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DMS: Data Management Supervisor****
DMS: Davisville Middle School****
DMS: Drive Mode Selector****
DMS: Distribution Management Systems****
DMS: Digital Media Solutions****
DMS: Dust Monitoring System****
DMS: Digital Measuring System****
DMS: Dynamic Message Signs****
DMS: Database Management Systems****
DMS: Distributed Multimedia Systems****
DMS: Dealer Management Systems****
DMS: Department of Merchant Shipping****
DMS: Decision Management Systems****
DMS: Delaware Music School****
DMS: Data Mining Server****
DMS: Digital Management Solutions****
DMS: Direct Marketing Services****
DMS: Digital Media Services****
DMS: Drugs Money Sex****
DMS: Dance Music Society****
DMS: Digital Mapping System****
DMS: Digital Measurement Systems****
DMS: Digital Media Storage****
DMS: Direct Marketing Solutions****
DMS: Data Memory Systems****
DMS: Data base Management System****
DMS: Derma Membran Struktur****
DMS: Development and Support****
DMS: Document Management Systeme****
DMS: Division Multiplication Subtraction****
DMS: Death Marked Soldiers****
DMS: Desert Marine Society***
DMS: Dense Media Separation***
DMS: Donors Message Service***
DMS: Der Moderne Sportbedarf***
DMS: Donation Management System***
DMS: Destination Marketing Services***
DMS: Dynamic Memory Scan***
DMS: Device Management System***
DMS: Dokument Management System***
DMS: Dowell Middle School***
DMS: Dairy Management Systems***
DMS: Diagnostic Medical Sonographers***
DMS: Document Managing System***
DMS: Distribution Management Service***
DMS: Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors***
DMS: Dunn Middle School***
DMS: Disclosure Management System***
DMS: Dockets Management System***
DMS: Dansk Metallurgisk Selskab***
DMS: Delivery Management System***
DMS: Defense Meteorological Satellite***
DMS: Deployment Management System***
DMS: District Management System***
DMS: Delhi Milk Scheme***
DMS: Disc Management System***
DMS: Dansk Medicinsk Selskab***
DMS: Downingtown Middle School***
DMS: Director of Marine Services***
DMS: Deal Management System***
DMS: Dense Media Separator***
DMS: Documents Management System***
DMS: Database Management Services***
DMS: Detroit Medical Society***
DMS: Destination Management Systems***
DMS: Direct Management Services***
DMS: Dispute Mediation Service***
DMS: Dresden Middle School***
DMS: Dispatch Management Services***
DMS: Dual Media Scanner***
DMS: Die Menschen Schlachter***
DMS: Data Movement Services***
DMS: Dialog Management System***
DMS: Document in SAP***
DMS: Database Marketing Solutions***
DMS: Dover Middle School***
DMS: Durant Middle School***
DMS: document message summary***
DMS: Die Maintenance Services***
DMS: Decision Makers Survey***
DMS: Dolphin Migration Services***
DMS: Diploma Management Studies***
DMS: Data Measuring System***
DMS: Dance Music Shop***
DMS: Debt Management System***
DMS: Differential Mobility Spectrometry***
DMS: Digital Media Studies***
DMS: Digital Multiplexing System***
DMS: Dynamic Management Solutions***
DMS: Demarcation Membrane System***
DMS: Digital Media Systems***
DMS: Department of Measurement Standards***
DMS: Di Methyl Sulfide***
DMS: Display Measurement System***
DMS: Dynamic Monitoring Service***
DMS: Database Managed Storage***
DMS: Department of Medical Services***
DMS: Data Management Support***
DMS: Data Mining System***
DMS: Disease Management Series***
DMS: Disability Management Services***
DMS: Database Marketing Services***
DMS: Data Management Subcommittee***
DMS: Daten Messen Software***
DMS: Design and Manufacturing Services***
DMS: Digital Media Studio***
DMS: DoE Material Storage***
DMS: Defence Management System***
DMS: Dynamic Micro Systems***
DMS: Digital Matrix Systems***
DMS: Defence Medical Services***
DMS: Decision Maker Survey***
DMS: Dynamic Media Solutions***
DMS: Digital Media Station***
DMS: Doppler Measurement System***
DMS: Dealership Management Systems***
DMS: Delhi Musical Stores***
DMS: Dispensary Management System***
DMS: Doug Miller Soccer***
DMS: Duty Management System***
DMS: Digital Multiplexing Synchronizer***
DMS: Detailed Measurement Survey***
DMS: Doctor of Medical Science***
DMS: Drummond Motor Sport***
DMS: Deep Mine Safety***
DMS: Department of Media Study***
DMS: Desktop Mapping System***
DMS: Defense Modeling and Simulation***
DMS: Design Manufacturing Services***
DMS: Defense Messaging Service***
DMS: Drawing Management Solutions***
DMS: Dairy Marketing Services***
DMS: Diversified Management Services***
DMS: Digital Music Services***
DMS: Digital Multiplexed System***
DMS: Direct Medical Systems***
DMS: Defence Maritime Services***
DMS: Deschamps Mat Systems***
DMS: Denver Medical Society***
DMS: Dual Mount Stinger***
DMS: Dept of Management Services***
DMS: Defense Messaging Systems***
DMS: Distributed Mass Storage***
DMS: Demonstrating My Style***
DMS: Dehn Mess Streifen***
DMS: Digital Management System***
DMS: Debt Monitoring System***
DMS: Directorate of Medical Services***
DMS: Disk Monitor System***
DMS: Demonstration Multipurpose School***
DMS: Diamond Multimedia Systems***
DMS: DLoG Manufacturing Solutions***
DMS: Drawing Management System***
DMS: Diversity Media Services***
DMS: Department of Mines***
DMS: Dixon Marine Services***
DMS: Dispersion Managed Soliton***
DMS: Direct Mail Systems***
DMS: Directory of Marine Science***
DMS: Dynamic Motion Sensors***
DMS: Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale***
DMS: DSH Management Solutions***
DMS: Development of Materials Science***
DMS: Diagnostic Molecular Scientist***
DMS: Durbar Mahila Samanwaya***
DMS: Decision Making Support***
DMS: Digital Multiplex Switching***
DMS: Direct Management System***
DMS: Design Manufacturing and Services***
DMS: Documentation Management System***
DMS: Department of Meteorological Services***
DMS: Design Management System***
DMS: Dual Manifold System***
DMS: Desert Marigold School***
DMS: Diplomacy and Military Studies***
DMS: Disaster Medical System**
DMS: decision making system**
DMS: Decora Media System**
DMS: Distribution Management Solutions**
DMS: Delia Memorial School**
DMS: Directory of Marine Surveyors**
DMS: daily monitoring sheets**
DMS: daily mucositis score**
DMS: Data Monitoring Services**
DMS: definite multiple sclerosis**
DMS: delayed memory score**
DMS: delayed mortality syndrome**
DMS: delayed muscle soreness**
DMS: Delusional misidentification symptoms**
DMS: delusional misidentification syndrome**
DMS: delusional misidentification syndromes**
DMS: dentin matrix slices**
DMS: denture material series**
DMS: depressed mental status**
DMS: Depressive mixed state**
DMS: Depressive mixed states**
DMS: depth-movement sensitive**
DMS: desktop mercury sphygmomanometer**
DMS: diabetes monitoring system**
DMS: Dialysis Malnutrition Score**
DMS: difficulty maintaining sleep**
DMS: digastric muscle stimulation**
DMS: dipyridamole myocardial scintigraphy**
DMS: disease management system**
DMS: distal meatal stenosis**
DMS: double membrane system**
DMS: Drug Measurement Service**
DMS: drug-metabolizing system**
DMS: Dynamic Morphology System**
DMS: dys-myelopoietic syndrome**
DMS: Desktop Management Suite**
DMS: Diagnostic Med Sonography**
DMS: Director Medical Services**
DMS: Defensive Management System**
DMS: Deputy Medical Superintendent**
DMS: Disaster Management Services**
DMS: Data Media Systems**
DMS: Director of Management Services**
DMS: SL)/dysmyelopoietic syndrome**
DMS: Disc Media and Systems**
DMS: derby medical services**
DMS: Dental Management System**
DMS: Delphi Manufacturing System**
DMS: Direct Marketing Support**
DMS: Disease Management Society**
DMS: Division of Management Support**
DMS: Deer Management Simulator**
DMS: delayed matching from sample**
DMS: dense-cored membranous structures**
DMS: density of muscle spindles**
DMS: difficulty in maintaining sleep**
DMS: difficulty of maintaining set**
DMS: disorder of maintaining sleep**
DMS: dried meat solubles product**
DMS: Dart Maritime Service**
DMS: Department of Macromolecular Science**
DMS: Data Mover Script**
DMS: Definitive Map Statement**
DMS: Degree Minute Second**
DMS: Department of Medicine and Surgery**
DMS: Department of Medicaid Services**
DMS: 3,3'-dimethyl suberimidate**
DMS: cross-linkers-dimethyl suberimidate**
DMS: double minute chromosomes**
DMS: double-minute chromosomes**
DMS: double-minutes chromosomes**
DMS: N,N'-dimethyl-Sph**
DMS: Defence Messaging System**
DMS: Delayed Matching to Sample**

Note: Acronym Finder has 166 verified definitions for DMS

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