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What does DSAC stand for?

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DSAC: Dixon Springs Ag Center****
DSAC: Delay Storage Automatic Computer****
DSAC: Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts***
DSAC: Department of Sport Arts and Culture***
DSAC: Department of Sports Arts and Culture***
DSAC: Dr Sivanthi Aditanar College***
DSAC: Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care***
DSAC: Dense Sequential Adjuvant Chemotherapy***
DSAC: Defence Scientific Advisory Council***
DSAC: Development Services Advisory Committee***
DSAC: Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre***
DSAC: Dassault Systemes Americas Corp***
DSAC: Driving School Association of California***
DSAC: duluth superior alpine club***
DSAC: Distinguished Sales Achievement Club***
DSAC: Disability Support Advisory Committee***
DSAC: Dacorum Sub Aqua Club***
DSAC: Disability Services Aboriginal Corporation***
DSAC: Dry Season Advisory Committee***
DSAC: Deep South Alpaca Connection***
DSAC: Disability Support Advisory Committees**
DSAC: Domain Specific Access Control**
DSAC: Directorate of Safety and Claims**
DSAC: District School Advisory Council**
DSAC: Damnam Sub Aqua Club**
DSAC: Des Services Administratifs Communs**
DSAC: Defense Scientific Advisory Council**
DSAC: Derby Senior Activity Center**
DSAC: Dictionary of South Asian Christianity**
DSAC: Darling Street Anglican Church**
DSAC: Development Studies Aboriginal Communities**
DSAC: Digital Simulated Analog Computer**
DSAC: dextran sulfate cellulose bead affinity column**
DSAC: Defence Scientific Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Disabilities Services Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Don Severino Agricultural College**
DSAC: Defence Science Advisory Council**
DSAC: Darwin Sub Aqua Club**
DSAC: Dunfermline Sub Aqua Club**
DSAC: District School Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Driving School Association of Connecticut**
DSAC: Dunham Student Activity Center**
DSAC: Dental Services Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Disabled Services Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Damage Surveillance and Control**
DSAC: Dining Services Advisory Council**
DSAC: Disability Services Advisory Council**
DSAC: Developmental Services Access Centre**
DSAC: Don Stroh Administration Center**
DSAC: Data Studio Administration Console**
DSAC: Disabilities Services Advisory Council**
DSAC: Daytona Superbird Auto Club**
DSAC: Dean of Students Advisory Council**
DSAC: Defence Science Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Diocesan Social Action Center**
DSAC: Dorchester Substance Abuse Coalition**
DSAC: Dixon Springs Agricultural Center**
DSAC: doncaster sub aqua club**
DSAC: Dean Student Advisory Council**
DSAC: District Superintendents Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Delftsche Studenten Alpen Club**
DSAC: Depression Strategy Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Disabled Students Advisory Committee**
DSAC: Dial Service Admin Center**
DSAC: Distinguished Sales Acheivement Club**
DSAC: Drs for Sexual Abuse Care**
DSAC: Decision Support Architecture Consortium*
DSAC: Delaware State Arts Council*
DSAC: Desert Springs Action Committee*
DSAC: Diff Serv Admission Control*
DSAC: Diocesan Social Apostolate Commission*
DSAC: Disability Service Advisory Council*
DSAC: Drocesan Social Action Commission*
DSAC: Defense System Affordability Council*
DSAC: Desktop Systems Advisory Committee*
DSAC: Dam Safety Action Classification*
DSAC: Disaster Services Administration Certificate*
DSAC: Drug Signature Analysis Center*
DSAC: Dark Skies Advisory Committee*
DSAC: Data Services Assurance Center*
DSAC: Deans Student Advisory Committee*
DSAC: District Student Advisory Council*
DSAC: Dry State Adsorption Conditions*
DSAC: Desert Southwest Annual Conference*

Note: Acronym Finder has 15 verified definitions for DSAC

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