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DSF: Denver Scholarship Foundation****
DSF: Dallas Stars FROM****
DSF: Digital Signage Forum****
DSF: Dutch Special Forces****
DSF: Driving Safety Foundation****
DSF: Dynamic Site Framework****
DSF: Delivery Sequence File****
DSF: Dupont State Forest****
DSF: des services fiscaux****
DSF: Dusseldorp Skills Forum***
DSF: Devon Sea Fisheries***
DSF: Datatel Scholars Foundation***
DSF: Deutsche Structured Finance***
DSF: Deutsch Sowjetische Freundschaft***
DSF: De Samvirkende Fagforbund***
DSF: Demand Side Factor***
DSF: Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung***
DSF: Department of State Facilities***
DSF: Dansk Skuespiller Forbund***
DSF: Drop Stitch Floor***
DSF: Democratic Salvation Front***
DSF: Det Sentrale Folkeregister***
DSF: Decentralization Support Facility***
DSF: Dreamcast Sound Format***
DSF: Di Scienze Fisiche***
DSF: Deutsche Sport Fernsehen***
DSF: Diffused Sound Field***
DSF: Department of Social Forestry***
DSF: Dark Septate Fungi***
DSF: Data Service Framework***
DSF: Dansk Selskab for Farmakologi***
DSF: Digitized Screen Film***
DSF: Dispersion Shifted Fibre***
DSF: Director Special Forces***
DSF: Disciples Seminary Foundation***
DSF: Debt Sustainability Framework***
DSF: Dispersion Shifted Fibers***
DSF: Development Sustainable Finance***
DSF: DSD Stream File***
DSF: Diffusible Signal Factor***
DSF: Delta Save Facility***
DSF: Disciples Student Fellowship***
DSF: Day of Shopping and Fun***
DSF: Division of School Facilities***
DSF: Diablo Strategy Forum***
DSF: Device Support Facility***
DSF: Drug Science Foundation***
DSF: Debugger Services Framework***
DSF: Deutschen Stiftung Friedensforschung***
DSF: Division of Superfund***
DSF: Dom Sub Friends***
DSF: Digital Storytelling Festival***
DSF: decision support framework***
DSF: DeShawn Snow Foundation***
DSF: Dransik Special Forces***
DSF: deep sea fisheries***
DSF: DataCAD Symbol File**
DSF: Des Sciences Fondamentales**
DSF: Direkte Salgs Foreningen**
DSF: Dynamic Structure Factor**
DSF: 2-related-decidual suppressor factor**
DSF: decidual suppressor factor**
DSF: decreasing stimulation frequencies**
DSF: defatted sesame flour**
DSF: defatted soybean flour**
DSF: demateaceous surface fungi**
DSF: Depressed skull fractures**
DSF: Detector SANTA FE**
DSF: diabetic serum factor**
DSF: diffuse subretinal fibrosis**
DSF: diffusible suppressor factor**
DSF: Digit Span Forwards**
DSF: digital subtraction fluorography**
DSF: disparity sensitivity functions**
DSF: distal splicing factor**
DSF: distant septic focus**
DSF: DNA-suppressing factor**
DSF: domestic salt fluoridation**
DSF: Dominant seizure foci**
DSF: dried-salted fish**
DSF: dynamic screw fixation**
DSF: Defined Strategy Fund**
DSF: Dispersion Shift Fiber**
DSF: Dallas Stars Forever**
DSF: Draisinen Sammlung Fricktal**
DSF: dyna sand filter**
DSF: Downeast Salmon Federation**
DSF: Dream School Foundation**
DSF: diabetic salt-fed group**
DSF: DNA synthesis suppressing factor**
DSF: DNA synthesis-suppressing factor**
DSF: DNA-synthesis-suppressing factor**
DSF: Debug Symbol Files**
DSF: Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche**
DSF: Daughters of St Francis**
DSF: Digital Solitary Fund**
DSF: defined strgy fund**
DSF: Dolphin Scholarship Foundation**
DSF: District Support Facility**
DSF: Deck Support Frame**
DSF: Domain Selection Function**
DSF: Dynamic Sheet Feeder**
DSF: Design Studies Forum**
DSF: Demand Side Financing**
DSF: Diocesan Services Fund**
DSF: Delaware State Forest**
DSF: Device Simulation Framework**
DSF: Division scolaire fransaskoise**
DSF: Dansk Skoliose Forening**
DSF: Deep Sea Fishermen**
DSF: Dynamic Sheet Former**
DSF: Debt Service Funds**
DSF: Director of Special Forces**
DSF: Departament Systemu Finansowego**
DSF: Democratic Students Federation**
DSF: Di Studi Familiari**
DSF: Dispersion Shifted Fibres**
DSF: Denver Street Freestyle**
DSF: Digital Subtraction Fluoroscopy**
DSF: Diocesan Service Fund**
DSF: Diffusible Signalling Factor**
DSF: Double Stud Fitting**
DSF: Day Second Feet**
DSF: Deutsch Schweizerische Freundschaft**
DSF: Device Special Function**
DSF: Double Steel Fibre**
DSF: Dalit Students Federation*
DSF: Decentralization Support Facilities*
DSF: Democracy and Security Foundation*
DSF: Device Simulator Framework*
DSF: Diffusible Signaling Factor*
DSF: Document Sheet Feeder*
DSF: Dyslexia Screener for First*
DSF: Data Service Facility*
DSF: Data Sharing Facility*
DSF: Dear Special Friend*
DSF: Democratic Student Front*
DSF: departement soutien formation*
DSF: Dirty South Flipz*
DSF: Diversified Strategies Fund*
DSF: Double Skin Facade*
DSF: Dark Strike Force*
DSF: Deep Spiral Flame*
DSF: Dead Shape Figure*
DSF: Digestive Support Formula*
DSF: Discount Super Funds*
DSF: Disk Storage Facility*
DSF: Double Stream File*
DSF: Data Switch FPGA*
DSF: Default Scenery Folder*
DSF: Delta Soldier Force*
DSF: Digital Service Fellows*
DSF: Direct Support Fund*
DSF: Distinguished Senior Fellows*
DSF: Debugger Symbol File*
DSF: Dipartimento Scienze Farmaceutiche*
DSF: Defense Stock Funds*
DSF: Damaged Structures or Facilities*
DSF: Dan Shrine to Friends*
DSF: Data Storage Files*
DSF: Delta Support Facilities*
DSF: Delta Support Facility*
DSF: Delta Surface Facility*
DSF: Design Stability of the Fill*
DSF: Discharge of Slurry Fines*
DSF: Discrete Solvable Format*
DSF: Distance of Six Feet*
DSF: Downhill Skiing and Files*
DSF: Downhill Skiing Files*
DSF: Drake Software Franklin*
DSF: Drill pads and Support Facilities*
DSF: Duda Some Files*
DSF: Duralite Sunrooms Fullerton*

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for DSF

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