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DOS: Department of Skateboarding****
DOS: Dinosaurs the Second****
DOS: Deny of Service****
DOS: Disk Operating Systems****
DOS: Disk Operation System****
DOS: Development of Stones****
DOS: Differed from the Ones****
DOS: Defunct Operating System****
DOS: Dragons of Sith****
DOS: Door Opener Systems****
DOS: Die Olympischen Spiele****
DOS: Division of Structures****
DOS: Denail of Service****
DOS: Defective Operating System***
DOS: Description of Service***
DOS: Description and Solution***
DOS: Denial of Sevice***
DOS: Digitando O Seguinte***
DOS: Document Outsourcing Services***
DOS: Drive Operating System***
DOS: Department of Sericulture***
DOS: Division of Occupational Safety***
DOS: Downloads Operating Systems***
DOS: Distributed Object System***
DOS: DOI Office of Surface***
DOS: Declarations of Security***
DOS: Disaster or Security***
DOS: Departments of State***
DOS: Dates of Service***
DOS: DLL Operating System***
DOS: Derbyshire Ornithological Society***
DOS: Days of Standalone***
DOS: Diversity Oriented Synthesis***
DOS: Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy***
DOS: Data Operating System***
DOS: Double Over Stun***
DOS: Direct Ordering System***
DOS: Directory of the Same***
DOS: Directory Operating Systems***
DOS: Development Options Study***
DOS: Department of Operational Services***
DOS: Detail of the Sample***
DOS: Dimensions of Sound***
DOS: Desolation of Smaug***
DOS: Direct Oversight of the Sales***
DOS: Desert Open Space***
DOS: Database of Software***
DOS: Directory to Select***
DOS: Driver for Operating Systems***
DOS: Denial of System***
DOS: Digital Optical Switch***
DOS: Definition of Service***
DOS: Demand Opportunity Service***
DOS: Demokratsku Opoziciju Srbije***
DOS: Directorate of Schools***
DOS: Denial Od Service***
DOS: Directory Operator Services***
DOS: Distributed Office Support***
DOS: Department of Operations***
DOS: Daughters of St***
DOS: Daughters of Sphinx***
DOS: Director of Support***
DOS: Disaster Operations Specialist***
DOS: Dual Oxygen Sensor***
DOS: DeviantART Operating System***
DOS: Department of Starfleet***
DOS: Device or Sending***
DOS: Department of Orthopedic Surgery***
DOS: Dansk Oftalmologisk Selskab***
DOS: Dual Operating System***
DOS: Daniels Opportunity Scholarships***
DOS: De Ondernemende Samenleving***
DOS: Department of Surveys***
DOS: Death of Samantha***
DOS: Documentation for Setting***
DOS: Direct Order Service***
DOS: Declaration of Support***
DOS: Director of Sports***
DOS: Diverse Onde Sonore***
DOS: Documents for OS***
DOS: Dead Operating System***
DOS: Definition of Simple***
DOS: Dreams of Stardust***
DOS: Division of Operational Support***
DOS: Description and Syntax***
DOS: Date of Surgery***
DOS: Diskette Operating System***
DOS: Dedicated Office Systems***
DOS: Dictionary the Single***
DOS: Disposal of Spent***
DOS: Dacapo Open Space***
DOS: Delmarva Ornithological Society***
DOS: Door Oefening Sterk***
DOS: Division for Oversight Services***
DOS: Denotes the Spin***
DOS: Developed by Seattle**
DOS: Doctrines of Salvation**
DOS: degenerate oligonucleotide sequence**
DOS: degree of synchronization**
DOS: dendritic outer segments**
DOS: densities of states**
DOS: Depression Outcome Scale**
DOS: detailed outcome scale**
DOS: diethylamine oxyquinoline sulphonate**
DOS: diffuse oesophageal spasm**
DOS: distal obstructive syndrome**
DOS: distal outlet segment**
DOS: duration of symptoms**
DOS: Durchweg Ohne Sinn**
DOS: Directory for OS**
DOS: Densities of State**
DOS: Datorn Och Skolan**
DOS: Deagle One Shot**
DOS: Development Opportunity Services**
DOS: Danish Orthopaedic Society**
DOS: District of Squamish**
DOS: Digital Operating Systems**
DOS: daughter of sevenless**
DOS: Dyndns Org SERVICES**
DOS: Dinosaur Operating System**
DOS: DIMM Operating System**
DOS: Dreams of Sakura**
DOS: dead on the scene**
DOS: density of oscillatory states**
DOS: Direction of Spreading Method**
DOS: disease-oriented screening program**
DOS: duration of SICU stay**
DOS: Digital Oscilloscope Software**
DOS: Division of Occupation Safety**
DOS: Departments of Statistics**
DOS: Dynamic Order System**
DOS: Dedicated Observer Scheme**
DOS: Domain Ontology Server**
DOS: Daj Opet Smirnoff**
DOS: Dub Operating System**
DOS: Drop Off Stations**
DOS: diabetes-obesity syndrome**
DOS: Director Operational Support**
DOS: Disk of Shadows**
DOS: Disk Operationg System**
DOS: Delhi Ophthalmological Society**
DOS: Data and Operations System**
DOS: Di Operatore Su**
DOS: Digital Orthophoto System**
DOS: d-O-phosphoserine**
DOS: Dir Open Source**
DOS: Directive of Services**
DOS: Delaware Otsego System**
DOS: Directions to Shrink**
DOS: DSP Operating Systems**
DOS: DIP Operating System**
DOS: Department of Secretary**
DOS: cumulus-denuded oocytes**
DOS: DB2 Operating Systems**
DOS: doctors of osteopathy**
DOS: Danish Offshore School**
DOS: Darkside of the Sun**
DOS: Dreaming of Saturday**
DOS: Disk Operated System**
DOS: Diocese of the South**
DOS: Demoparties and Some**
DOS: Director Ordnance Services**
DOS: Denian of Service**
DOS: Department of Operational Support**
DOS: Design Office for Shipbuilding**
DOS: Digital Office timing Supply**
DOS: Donation of Open Space**
DOS: Designated Operator Services**
DOS: Desc an Open Source**
DOS: Developed by Sergei**
DOS: Directorate of Supply**
DOS: Drugsbeleid Op School**
DOS: Dudullu Organize Sanayi**
DOS: Duivels Operating System**
DOS: Duty Orderly Sergeant**
DOS: Documentation on State**
DOS: Dbase Operating System**
DOS: Denaial of Service**
DOS: Dongles to the Same**
DOS: D Oceanographie Spatiale**
DOS: De Onkraakbare Server**
DOS: Demon of Socrates**
DOS: Director for Students**
DOS: Diveintopython Org Scripts_and_streams**
DOS: download the summary**
DOS: destiny operating system**
DOS: Directie Overleg Stedelijke**
DOS: Doctor of Ocular Science**
DOS: Demons of Shadows**
DOS: Demons of Sorrow**
DOS: Di Octyl Sebacate**
DOS: Director of Ordnance Services**
DOS: Democratisch Onafhankelijken Stein**
DOS: Deployable Oxygen System**
DOS: Development and Operating Systems**
DOS: Dijaska Organizacija Slovenije**
DOS: Daughters of Scotia*
DOS: Designated Organization Screening*
DOS: Domestic Operator Service*
DOS: Drivers of the SB*
DOS: Darragh O Suilleabhain*
DOS: De Onderlinge Spaarkas*
DOS: Decade of the Spine*
DOS: Deep Ocean Survey*
DOS: Data Oriented Service*
DOS: databases and online services*
DOS: Departrnent of Statistics*
DOS: Deterioration of Stocks*
DOS: Driver on the Scale*
DOS: DSCS Operational Support*
DOS: Danger Obscure Syntax*
DOS: Denial of Secunia*
DOS: Dipolog Outdoors Society*
DOS: Dolgovremennaya Orbitalnaya Stanziya*
DOS: Dummy Output Source*
DOS: Dwelling Or Structure*
DOS: Dynamic Organization Service*
DOS: Databases Oplock Settings*
DOS: Department of Shane*
DOS: Dis Operating System*
DOS: Disc Operating Sytem*
DOS: Distributed and Object Systems*
DOS: Drawing Office Superintendent*
DOS: Documentation Diagnostic Software*
DOS: directory on shutdown*
DOS: Data bank Organization System*
DOS: Destruct Ordnance Section*
DOS: Discount Outlet Store*
DOS: Discussion Ohio State*
DOS: disease oriented screening*
DOS: Drainage Or Seepage*
DOS: Drexel Oilfield Services*
DOS: Diesel Oil Surcharge*
DOS: Date Of Signing*
DOS: Date Of Submission*
DOS: Degree Of Stability*
DOS: Department Of Security*
DOS: Department Of Sport*
DOS: Department Of Steel*
DOS: Department of Supervision*
DOS: Description Of Steps*
DOS: Description Of Structures*
DOS: Determination of Surplus*
DOS: Determination Or Showing*
DOS: Developer of OpenStep*
DOS: Digital Odyssey Services*
DOS: Digital Orthophoto Standards*
DOS: Digitals Open Server*
DOS: Director of Diplomatic Security*

Note: Acronym Finder has 67 verified definitions for DOS

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