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DOC: Department of Command****
DOC: Directory of Charitable****
DOC: Division of Correction****
DOC: Developing Our Community****
DOC: development of correct****
DOC: Dimensions of Clinical****
DOC: Department of Citizen****
DOC: Defining the Outcomes****
DOC: Directory of Central****
DOC: Determinants of Cardiovascular****
DOC: Dynamics of Commodity****
DOC: Description and Comparative****
DOC: Directory of Conferences****
DOC: directory of cancer****
DOC: Disclosure of Children****
DOC: Development of an Online Course****
DOC: Directory of Clinical****
DOC: Directory of Council****
DOC: Department of Contracts****
DOC: Directory of the County****
DOC: Development of Chain****
DOC: Discussion on Creating****
DOC: Department of Conversation****
DOC: Defense of Command****
DOC: Developing Our Communities****
DOC: Description of Capability****
DOC: De Origen Controlada****
DOC: Dreaming of Christmas****
DOC: Denomination of Controlled****
DOC: Dept of Cybernetics****
DOC: Determination of the Core****
DOC: Date of Commitment****
DOC: Development of Coarse****
DOC: Days of Community****
DOC: Diocese of Charleston****
DOC: Directory of Official****
DOC: Developments in Car****
DOC: declaration of covenants****
DOC: Determinant of Capital****
DOC: Deadline to Object****
DOC: Decision on Canadian****
DOC: Directory of Charter****
DOC: Dissertations of China****
DOC: Depending on Conditions****
DOC: Democrat and Chronicle****
DOC: Degree of Curing****
DOC: Division of Compliance****
DOC: Definition of Chaos****
DOC: Directors of Church***
DOC: Digital Online Content***
DOC: Diagnosis and Complications***
DOC: department of coal***
DOC: details of curriculum***
DOC: division of chemical***
DOC: Destruction of the Churches***
DOC: Date of the Conquest***
DOC: Developments in Czechoslovakia***
DOC: Dictionary of Canadian***
DOC: De Origen Calificada***
DOC: Directory of Community***
DOC: Degrees of Colour***
DOC: Dragons of Chaos***
DOC: Depart of Commerce***
DOC: D Origine Controllata***
DOC: Director of Office***
DOC: Description of the Chairman***
DOC: Division of Contracts***
DOC: Department of Customs***
DOC: Description of Careers***
DOC: Department of Cardiovascular***
DOC: Delivery Order Contracting***
DOC: Demonstrating the Case***
DOC: Division of Career***
DOC: Department of Colloid***
DOC: Directory of Consultants***
DOC: Daniel O Connell***
DOC: Directory of Commercial***
DOC: Description of the Consortium***
DOC: Definitions of Common***
DOC: Directory of Churches***
DOC: Delete on Close***
DOC: Development of Organic***
DOC: Department of Corporate***
DOC: Definition of Collections***
DOC: Directory of Canadian***
DOC: Direct Operating Costs***
DOC: description of courses***
DOC: Desperados 2 Cooper***
DOC: Demonstration of Compliance***
DOC: defense orientation conference***
DOC: Department of Comparative***
DOC: Distribution of CORE***
DOC: Dept of Communications***
DOC: directory of computer***
DOC: Distribution of Clinically***
DOC: Displacement of Concepts***
DOC: Directory of Cities***
DOC: Directory of Contact***
DOC: Division by Constant***
DOC: Directory of Companies***
DOC: Design of the Coupling***
DOC: Disposal of Contraband***
DOC: Declaration of Convictions***
DOC: Directory of Christian***
DOC: Directorate of Customs***
DOC: Dissolved Organic Compounds***
DOC: Department of Chinese***
DOC: Diesel Oxidation Catalysts***
DOC: Development of the Cal***
DOC: Data Output Control***
DOC: Dynamics of Conflicts***
DOC: Draft Organizational Chart***
DOC: Day of Champions***
DOC: Dogs in Connecticut***
DOC: Democracy and Citizenship***
DOC: Duties on Canadian***
DOC: Directory of Cambridge***
DOC: Died of Other Causes***
DOC: Definition of Collective***
DOC: Date of Commissioning***
DOC: Doorway to Change***
DOC: Discovery of Communication***
DOC: Dream of Children***
DOC: Dinitro O Cresol***
DOC: Draft OIG Compliance***
DOC: Directory of Colorado***
DOC: Draft Opinion of the Committee***
DOC: Dissolved Oxygen Concentration***
DOC: Declaration on the Conduct***
DOC: Direction of the Correctional***
DOC: Defenders of the Crown***
DOC: Delaware Otsego Corporation***
DOC: Department of Christian***
DOC: demonstration of coal***
DOC: Deployment Operations Center***
DOC: Difference of Conditions***
DOC: Determinants of Control***
DOC: Director of Contracting***
DOC: Details of Campsites***
DOC: Diversity and Occupational***
DOC: Demographics and the Changing***
DOC: Dynamic Orthotic Cranioplasty***
DOC: Disaster Operation Center***
DOC: Decisions of the Corporate***
DOC: Dialogue and the Construction***
DOC: Director at the Centre***
DOC: Design Optimization Control***
DOC: Diocese of Colorado***
DOC: Division of Colloid***
DOC: Developments in Cork***
DOC: Decoupling and Cross***
DOC: Dynamics of Orogenic***
DOC: Directorate for Command***
DOC: details of consolidation***
DOC: Defenders of Cologne***
DOC: Directory of Cuba***
DOC: Daigle Oil Company***
DOC: Depression and Obstructive***
DOC: Degradable Organic Carbon***
DOC: Designing Our Community***
DOC: Damage_Control OF Course***
DOC: Dictionary of Organic Compounds***
DOC: diary of claudine***
DOC: Delta Omega Chi***
DOC: Ducati Owners Club***
DOC: Durango Owners Club***
DOC: Development of Chief***
DOC: Disk Orchestra Collection***
DOC: District Operations Committee***
DOC: Diving Officers Conference***
DOC: Days of Calculating***
DOC: Donate to College***
DOC: Disciples on Campus***
DOC: derby owner club***
DOC: Department of Citywide***
DOC: Dictionary of Classical***
DOC: Databases and Online Catalogs***
DOC: Degree of Constraint***
DOC: Destruction of Civil***
DOC: Dissolved and Colloidal***
DOC: Dreemyn Ourfreewebhosting Com***
DOC: Deferral of Charges***
DOC: Decision Outreach Central***
DOC: Discharge of Contaminated***
DOC: Dunavant of California***
DOC: distribution of cancer***
DOC: Division of Computing***
DOC: Dissemination the Commission***
DOC: Data Output Clock***
DOC: Diatom and Chironomid***
DOC: Date of Correction***
DOC: Digest of Comments***
DOC: Department of Computers***
DOC: Department of OR the Center***
DOC: DataPower and Contivo***
DOC: Desk of Christopher***
DOC: Development and Characteristics***
DOC: Dissolve Organic Carbon***
DOC: District Org Chart***
DOC: Directory of Contracting***
DOC: Directorate of Consumer***
DOC: Dictionary of Chemical***
DOC: details of collection***
DOC: Determination of Continuing***
DOC: Drive Other Cars***
DOC: Department of Communicative***
DOC: Democracy or Carbocracy***
DOC: Directorate of Operational Capability***
DOC: Discrete Organic Chemicals***
DOC: Digest of Content***
DOC: Democrats of the Committee***
DOC: Dissolution of Consolidated***
DOC: Dead of Other Causes***
DOC: Dynamic Output Control***
DOC: Danish Outdoor Council***
DOC: Development of CONSER***
DOC: Deleted in Oral Cancer***
DOC: Departmental Output Classes***
DOC: Diyala Operations Command***
DOC: Direct Operational Cost***
DOC: Done The Challenge***
DOC: Database Operations Center***
DOC: Description of Call***
DOC: Diocese of the Caroline***
DOC: Digital Optical Chemistry***
DOC: Display Operator Console***
DOC: diocese of calicut***
DOC: Decongestant in OTC Cold***
DOC: Discount on Chinese***
DOC: Directory of CERT***
DOC: Directory of Occupational***
DOC: Departmental Operations Centers***
DOC: Dissolved Organic Carbons***
DOC: DooTee Online Community***
DOC: declaration or change***
DOC: Delle Opere Classiche***
DOC: Downstairs at the Cornelia***
DOC: Duke Oncology Consortium***
DOC: Development Oversight Commission***
DOC: Donate to Cornerstone***
DOC: declaration of cooperation***
DOC: Directories of Courts***
DOC: Distribution of Case***
DOC: Determination of Cu***
DOC: Diplomacy and the Conflict***
DOC: DigiLearn Online CLE***
DOC: Diagnostic Outpatient Centers***
DOC: Database of Contracting***
DOC: Delivery Operation Center***

Note: Acronym Finder has 93 verified definitions for DOC

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