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DIP: Detailed in Process****
DIP: Database Is the Property****
DIP: Diabetes Intervention Program****
DIP: Document Information Panel****
DIP: Dialup Internet Protocol****
DIP: Direct Investment Plans****
DIP: Digital Imaging Products****
DIP: Develop in Peace****
DIP: De Información Pública***
DIP: Defence Industry Policy***
DIP: Data Information and Process***
DIP: Distal Interphalangeal Joint***
DIP: Diari Interactiu Personal***
DIP: District Improvement Plan***
DIP: Development Infrastructure Program***
DIP: Drug Interventions Programme***
DIP: Deutsch Israelische Projektkooperation***
DIP: Desquamative Interstitial Pneumonitis***
DIP: derecho internacional publico***
DIP: Dieppe Industrial Park***
DIP: Dephosphorylation of P***
DIP: Disclosure and Investor Protection***
DIP: Dialup IP Protocol***
DIP: Drug Induced Psychosis***
DIP: Drowning Is Preventable***
DIP: Drug Intervention Programme***
DIP: Dissemination Information Packages***
DIP: District Implementation Plans***
DIP: Directorate for International Programs***
DIP: Digital Imaging Processing***
DIP: Director in Progress***
DIP: Dynamic Information Presentation***
DIP: Drug Induced Parkinsonism***
DIP: Dual Inline Packages***
DIP: Defending Immigrants Partnership***
DIP: Department of Intellectual Property***
DIP: Drip Infusion Pyelography***
DIP: Departure Incentive Program***
DIP: Deferred Interest Program***
DIP: Document Import Processor***
DIP: Dubai International Properties***
DIP: Denver International Program***
DIP: Direito Internacional Privado***
DIP: Design Information Package***
DIP: Digital Information Packages***
DIP: Delta Improvements Package***
DIP: Distributed Information Processing***
DIP: Document Imaging Processing***
DIP: Direct Insertion Probe***
DIP: Daftar Isian Proyek***
DIP: Development Issues Program***
DIP: Digital Inclusion Panel***
DIP: Digital Interface Processor***
DIP: Device Independence Principles***
DIP: Development Information Program***
DIP: Digital Industry Promotion***
DIP: Digital Image Processor***
DIP: Devon Improvement Programme***
DIP: Dilution of Precision***
DIP: Dual Inline Pins***
DIP: Drug Intervention Programmes***
DIP: Debtor in Position***
DIP: Die Individuelle Partnervermittlung***
DIP: Debtor in Posession***
DIP: Diagnostic Instruments Products***
DIP: Distributed Ion Pumps***
DIP: Dyslexia Intervention Program***
DIP: Directorate of Information Publicity***
DIP: Dictionary of Interfaces in Proteins***
DIP: Distributed Ion Pump***
DIP: Discretionary Incentive Plan***
DIP: De Inking Plant***
DIP: Defence Industrial Participation***
DIP: Distance Information Protocol***
DIP: Dissolved Inorganic Phosphate**
DIP: Disability and Impact Profile**
DIP: Dactylis inhibitory protein**
DIP: dangerous industrial products**
DIP: data-interpretation period**
DIP: decontrolled-iron pathogen**
DIP: degradable intake protein**
DIP: degranulation inhibiting protein**
DIP: degranulation inhibitory protein**
DIP: Delayed infectivity panning**
DIP: demyelinating inflammatory polyradiculoneuropathy**
DIP: Depression Impact Profile**
DIP: differentiation-inhibiting protein**
DIP: diffuse interstitial pneumonia**
DIP: diffuse interstitial pneumonitis**
DIP: diffuse interstitial pneumopathy**
DIP: disease internal picture**
DIP: dissolved in polyvinylpyrrolidone**
DIP: distal inter-phalangeal**
DIP: downward incisural point**
DIP: drip infused pyelography**
DIP: drip infused pyeloureterography**
DIP: Drip infusion pyelogram**
DIP: drip intravenous pyelography**
DIP: driver intervention program**
DIP: drug induced photodermatitis**
DIP: drug-induced PA**
DIP: drug-induced parkinsonian**
DIP: drug-induced pathology**
DIP: drug-induced pneumonitis**
DIP: dual incisor proclination**
DIP: Direct Inlet Probe**
DIP: driver intervention programs**
DIP: Downtown Implementation Plan**
DIP: Drug Intervention Project**
DIP: Design and Innovation Project**
DIP: Defective Interfering Particles**
DIP: diagnostics information profiling**
DIP: Department of International Protection**
DIP: Diffusione Italiana Preziosi**
DIP: Data Integration Processor**
DIP: Discussion of Instructional Practices**
DIP: Department of Irrigation and Power**
DIP: Division of International Programs**
DIP: Defective interfering virus particles**
DIP: Delft Internet Panel**
DIP: dexamethasone, insulin and prolactin**
DIP: dexamethasone, insulin, and PRL**
DIP: dexamethasone, insulin, and prolactin**
DIP: di-isopropyl-fluorophosphate**
DIP: diastolic isovolumic period length**
DIP: Dietary intake of potassium**
DIP: digital image processing method**
DIP: Disability & Impact Profile**
DIP: N-dodecyl 2-imidazole-propionate**
DIP: Daily Interest Payout**
DIP: Diagnostic Interview for Psychoses**
DIP: District Induction Plan**
DIP: 2,6-dichlorophenol-indophenol**
DIP: 2.6-dichlorophenol-indophenol**
DIP: Diagnostic Interview for Psychosis**
DIP: Diversified Innovative Products**
DIP: Database Interface Process**
DIP: Decentralisation Implementation Plan**
DIP: Decentralization Implementation Plan**
DIP: Departmental Improvement Plans**
DIP: Double Ionization Potential**
DIP: Drainage Interpretation Plan**
DIP: Dynamic Inclined Plane**
DIP: peptide immunoreactive peptide**
DIP: Dial in Protocol**
DIP: Deletion Insertion Polymorphisms**
DIP: Dubai Investment Park**
DIP: Data Interchange Plc**
DIP: Document Interchange Protocol**
DIP: Dynamic Interviewing Program**
DIP: Direct Investment Plan**
DIP: Dust Ignition Proof**
DIP: District Information Portal**
DIP: Disability Insurance Plan**
DIP: Data Imaging Process**
DIP: Detailed Implementation Plans**
DIP: Data Interpretation Procedures**
DIP: Drugs Interventions Programme**
DIP: Digital Industry Park**
DIP: Dissolved Inorganic Phosphorous**
DIP: Data Information Packet**
DIP: Designers in Progress**
DIP: Digital Inclusion Partnership**
DIP: DMA in Progress**
DIP: Discriminating Irritant Projectile**
DIP: Default Insurance Program**
DIP: Disability Initiatives Programme**
DIP: Distribution Information Package**
DIP: dortmund intelligence project**
DIP: DAPK Interacting Protein**
DIP: Deserter Information Point**
DIP: Defence Industry Productivity**
DIP: Democratic Institutions Programme**
DIP: Double Inline Package**
DIP: Dry Ice Production**
DIP: Dual Inline Packaging**
DIP: ducrocq ingenierie process**
DIP: delaware insurance plan**
DIP: Design Image Photos**
DIP: Digital Insurance Package**
DIP: Decentralisation Implementation Programme**
DIP: Distal Into Proximal**
DIP: Dominican Internship Program**
DIP: Database Interacting Proteins**
DIP: Development Innovation and Practices**
DIP: Devices and Plug**
DIP: Diabetes Improvement Plan**
DIP: Digital Input Point**
DIP: District Improvement Programme**
DIP: Data Interchange Protocol**
DIP: Direct Insert Probe**
DIP: District Intern Program**
DIP: Device Interface Processor**
DIP: Direct Imported Products**
DIP: Danish Industrial Property**
DIP: DMA Interrupt Pending**
DIP: Dual Inline Plug**
DIP: Data Interface Processes**
DIP: Decentralized Intelligent Peripheral**
DIP: Dental Impact Profile**
DIP: Device Independent Pixels**
DIP: Debter in Possession**
DIP: Development Initiatives Promotes**
DIP: Driver Instrument Panel**
DIP: DSIP Immunoreactive Peptide**
DIP: Dynamic Item Processor**
DIP: Datacenter Infrastructure Provider*
DIP: Defense Industrial Plant*
DIP: Display Initial Program*
DIP: Document Imaging Process*
DIP: Document Insert Protocol*
DIP: Database of Interaction Proteins*
DIP: Desquamative Intersitial Pneumonia*
DIP: Deliberative Inclusionary Processes*
DIP: Device Independent Programming*
DIP: DMX512 Interface Products*
DIP: Deliberative and Inclusionary Process*
DIP: Density Inference Protocol*
DIP: Descending Inhibitory Pathway*
DIP: Design Information Primitives*
DIP: Distribution Integration Program*
DIP: Drop and Insert Point*
DIP: Dynaverse Improvement Project*
DIP: Data Integration Program*
DIP: Defence Infrastructure Panel*
DIP: Designated Inspection Point*
DIP: Digital Impact Predictor*
DIP: Display Input Processor*
DIP: Display Interface Processor*
DIP: Dongguan Inoac Polymer*
DIP: Driver Improvement Points*
DIP: Dual Image Plate*
DIP: Dairy Indemnity Program*
DIP: Display Interface Processing*
DIP: Dangerous Insecure Ports*
DIP: Distribution and Ingest Peripheral*
DIP: Doswiadczenie i Przyszlosc*
DIP: Date of Initial Planting*
DIP: Date of Issuance of the Permit*
DIP: Deltron International Peru*
DIP: Department of Information Processes*
DIP: Department of Information Processing*
DIP: Developer of Internet Presence*
DIP: Digital Imaging Pod*
DIP: Dignity Integrity Phoenix*
DIP: Drainage from the Interior Portion*
DIP: Drip and Irrigation Products*
DIP: Duck Island Pit*
DIP: Dulcimer Information Page*

Note: Acronym Finder has 77 verified definitions for DIP

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