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DMR: Dept of Marine Resources****
DMR: Device and Materials Reliability****
DMR: Digital Media Recorder****
DMR: Division of Mining and Reclamation****
DMR: Durango Mountain Resort****
DMR: Decision Making Rule****
DMR: Departments of Mental Retardation***
DMR: Differential Microwave Radiometers***
DMR: Discharge Monitoring Reports***
DMR: Department of Main Roads***
DMR: Digital Mark Reader***
DMR: Div of Materials***
DMR: Dniester Moldovan Republic***
DMR: Depolarizing Muscle Relaxant***
DMR: Defence Management Review***
DMR: Dublin Metropolitan Region***
DMR: Dual Media Reader***
DMR: Durban Metropolitan Region***
DMR: Dexys Midnight Runners***
DMR: Digital Media Resources***
DMR: Data Maintenance Request***
DMR: Digital Module R***
DMR: Designated Member Review***
DMR: Dept of Mental Retardation***
DMR: Division of Mental Retardation***
DMR: Doane Marketing Research***
DMR: Department Main Roads***
DMR: Digital Music Research***
DMR: Dance Music Record***
DMR: Direct Marketing Resources***
DMR: Data Maintenance Requests***
DMR: Dallas Medical Resource***
DMR: Data Management Research***
DMR: Division of Marine Research***
DMR: Donnie Moran Racing***
DMR: Differentially Methylated Regions***
DMR: Dark Metallic Red**
DMR: Debt Management Report**
DMR: Digital Media Receivers**
DMR: debrisoquin metabolic ratio**
DMR: debrisoquine metabolic ratio**
DMR: defense motor response**
DMR: detergent-mediated reconstitution**
DMR: diastolic mitral regurgitation**
DMR: Digital Magnification Radiography**
DMR: direct masticatory responses**
DMR: distant metastasis risk**
DMR: distributed medical record**
DMR: dizygotic/monozygotic ratio**
DMR: dorsal medial raphe**
DMR: dorsal medullary region**
DMR: dorsal/median raphe**
DMR: double Maddox rod**
DMR: Drug/metabolite ratios**
DMR: Dual Modular Redundant**
DMR: Department of Medical Research**
DMR: Discounted Meal Rate**
DMR: Dairy Management Resources**
DMR: Department of Marine Resouces**
DMR: Directorate of Maize Research**
DMR: Division of Microbiological Reagents**
DMR: donor artery myocardial region**
DMR: Dominant Mode Rejection**
DMR: Daily Monitoring Reports**
DMR: Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation**
DMR: Dept of Mineral Resources**
DMR: Diabetes Mellitus Registry**
DMR: Departments of Marine Resources**
DMR: Disaster Management Response**
DMR: Differently Methylated Region**
DMR: Disability Management Resources**
DMR: DNA Mismatch Repair**
DMR: Dick Mann Replica**
DMR: Device Master Records**
DMR: Devolved Management of Resources**
DMR: Data Movement and Replication**
DMR: Deputy Management Representative**
DMR: Diploma in Marine**
DMR: Designated Marksman Rifles**
DMR: Director of Military**
DMR: Disaster Management Regulation**
DMR: Dosapro Milton Roy**
DMR: Data and Mailing Resources**
DMR: Digital Model of Relief**
DMR: Diploma in Maritime**
DMR: Disaster Management and Response**
DMR: Division for Mental Retardation**
DMR: Don Mario Ramos**
DMR: Des Moines River**
DMR: Digital Media Repository**
DMR: Data Monitoring and Recovery**
DMR: Detected Magnetic Resonance**
DMR: Defense Marketing and Reutilization**
DMR: Device Medical Record**
DMR: Digital Medical Registrar**
DMR: Division of Media Resources**
DMR: Department of Maine Resources**
DMR: Daily Market Report*
DMR: Data Management Resources*
DMR: Definitive Module Records*
DMR: Die Marriage Registry*
DMR: Differential Methylation Region*
DMR: Digital Medical Record*
DMR: Digital Music Records*
DMR: Direct Marketing Resellers*
DMR: Discharge Monitoring Reporting*
DMR: Dafeng Milu Reserve*
DMR: Demultiplexing Mixing Remultiplexing*
DMR: Digital Manufacturing Review*
DMR: Direct Matrix Ranking*
DMR: daily messing rates*
DMR: Digitalni Model Reljefa*
DMR: Diploma in Medical Radiology*
DMR: Diversified Manufacturing Resources*
DMR: Dyna Mic Records*
DMR: defective material retention*
DMR: Demultiplex Mix Remultiplex*
DMR: Development Modernization and Research*
DMR: Diamond Mountain Ranch*
DMR: Digital Message Repeaters*
DMR: Disconnect Message Referral*
DMR: Discrepant Material Reports*
DMR: Discrete Momentum Representation*
DMR: Data Modification Request*
DMR: Department of Material Resources*
DMR: Department of Minerals and Resources*
DMR: Devil May Roleplay*
DMR: Digital Microwave Radios*
DMR: Dual Mode Resonators*
DMR: Dynamic Modular Replacement*
DMR: Discharge Monitoring and Reporting*
DMR: discard mortality rates*
DMR: Data Management Routines*
DMR: Dairy Market Reports*
DMR: Date Materiel Required*
DMR: Dredged Material Research*
DMR: Dallas Meet a Retiremen*
DMR: Dartmouth Most Respected*
DMR: Day Muddy Ravine*
DMR: Delaware Mineral Resources*
DMR: Department of Mineral Resources*
DMR: Detailed Monitoring Report*
DMR: Detailed Monitoring Reports*
DMR: Dieter Mayer Rosa*
DMR: Digital Mantra Review*
DMR: Directorate for Management REPORT*
DMR: Disconnected Mode Response*
DMR: Discourse on the Method of Right*
DMR: District of Maple Ridge*
DMR: Division of Martini Resources*
DMR: Division of Mines and Reclamation*
DMR: Draft Mary Robinson*
DMR: Drum Major for Righteousness*
DMR: Drunk Munk Recording*
DMR: Durango Mexico Resources*
DMR: Dutch Melodic Rockband*

Note: Acronym Finder has 67 verified definitions for DMR

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