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What does DSCC stand for?

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DSCC: Dermatology Skin Cancer Center****
DSCC: Donald Stephens Convention Center****
DSCC: Democratic Senate Campaign Committee****
DSCC: Desert Schools Coyotes Center***
DSCC: DuPage Senior Citizens Council***
DSCC: Dougherty Station Community Center***
DSCC: Defense Supply Center in Columbus***
DSCC: Deep Springs Country Club***
DSCC: Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company***
DSCC: Desert Springs Community Church***
DSCC: Deep Sea Conservation Coalition***
DSCC: Delhi State Consumer Commission***
DSCC: Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee***
DSCC: Dutchtown South Community Corporation***
DSCC: duodenal string-capsule culture**
DSCC: well-differentiated squamous cell carcinomas**
DSCC: Disabled Student Cultural Center**
DSCC: Defence Supply Center Columbus**
DSCC: Dragon Security Command Console**
DSCC: Davao Sugar Central Co**
DSCC: Defense Supplier Center Columbus**
DSCC: Distance Sensing Cruise Control**
DSCC: Desert Son Community Church**
DSCC: Dennis Small Cultural Center**
DSCC: Danish Support Committee for Chechnya**
DSCC: Duty Solicitor Call Centre**
DSCC: Deep South Cobra Club**
DSCC: Deutscher Senioren Computer Club**
DSCC: Diamond State Corvette Club**
DSCC: Dalkeith Schools Community Campus**
DSCC: Defence Supply Centre Columbus**
DSCC: Duodenal String Capsule Culture**
DSCC: Defense Supply Center of Columbus**
DSCC: Designation and Sentence Computation Center**
DSCC: Deepwater Sporting Car Club**
DSCC: Department of Specialized Care for Children**
DSCC: Dow Smith Contracting Company**
DSCC: Deep Space Communication Centre**
DSCC: Duluth Sister Cities Commission**
DSCC: Dynamic Systems and Control Conference**
DSCC: Dextran Sulphate Cellulose Columns**
DSCC: Defense Supply Centers Columbus**
DSCC: Delaware State Clearinghouse Committee**
DSCC: Dem Senate Campaign Committee**
DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Congressional Committee**
DSCC: Disciplined Services Consultative Council**
DSCC: Dual Swirl Combustion Chamber**
DSCC: Defense Supply Construction Center**
DSCC: Deep Space Communication Center**
DSCC: Dobson Sygnet Communications Company**
DSCC: Directory Server Control Center**
DSCC: Directory Service Control Center**
DSCC: Donors or Contribute to Charity**
DSCC: Darfur Special Criminal Court**
DSCC: Defense Supply Center Colombus**
DSCC: Deniliquin Sporting Car Club**
DSCC: Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Company*
DSCC: Deep Space Communications Complexes*
DSCC: Defense Supply Centre Columbus*
DSCC: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commission*
DSCC: Disabled Students Cultural Center*
DSCC: Down as Second in Command*
DSCC: Duluth Sister City Commission*
DSCC: Dutch Ship Collectors Club*
DSCC: Davis Street Community Center*
DSCC: Deep Space Communication Complex*
DSCC: Def Supply Ctr Columbus*
DSCC: delia social cultural centre*
DSCC: Development Support Communication Centre*
DSCC: Dayton Sister City Committee*
DSCC: Deputies from the Chilean Congress*
DSCC: Documentation Standards and Conventions Committee*
DSCC: Defence Solicitor Call Centre*
DSCC: Defense Supply Center at Columbus*
DSCC: Development Support Communications Center*
DSCC: Dicro Slide Cyan Copper*
DSCC: Digital Stereo Comparator Compiler*
DSCC: Disabled Stamp Collectors Club*
DSCC: Doutta Stars Cricket Club*
DSCC: Digital Signal Cross Connect*
DSCC: Double Sideband Compressed Carrier*
DSCC: Deep Space Communications Camplex*
DSCC: Diamond Star Coal Company*
DSCC: Digital Signals Cross Connect*
DSCC: Digital System Cross Connect*
DSCC: Down State Coal Company*
DSCC: Dust Storms and Climate Change*

Note: Acronym Finder has 15 verified definitions for DSCC

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