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What does DLF stand for?

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DLF: Digital Library Forum****
DLF: Det Liberale Folkepartiet****
DLF: Darfur Liberation Front***
DLF: Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario***
DLF: Direct Loan Facility***
DLF: Deaf Liberation Front***
DLF: District Level Forum***
DLF: Department of Livestock and Fisheries***
DLF: Danske Laeskedrik Fabrikanter***
DLF: Dorough Lupus Foundation***
DLF: Designers Lighting Forum***
DLF: Digital Library Foundation***
DLF: Dallas Love Field***
DLF: Diversity Leadership Forum***
DLF: Digital Libraries Federation***
DLF: Distribution Loss Factors***
DLF: Distributed Logging Facility***
DLF: Defense Loan Fund***
DLF: Divine Love Fellowship***
DLF: Distilled Log Format***
DLF: Dorsal Longitudinal Fasciculus***
DLF: diffuse lung fibrosis**
DLF: digitalis like factor**
DLF: digitalis like factors**
DLF: digitalis-like factor**
DLF: digitalis-like factors**
DLF: digoxin-like factor**
DLF: direct lytic factor**
DLF: direct lytic factors**
DLF: dominant lethal frequencies**
DLF: dorsal lateral fasciculus**
DLF: dorsal lateral funiculus**
DLF: dorso-lateral fasciculus**
DLF: dorso-lateral funiculus**
DLF: dose limiting factor**
DLF: dose limiting factors**
DLF: dose-limiting factor**
DLF: dose-limiting factors**
DLF: duodenal lavage fluid**
DLF: dental laboratory burnout furnace**
DLF: difference limen for frequencies**
DLF: digitalis-like natriuretic factor**
DLF: digoxin-like immunoreactive factors**
DLF: digoxin-like natriuretic factor**
DLF: Data Lookaside Facility**
DLF: difference limen for frequency**
DLF: Dylan Liberation Front**
DLF: Directed Light Fabrication**
DLF: DataCAD Layer File**
DLF: Direct Lending Facility**
DLF: Dallas Life Foundation**
DLF: Developing Literacy First**
DLF: De Limite Financeiro**
DLF: Dalai Lama Foundation**
DLF: Direct Light Fabrication**
DLF: Damage Liability Fee**
DLF: Democratic Left Front**
DLF: Demolition Landfill Facility**
DLF: Demonstration Loan Fund**
DLF: Downward Longwave Flux**
DLF: data link function**
DLF: Danielle Legacy Foundation**
DLF: Developing the Field**
DLF: Disability Liberation Front**
DLF: Document Library Facility**
DLF: divine love foundation*
DLF: Digital Libary Federation*
DLF: DAISY Lanka Foundation*
DLF: Democratic Leftist Front*
DLF: Department of Livestock and Fishery*
DLF: Distance Learning Facilitators*
DLF: Dunhill Light Flake*
DLF: Dearest Little Friend*
DLF: Department of Lottery Forecast*
DLF: Diamond Lead and Fluorspar*
DLF: Directional Lines of Faults*

Note: Acronym Finder has 35 verified definitions for DLF

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