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DPL: Dairy Products Laboratory****
DPL: Denison Public Library****
DPL: distributed processing laboratory****
DPL: Detailed Parts List****
DPL: Development Policy Letter****
DPL: Denton Public Library****
DPL: Digital Photo Librarian****
DPL: Davenport Public Library****
DPL: Detroit Public Library****
DPL: Dallas Public Library****
DPL: Dadeville Public Library****
DPL: Derry Public Library****
DPL: Dewitt Public Library***
DPL: Dearborn Public Library***
DPL: Delphi Public Library***
DPL: Danville Public Library***
DPL: Data Pointer Low***
DPL: Defiance Public Library***
DPL: Desoto Public Library***
DPL: Durgapur Projects Limited***
DPL: Default Password List***
DPL: Development Program Loan***
DPL: Delphos Public Library***
DPL: Delmar Public Library***
DPL: Dedham Public Library***
DPL: Dennis Public Library***
DPL: Daphne Public Library***
DPL: Dorset Premier League***
DPL: Decatur Public Library***
DPL: Distributed Program Link***
DPL: Dansville Public Library***
DPL: Deckerville Public Library***
DPL: Delafield Public Library***
DPL: Demopolis Public Library***
DPL: Dorchester Public Library***
DPL: Dormont Public Library***
DPL: Dunham Public Library***
DPL: Drake Public Library***
DPL: Dickinson Public Library***
DPL: Dallas Parochial League***
DPL: Dunlap Public Library***
DPL: Dighton Public Library***
DPL: Dora Public Library***
DPL: Dalton Public Library***
DPL: Darlington Public Library***
DPL: Donora Public Library***
DPL: Dadeville Public Library (Dadeville, AL)***
DPL: Daingerfield Public Library (Daingerfield, TX)***
DPL: Dallas Public Library (Dallas, OR)***
DPL: Dallas Public Library (Dallas, TX)***
DPL: Dallas Public Library (Dallas, WI)***
DPL: Dalton Public Library (Dalton, NE)***
DPL: Dalton Public Library (Whitefield, NH)***
DPL: Danbury Public Library (Danbury, CT)***
DPL: Dania Public Library (Dania, FL)***
DPL: Daniel Pierce Library (Grahamsville, NY)***
DPL: Dansville Public Library (Dansville, NY)***
DPL: Danville Public Library (Danville, IL)***
DPL: Danville Public Library (Danville, IN)***
DPL: Danville Public Library (Danville, VA)***
DPL: Daphne Public Library (Daphne, AL)***
DPL: Darien Public Library (Darien, WI)***
DPL: Darlington Public Library (Darlington, IN)***
DPL: Darlington Public Library (Darlington, WI)***
DPL: Dartmouth Public Library (South Dartmouth, MA)***
DPL: Davenport Public Library (Davenport, IA)***
DPL: Davenport Public Library (Davenport, NE)***
DPL: Davenport Public Library (Davenport, WA)***
DPL: Davis Public Library (Southaven, MS)***
DPL: Dayton Public Library (Dayton, IA)***
DPL: Dayton Public Library (Dayton, TN)***
DPL: Decatur Public Library (Decatur, IL)***
DPL: Decatur Public Library (Decatur, IN)***
DPL: Decatur Public Library (Decatur, MS)***
DPL: Decatur Public Library (Decatur, TX)***
DPL: Deckerville Public Library (Deckerville, MI)***
DPL: Decorah Public Library (Decorah, IA)***
DPL: Dedham Public Library (Dedham, MA)***
DPL: Deerfield Public Library (Deerfield, WI)***
DPL: Deering Public Library (Hillsboro, NH)***
DPL: Defiance Public Library (Defiance, OH)***
DPL: DeKalb Public Library (Brooklyn, NY)***
DPL: DeKalb Public Library (De Kalb, IL)***
DPL: Delafield Public Library (Delafield, WI)***
DPL: Delhi Public Library (Delhi, IA)***
DPL: Delmar Public Library (Delmar, DE)***
DPL: Delphi Public Library (Delphi, IN)***
DPL: Delphos Public Library (Delphos, OH)***
DPL: Delta Public Library (Delta, OH)***
DPL: Deltona Public Library (Deltona, FL)***
DPL: Demarest Public Library (Demarest, NJ)***
DPL: Deming Public Library (Deming, NM)***
DPL: Demopolis Public Library (Demopolis, AL)***
DPL: Denair Public Library (Denair, CA)***
DPL: Denison Public Library (Denison, TX)***
DPL: Denton Public Library (Denton, MT)***
DPL: Denton Public Library (Denton, TX)***
DPL: Denver Public Library (Denver, CO)***
DPL: Denver Public Library (Denver, IA)***
DPL: Derby Public Library (Derby, CT)***
DPL: Derby Public Library (Derby, KS)***
DPL: Derry Public Library (Derry, NH)***
DPL: Desoto Parish Library (Mansfield, LA)***
DPL: DeSoto Public Library (Desoto, IA)***
DPL: Detroit Public Library (Detroit, MI)***
DPL: Devine Public Library (Devine, TX)***
DPL: Dexter Public Library (Dexter, IA)***
DPL: Dexter Public Library (Dexter, MO)***
DPL: Dickens Public Library (Dickens, IA)***
DPL: Dike Public Library (Dike, IA)***
DPL: Dillingham Public Library (Dillingham, AK)***
DPL: Dillsburg Public Library (Dillsburg, PA)***
DPL: Dist-Columbia Public Library (Washington, DC)***
DPL: Dixon Public Library (Dixon, IL)***
DPL: Dolgeville Public Library (Dolgeville, NY)***
DPL: Dolores Public Library (Dolores, CO)***
DPL: Dolton Public Library (Dolton, IL)***
DPL: Doniphan Public Library (Doniphan, MO)***
DPL: Donna Public Library (Donna, TX)***
DPL: Donnellson Public Library (Donnellson, IA)***
DPL: Donora Public Library (Donora, PA)***
DPL: Doon Public Library (Doon, IA)***
DPL: Dora Public Library (Dora, AL)***
DPL: Dora Public Library (Myrtle Point, OR)***
DPL: Dormont Public Library (Pittsburgh, PA)***
DPL: Douglas Public Library (Douglas, AK)***
DPL: Douglas Public Library (Douglas, AZ)***
DPL: Douglass Public Library (Douglass, KS)***
DPL: Dover Plains Library (Dover Plains, NY)***
DPL: Dover Public Library (Dover, DE)***
DPL: Dover Public Library (Dover, NH)***
DPL: Dover Public Library (Dover, NJ)***
DPL: Dover Public Library (Dover, OH)***
DPL: Dowagiac Public Library (Dowagiac, MI)***
DPL: Downey Public Library (Downey, ID)***
DPL: Downtown Public Library (Palo Alto, CA)***
DPL: Drake Public Library (Centerville, IA)***
DPL: Drakesboro Public Library (Drakesboro, KY)***
DPL: Drumheller Public Library***
DPL: Drummond Public Library (Drummond, MT)***
DPL: Drumright Public Library (Drumright, OK)***
DPL: Duarte Public Library (Duarte, CA)***
DPL: Dublin Public Library (Dublin, CA)***
DPL: Dublin Public Library (Dublin, IN)***
DPL: Dublin Public Library (Dublin, NH)***
DPL: Dublin Public Library (Dublin, TX)***
DPL: DuBois Public Library (Du Bois, PA)***
DPL: Ducktown Public Library (Ducktown, TN)***
DPL: Dudley Public Library (Buffalo, NY)***
DPL: Duluth Public Library (Duluth, MN)***
DPL: Dunbar Public Library (Dunbar, WV)***
DPL: Dunbarton Public Library (Concord, NH)***
DPL: Duncan Public Library (Duncan, OK)***
DPL: Duncombe Public Library (Duncombe, IA)***
DPL: Dunedin Public Library (Dunedin, FL)***
DPL: Dunham Public Library (Whitesboro, NY)***
DPL: Dunkerton Public Library (Dunkerton, IA)***
DPL: Dunlap Public Library (Dunlap, IA)***
DPL: Dunn Public Library (Dunn, NC)***
DPL: DuQuoin Public Library (Du Quoin, IL)***
DPL: Durham Public Library (Durham, CT)***
DPL: Dutton Public Library (Dutton, MT)***
DPL: Dwight Public Library (Dwight, IL)***
DPL: Dye Public Library (Horn Lake, MS)***
DPL: Dyker Public Library (Brooklyn, NY)***
DPL: Donna Public Library***
DPL: Datamax Programming Language***
DPL: Drummond Public Library***
DPL: Dunbarton Public Library***
DPL: Dubois Public Library***
DPL: Dayton Power and Light***
DPL: Demarest Public Library***
DPL: Doyle Public Library***
DPL: Dodgeville Public Library***
DPL: District Parent Liaison***
DPL: Dunkerton Public Library***
DPL: Dental Protection Limited***
DPL: Denmark Public Library***
DPL: Delmont Public Library***
DPL: Demokratyczna Partia Lewicy***
DPL: Depot Public Library***
DPL: Dexter Public Library***
DPL: Digital Projection Lighting***
DPL: Dowling Public Library***
DPL: Dike Public Library***
DPL: Daugherty Public Library***
DPL: Driscoll Public Library***
DPL: Dillingham Public Library***
DPL: Donnellson Public Library***
DPL: Douglass Public Library***
DPL: Dongola Public Library***
DPL: Dilley Public Library***
DPL: Dutton Public Library***
DPL: Datamax Printer Language***
DPL: Dunsfold Park Ltd***
DPL: Dowagiac Public Library***
DPL: Division of Patents and Licensing***
DPL: Dunn Public Library***
DPL: Daingerfield Public Library***
DPL: Dummer Public Library***
DPL: Deshler Public Library***
DPL: Danforth Public Library***
DPL: Desloge Public Library***
DPL: Dickens Public Library***
DPL: Data Prefetch Logic***
DPL: Dresser Public Library***
DPL: Daleville Public Library***
DPL: Doon Public Library***
DPL: Drumright Public Library***
DPL: Dacono Public Library***
DPL: Department of Philosophy***
DPL: Dom Podiplomcev Ljubljana***
DPL: Duncombe Public Library***
DPL: Daerah Perlindungan Laut***
DPL: Digital Production Labs***
DPL: Dosen Pembimbing Lapangan***
DPL: Delhi Public Library***
DPL: Deutsche Paletten Logistik***
DPL: Dynamic Program Link***
DPL: DOS Parameter List***
DPL: Denied Person List***
DPL: Dynamic Predicate Logic**
DPL: deep plexiform layer**
DPL: Deep pulmonary laceration**
DPL: deep pulmonary lavage**
DPL: diffuse pulmonary lesions**
DPL: diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis**
DPL: disseminated peritoneal leiomyomatosis**
DPL: dog pancreatic lipase**
DPL: Donor-primed lymphocytes**
DPL: drug plasma level**
DPL: drug-plasma levels**
DPL: dual-pulse lithotripter**
DPL: Dynamically Penalized Likelihood**
DPL: Deering Public Library**
DPL: Dual Personnel Lift**
DPL: Dictionary of Paul**
DPL: Delanco Public Library**
DPL: 7-day post-lesion**
DPL: days post lesion**
DPL: days post-lesion**
DPL: Dahlgren Public Library**
DPL: diagnostic peritoneal lavage techniques**
DPL: distal pyloric muscle loop**
DPL: Dysart Public Library**
DPL: Data Processing Language**
DPL: Dexcel Pharma Limited**
DPL: Daykin Public Library**

Note: Acronym Finder has 54 verified definitions for DPL

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