandem Laboratory**
DTL: Database Template Library**
DTL: Dairy Transport Logistics**
DTL: Disguise the Limit**
DTL: Duhr Transport Logistik**
DTL: drift tube linacs**
DTL: Drilling the Limit**
DTL: Daily Targeted Leads**
DTL: Designated Transit Lists**
DTL: Delhi Transco Ltd**
DTL: Delsen Testing Laboratories**
DTL: Division of Teaching Laboratories**
DTL: Drug Treatment Ltd**
DTL: Data Transport Laboratory**
DTL: Deutsch Telekom Laboratories**
DTL: Dismayed to Later**
DTL: Direct Technical Labor**
DTL: Deep Throaty Laugh**
DTL: Digital Trunk Link**
DTL: Dangerous Toxic Load**
DTL: Data Team Leads**
DTL: Document Tracking Log**
DTL: Driving Technologies Laboratory**
DTL: Date Time and Location*
DTL: Derived TNF Like*
DTL: Direct Time Lock*
DTL: Drilling Technique LTD*
DTL: Delphi Template Library*
DTL: Daerah Timur Laut*
DTL: Data Transfer Logic*
DTL: Davicom Technologies Ltd*
DTL: Dual Translation Lookaside*
DTL: Didelio Tankio Lipoproteinai*
DTL: Draw Team Leader*
DTL: Daily Transaction Listing*
DTL: Digital Temperature Limiter*
DTL: Display Technology Limited*
DTL: Diurnal Tide Level*
DTL: Dennis Travel Link*
DTL: Danish Technical Library*
DTL: Dennis Templeton Laboratory*
DTL: Described Tract of Land*
DTL: Dulcimer Teachers List*
DTL: Durocher The Logo*

Note: Acronym Finder has 37 verified definitions for DTL

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