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What does DTF stand for?

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DTF: Drought Task Force****
DTF: Directe Toegankelijkheid Fysiotherapie****
DTF: Dutch Trust Fund****
DTF: Data Transfer Facility***
DTF: Data Transmission Function***
DTF: Drop Tower Facility***
DTF: Domain Task Force***
DTF: Distance to Fault***
DTF: Data Transmission Failure***
DTF: Dna Tuning Freakz***
DTF: Digimon Tempos Futuros***
DTF: Development and Training Fund***
DTF: Devolution Trust Fund***
DTF: Distributed Test Facility***
DTF: Deep Temporal Fascia***
DTF: Diller Teen Fellows***
DTF: Diversity Task Force***
DTF: Defend the Faith***
DTF: DuPont Teijin Films***
DTF: Del Toro Fansite***
DTF: Define Type File***
DTF: Directional Turning Film***
DTF: Danish Task Force**
DTF: Der Transport Fonds**
DTF: Dialyzable transfer factor**
DTF: diastolic time fraction**
DTF: dorsal tegmental field**
DTF: Democratic Teachers Front**
DTF: Differential Test Functioning**
DTF: Diabetes Trust Fund**
DTF: Drug Task Forces**
DTF: Daily Top Favorites**
DTF: caudal tegmental field**
DTF: Directional Transfer Functions**
DTF: dose-related therapeutic failures**
DTF: Default the File**
DTF: Data Transfer Function**
DTF: Dynamic Track Following**
DTF: Demand Time Fence**
DTF: Downhole Tool Failure**
DTF: Distributed Test Framework**
DTF: Discover the Flyway**
DTF: Department of Tax and Finance**
DTF: District Task Forces**
DTF: Design the Future**
DTF: Document to Follow**
DTF: Domain Task Forces**
DTF: Development Task Force**
DTF: Dual Technology Finisher**
DTF: Digital Training Facilities**
DTF: Documents to Follow**
DTF: Diller Teen Fellowship**
DTF: Distributed TeraGrid Facility**
DTF: Doppia Trazione Frutteto**
DTF: Data Transmission Factor**
DTF: Decommissioning Technology Forum**
DTF: Duff Task Force**
DTF: Dairy Trade Federation**
DTF: Disabilities Task Force**
DTF: Digital Trunk Frames**
DTF: Digital Trace Facility**
DTF: Dutch Tactics Force**
DTF: Democratic Teachers Forum*
DTF: Device Type File*
DTF: Digital Teaching Files*
DTF: Directed Transfer Function*
DTF: Disability Task Force*
DTF: Dutch Tactical Fighters*
DTF: Danish Trust Fund*
DTF: Deer Task Force*
DTF: Diagnostics Testbed Facility*
DTF: Disappearing Task Force*
DTF: Driver Training Facility*
DTF: Detainee Task Force*
DTF: Derivatives Transaction Facilities*
DTF: Documentation to Follow*
DTF: Dynamic Tracking Filter*
DTF: Demonstration Test Flight*
DTF: Development and Test Facility*
DTF: Developmental Task Force*
DTF: Digital Terrain Features*
DTF: Distributed Tera Flops*
DTF: Driving Trailer First*
DTF: Duct Tape Fanatic*
DTF: Deployment Training Facility*
DTF: Determining The Facts*
DTF: Dielectric Test Facility*
DTF: Da Tel Fibernet*
DTF: Daily Tasking File*
DTF: Dancing Tree Frog*
DTF: Dental Training Facility*
DTF: Deposit Taking Financiers*
DTF: Digital Test Facility*
DTF: Directory Tallahasse Florida*
DTF: Drainage Treatment Facility*

Note: Acronym Finder has 56 verified definitions for DTF

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