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DMA: Defense Materiel Administration****
DMA: Diploma in Mechatronics****
DMA: Defence Material Administration****
DMA: Digital Media Alliance****
DMA: Delaware Military Academy****
DMA: Division of Multicultural Affairs****
DMA: District Management Association****
DMA: Direct Marketing Authority****
DMA: Dept of Military Affairs****
DMA: Doctor of Music Arts****
DMA: Day Moving Average****
DMA: Designated Market Areas****
DMA: Direct Marketing According****
DMA: Departamento de Matematica Aplicada****
DMA: Disease Modifying Agent****
DMA: Dance Music Award****
DMA: Domain Migration Administrator****
DMA: Direct Marketing Associations****
DMA: Dance Music Authority****
DMA: Division of Management Authority****
DMA: Development and Manufacturing Agreement****
DMA: Detroit Music Awards****
DMA: Direct Marketing Agents****
DMA: Direct Marketing of Asia****
DMA: Direct Making Advertising****
DMA: Derecho Medio Ambiente****
DMA: Document Management API****
DMA: Dexia Municipal Agency****
DMA: Direct Marketing Associates****
DMA: Department of Marine Administration***
DMA: Direct Marketing Asia***
DMA: Department of Metahuman Affairs***
DMA: Dublin Metropolitan Area***
DMA: Direct Mail Advertising***
DMA: De Medio Ambiente***
DMA: Danish Maritime Authority***
DMA: Debt Management Account***
DMA: Direct Memory Address***
DMA: Differential Mode Attenuation***
DMA: Davis Monthan AFB***
DMA: DuCharme McMillen Associates***
DMA: Demand for Mail***
DMA: Digital Music Awards***
DMA: Debt Management Agreement***
DMA: Delhi Medical Association***
DMA: Des Moines Ames***
DMA: Danish Medicines Agency***
DMA: De Medi Ambient***
DMA: Direct Marketing Access***
DMA: De Meio Ambiente***
DMA: Digital Map Archive***
DMA: Data Marketing Associates***
DMA: Designated Marketing Area***
DMA: Disclosure on Management Approach***
DMA: Daily Moving Average***
DMA: Defence Mapping Agency***
DMA: Decision Making and Appeals***
DMA: dynasty metals australia***
DMA: Digital Media Arts***
DMA: Direct Marketing Assocation***
DMA: David Mason Associates***
DMA: Document Management Avenue***
DMA: Declaration of Material Assistance***
DMA: Department of Mechanics and Aeronautics***
DMA: Domain Multiple Access***
DMA: Donna Michelle Anderson***
DMA: Dobson Mitchell Allport***
DMA: Direct Memory Access/Addressing***
DMA: Diocese of Mid America***
DMA: Distribution Market Advantage***
DMA: Dynamic Memory Access***
DMA: Dougherty Management Associates***
DMA: Document Management Association***
DMA: Direct Memory Addressing***
DMA: Digitale Metropool Antwerpen***
DMA: Davis Media Access***
DMA: Directorate of Market Abuse***
DMA: Downtown Merchant Association***
DMA: Direct Math Assessment***
DMA: David Morgan Associates***
DMA: Department of Municipal Administration***
DMA: Distributed Mode Actuator***
DMA: Days Medical Aids***
DMA: Database Marketing Agency***
DMA: Direct Mail Association***
DMA: Dietary Manager Association***
DMA: Direct Marketing Advisory***
DMA: Directorate of Municipal Administration***
DMA: Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers***
DMA: Digital Media Applications***
DMA: Directory Marketing Association***
DMA: Dungeon Master Assistant***
DMA: Direct Marketing Assn***
DMA: Designated Marketing Areas***
DMA: Direct Mathematics Assessment***
DMA: Directorate of Maritime Affairs***
DMA: Digital Media Adaptor***
DMA: District Metering Areas***
DMA: Downriver Mutual Aid***
DMA: Div of Med Assistance***
DMA: Distribution Management Association***
DMA: Data Memory Address***
DMA: DuPont MIT Alliance***
DMA: Designated Management Agency***
DMA: Dhaka Metropolitan Area***
DMA: didr mehn andersen***
DMA: Direct Memory Acess***
DMA: Digital Media Adapters***
DMA: Democratic Media Activism***
DMA: Disability Medical Assistance***
DMA: Dynamic Memory Architecture***
DMA: Direct Mobile Advertising***
DMA: Deutsch Mal Anders***
DMA: Differential Mobility Analyser***
DMA: Division Multiplex Access***
DMA: Design Management Alliance***
DMA: Dynamical Mechanical Analysis***
DMA: Development Marketing Associates***
DMA: Denuncia Mensile Analitica***
DMA: Direct Marketing Associaton***
DMA: Des Moines Area***
DMA: Direct Marketing Agent***
DMA: DJ Music Association***
DMA: David Murray Associates***
DMA: Drive Motor Assembly***
DMA: Disabled Motorcyclists Association***
DMA: Data Management Alliance***
DMA: Direct Marketers Association***
DMA: Dansk Markedsanalyse A***
DMA: Diversity Model Aircraft***
DMA: Direct Mercury Analyzer***
DMA: Duane Miller Associates***
DMA: Davis Monthan Air***
DMA: Dominant Market Areas***
DMA: Danish Music Agency***
DMA: Dental Manufacturers of America***
DMA: Differential Mobility Analyzers***
DMA: Digital Marketing Awards***
DMA: District Metered Areas***
DMA: Di Methyl Amine***
DMA: Delve Media Arts***
DMA: Director of Management***
DMA: Dynamic Multicast Agent**
DMA: Deadline Monotonic Analysis**
DMA: D-mannosylated albumin**
DMA: dental microwear analysis**
DMA: Dental Movement Analysis**
DMA: Detection-Mating Area**
DMA: Diethyl maleic acid**
DMA: Digital movement analysis**
DMA: diluted mucous area**
DMA: dimethyl maleinic anhydride**
DMA: diminished muscle activity**
DMA: disordered motor activity**
DMA: distal marginal artery**
DMA: dorsal metacarpal arteries**
DMA: dorsal metacarpal artery**
DMA: dust-mite antigen**
DMA: dystrophic metabolic arthritis**
DMA: N-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)malonamic acid**
DMA: Diamond Mines Australia**
DMA: Durham Miners Association**
DMA: Development Management Associates**
DMA: Decision Making Authorities**
DMA: Disability Management Alternatives**
DMA: DuCharme McMillen and Associates**
DMA: Department for Military Affairs**
DMA: Departmental Microcomputer Acquisition**
DMA: Developing Markets Associates**
DMA: Delirious Merek Avenger**
DMA: Departament de Matematica Aplicada**
DMA: District Medical Advisor**
DMA: Double Mass Analysis**
DMA: Data Motion Arts**
DMA: direct magazine announce**
DMA: Drum Majorettes of America**
DMA: 2'-deoxymugineic acid**
DMA: 2,3-dimethylmaleic anhydride**
DMA: Designated Monitoring Area**
DMA: Digital Music Assistant**
DMA: Drexel Marketing Association**
DMA: Develop Marketing Associates**
DMA: District Medical Adviser**
DMA: Determination of Ammonia**
DMA: Dyer Mountain Associates**
DMA: Diploma in Municipal Administration**
DMA: diethyl malonimidate , dimethyl adipimidate**
DMA: David Milling Associates**
DMA: Differential Mobility Analysers**
DMA: Dynamic Mechanic Analysis**
DMA: Decision Management Associates**
DMA: Database by Market**
DMA: Dynamisch Mechanischer Analysator**
DMA: Denison Merchants Association**
DMA: Designers Management Agency**
DMA: 2,5-dimethoxy-amphetamine**
DMA: 5,N,N-dimethyl-amiloride**
DMA: 5-(N',N'-dimethyl) amiloride**
DMA: 5-(N,N-dimethyl) amiloride**
DMA: 5-(N,N-dimethyl)-amiloride**
DMA: 5-(N,N-dimethyl)amiloride**
DMA: 5-(N-N-dimethyl)-amiloride**
DMA: 9,10-dimethyl anthracene**
DMA: Dynamic Mesh Architecture**
DMA: microM-5-(N,N-dimethyl)amiloride**
DMA: N,N-dimethyl acetamide**
DMA: N,N-dimethyl acrylamide**
DMA: N-dimethyl)-amiloride**
DMA: NG,NG-dimethyl-arginine**
DMA: species--dimethylarsinic acid**
DMA: Dynamic Management Areas**
DMA: Denver Medical Associates**
DMA: Departmental Management and Administration**
DMA: Disabled Motorists Association**
DMA: Denver Music Association**
DMA: Dynamic Media Adaptation**
DMA: Defence Manufactures Association**
DMA: Destination Marketing Association**
DMA: Distributed time division Multiple Access**
DMA: Dynamic Motor Analysis**
DMA: Drake Morton Associates**
DMA: dungeon monitors association**
DMA: Downtown Marketing Alliance**
DMA: degrade monomethylamine , dimethylamine**
DMA: Dioxolan-methyl-metaacrylate**
DMA: Doctoral of Musical Art**
DMA: Digital Masters Australasia**
DMA: D Manning Associates**
DMA: Denver Musicians Association**
DMA: Direct Marketing Alliance**
DMA: Downtown Marquette Association**
DMA: Dansk Musik Antologi**
DMA: Detroit Metropolitan Area**
DMA: David Miller and Associates**
DMA: Defense Manufacturers Association**
DMA: Downtown Mesa Association**
DMA: Data Matching Agency**
DMA: Delaware Manufacturing Alliance**
DMA: Detroit Metropolitan Association**
DMA: Direct Marketing Areas**
DMA: Data Medical Associates**
DMA: Dynamic Memory Address**
DMA: Digital Movie Alliance**
DMA: Days Moving Average**
DMA: Diversified Managed Allocations**
DMA: Downtown Mobile Alliance**
DMA: Dynamic Memory Array**
DMA: Dynamic Muscle Analysis**
DMA: Denny Miller Associates**
DMA: Density Meter Anton**

Note: Acronym Finder has 101 verified definitions for DMA

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