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What does DCU stand for?

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DCU: Door Control Unit****
DCU: Dansk Camping Union****
DCU: District Command Unit****
DCU: Departments the Campus****
DCU: Dallas Credit Union***
DCU: Drive Control Unit***
DCU: Driver Control Unit***
DCU: Dudley Cosmetology University***
DCU: Democracia Cristiana Universitaria***
DCU: Desert Camo Uniforms***
DCU: Donetsk Christian University***
DCU: District Cooperative Union***
DCU: Data Communications Unit***
DCU: Dublin College University***
DCU: Digital Camera Units***
DCU: Duke Conservative Union***
DCU: Down Converter Unit***
DCU: Danmarks Cykel Union***
DCU: Disk Copy Utility***
DCU: Deluxe Commercial Unit***
DCU: digital communication unit***
DCU: Digital Credit Union***
DCU: Desert Camouflage Utility***
DCU: Distribution and Control Unit***
DCU: Data Collection Units**
DCU: Delayed Coking Unit**
DCU: Desert Camouflage Uniforms**
DCU: dermal chromatophore unit**
DCU: digital chest unit**
DCU: Dinosaur Construction Unit**
DCU: Division of Credit Unions**
DCU: dorsal cutaneous ulnar nerve**
DCU: duplex color-flow ultrasonography**
DCU: District Coordinating Unit**
DCU: DECT6000 Control Unit**
DCU: Digital Connection Unit**
DCU: Digital Collections Unit**
DCU: Definitive Care Unit**
DCU: Display Controller Unit**
DCU: Difficult Circumstances Unit**
DCU: Distribution Control Unit**
DCU: Destiny Christian University**
DCU: Direct Communications Unit**
DCU: DECT Control Unit**
DCU: Dual Carrier Unit**
DCU: Dynamic Currency Unit**
DCU: Dosing Control Unit**
DCU: Data Capture Utility**
DCU: Deluxe Commercial Units**
DCU: District Command Units**
DCU: Demo Clans United**
DCU: Dispersion Compensation Units**
DCU: Donor Coordination Unit**
DCU: Demand Control Unit**
DCU: Desert Combat Uniforms**
DCU: Device Control Unit**
DCU: Documents Control Unit**
DCU: Domestic Conflict Unit**
DCU: Diagnostic Care Unit**
DCU: Damage Control Unit**
DCU: Data Concentrator Units**
DCU: DC Credit Union**
DCU: DCF Control Unit**
DCU: Dupage Credit Union**
DCU: dc converter unit**
DCU: Domain Configurable Units**
DCU: Data Concentration Unit*
DCU: Delta Control Unit*
DCU: Direction Control Unit*
DCU: Duck Creek University*
DCU: Data Collection Utility*
DCU: Data Collections Unlimited*
DCU: Digital Correlator Unit*
DCU: Domain Configuration Units*
DCU: Data Conversion Utility*
DCU: Data Coordination Unit*
DCU: Debug Control Unit*
DCU: Development Cooperation Units*
DCU: Dilation and Curettage*
DCU: Disk Control Unit*
DCU: Dust Collection Unit*
DCU: Departmental Commercial Undertaking*
DCU: Dictation Capture Unit*
DCU: Direct Control Unit*
DCU: Disposable Collection Units*
DCU: De-Icing Control Unit/Digital Control Unit*
DCU: Digital Century Update*

Note: Acronym Finder has 52 verified definitions for DCU

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