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DCR: Digital Camcorder Review****
DCR: Designated Community Residents****
DCR: Detailed Cash Record****
DCR: Digital Camcorder Refurbished****
DCR: DVD92 Camcorder Review****
DCR: DVD403 Camcorder Reviews***
DCR: Day Care Referral***
DCR: Digital Cyber Radio***
DCR: Drive Camcorder Review***
DCR: Daily Court Review***
DCR: Digital Camcorder Retail***
DCR: DVD Camcorder Records***
DCR: Data Capture Report***
DCR: Distributed Constraint Reasoning***
DCR: DVD7 Camcorder Review***
DCR: Digital Camera Raw***
DCR: Data Collection and Reporting***
DCR: Dynamic Color Rendition***
DCR: Division on Civil Rights***
DCR: Directors of the Cambridge***
DCR: Democratic Convention of Romania***
DCR: Data Center Rating***
DCR: Department of Civil Registration***
DCR: Data Collection Resources***
DCR: Diamond Chamber of Russia***
DCR: Dept of Conservation and Recreation***
DCR: Dividend Coverage Ratio***
DCR: Danmarks Commercielle Radio***
DCR: Director of Community Renewal***
DCR: Device and Credential Repository***
DCR: Document Control Review***
DCR: Dull City Records***
DCR: Delaware Cancer Registry***
DCR: Dynamic Cache Reconfiguration***
DCR: Disability and Community Rehabilitation***
DCR: Dynamic Center Reporter***
DCR: Division of Conservation and Recreation***
DCR: Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation***
DCR: Derwent Chemistry Resource***
DCR: Division of Cooperative Research***
DCR: Directorate for Commodity Reserves***
DCR: Dubai Commodity Receipt***
DCR: Diversity and Civil Rights***
DCR: Division of Community Resettlement***
DCR: Development Completion Report***
DCR: Defined Cap ReturnFd***
DCR: Dummy Call Reference***
DCR: Develops the Conservation***
DCR: Department of Commercial Registration***
DCR: Delphi Component Resource***
DCR: Dave Clarke Racing***
DCR: Development Control Rules**
DCR: Danish Cancer Registry**
DCR: decidual cell reaction**
DCR: decidual cell reactions**
DCR: decidual cell response**
DCR: dental composite resin**
DCR: Diabetes Centre Rotterdam**
DCR: diastolic coronary resistance**
DCR: diastolic count ratio**
DCR: dielectrophoretic collection rate**
DCR: diffuse cutaneous reticulohistiocytosis**
DCR: digitized chest radiograph**
DCR: direct cortical responses**
DCR: disk-condyle relationship**
DCR: distal control region**
DCR: distance-dependent collimator response**
DCR: dorsal column reflex**
DCR: double cardiac rupture**
DCR: dual cutaneous reaction**
DCR: durable complete response**
DCR: dynamic calibration rig**
DCR: NADPH-dependent-2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase**
DCR: Defined Contributions Retirement**
DCR: Digital Cassette Recorder**
DCR: Defined Contribution Retirement**
DCR: DVD Camcorder Review**
DCR: Davis College Republicans**
DCR: Drugs and Cosmetic Rules**
DCR: Disabled Citizens Recreation**
DCR: Dobermann Club Romania**
DCR: Differential Color Refraction**
DCR: DAP IV/creatinine ratio**
DCR: decidual cell response technique**
DCR: dental composite resin products**
DCR: Diagnostic Criteria for Research**
DCR: diffusion, convection and reaction**
DCR: digitized posteroanterior chest radiograph**
DCR: Division of Cancer Research**
DCR: syndrome chromosome region**
DCR: syndrome critical region**
DCR: syndrome-critical region**
DCR: Data Collection and Receiving**
DCR: Decorative Concrete Resurfacing**
DCR: DVD301 Camcorder Review**
DCR: Development Charge Reduction**
DCR: Digital Conversion Receiver**
DCR: Disk Chisel Ripper**
DCR: Drug Coverage Request**
DCR: Distribution Code Review**
DCR: Disarmament and Community Reinsertion**
DCR: DRAM Control Register**
DCR: Domestic Competition Regulation**
DCR: Delaware City Refinery**
DCR: Dept Conservation Recreation**
DCR: Design Concept Reports**
DCR: Decorative Concrete Resources**
DCR: Department of Civil Rights**
DCR: Digital Cameras Raynox**
DCR: DVD405 Camcorder Review**
DCR: ICD-10 Diagnostic Criteria for Research**
DCR: Data Connection Resources**
DCR: Dienoyl Coa Reductase**
DCR: Dual Combustor Ramjet**
DCR: Detector Concept Report**
DCR: Drug Consumption Rooms**
DCR: DVD205 Camcorder Review**
DCR: Department of Campus Recreation**
DCR: DCs either rostral**
DCR: Digital Cinema Rentals**
DCR: Digital8 Camcorder Review**
DCR: Device Control Registers**
DCR: DMA Control Register**
DCR: DVD108 Camcorder Review**
DCR: Destination Call Routing**
DCR: Die Cast Registry**
DCR: Digital Concentration Readout**
DCR: DOTMLPF Change Recommendations**
DCR: Discharge Cleanup and Removal**
DCR: Dispersion by Chemical Reaction**
DCR: Digital Chart Recorder**
DCR: Digital Classroom Resources**
DCR: Direct Conversion Receivers**
DCR: Division of Chemical Research**
DCR: Dubai Commodity Receipts**
DCR: dansk cykle ring**
DCR: Design Change Requests**
DCR: Digital Continuum Receiver**
DCR: District Court Reports**
DCR: Disaster Cleanup Repair**
DCR: Davy Crockett Ranch**
DCR: Derwent Chemical Resource**
DCR: Driver Control Record**
DCR: DaVita Clinical Research**
DCR: Dean Canto Racing**
DCR: Dilation and Curettage**
DCR: Document Control Requests**
DCR: Dupont Clinical Research**
DCR: Data Capture Records**
DCR: Deer Creek Rattery**
DCR: Dynamic Conformance Requirement**
DCR: Defence Capability Review**
DCR: Designated Crisis Responder**
DCR: Data Channel Ready**
DCR: Data Collection Reports**
DCR: Discharge Current Register**
DCR: Data Collection Ratings**
DCR: Dawson County RACES**
DCR: Directorate Conference Rooms**
DCR: Dominant Control Region**
DCR: dsm cost recovery**
DCR: Dual Combustion Ramjet**
DCR: Dunn Corporate Resources**
DCR: Daily Cash Reconciliation*
DCR: Data Conversion Receiver*
DCR: Decisions and Recommendations*
DCR: Divided Clock Receiver*
DCR: Double Cold Reduction*
DCR: Data Clarification Requests*
DCR: Design and Construction Requirements*
DCR: Design Certification Reviews*
DCR: Digital Cable Readytuner*
DCR: Diploma from the College of Radiographers*
DCR: Domino Connection Resource*
DCR: Douglas County Rideshare*
DCR: Drift City Renegades*
DCR: Defaulted Consumer Receivables*
DCR: Define Component Registration*
DCR: Document Change Requests*
DCR: Documentation Change Requests*
DCR: Double Cold Reduced*
DCR: Dust Cleaning Rollers*
DCR: Dacro Cysto Rhinostomy*
DCR: Dal Cais Research*
DCR: Data Cache Reset*
DCR: Data Connection Records*
DCR: defined capital return*
DCR: Detector Concepts Report*
DCR: Direct Control Register*
DCR: District Control Rooms*
DCR: Dual Complementary Rectifies*
DCR: Dynamic Call Routing*
DCR: Data Capture Record*
DCR: Data Cash Register*
DCR: Data Cassette Recorder*
DCR: Data Change Request*
DCR: Davison Circulating Riser*
DCR: Direct Cortical Response*
DCR: Document Change Records*
DCR: DOTMLPF Change Request*
DCR: Double Cold Reducing*
DCR: DV Camera in Review*
DCR: DVD Camcorder Regular*
DCR: Data Collection Request*
DCR: Disco Compacto Regrabable*
DCR: Digital Cutting Room*
DCR: Data Collection Recorders*
DCR: Deputy Commander for Resources*
DCR: Design Change Record*
DCR: Destination Costa Rica*
DCR: Direct Cost Reimbursement*
DCR: Der Chemnitzer Region*
DCR: Discount Computer Rent*
DCR: Danekas Cafe and Restaurant*
DCR: Danville Coal Resources*
DCR: Data Compression Research*
DCR: Decennial Census Report*
DCR: Deep Cave Records*
DCR: Demand for Coal Resources*
DCR: Demonstrated Coal Resources*
DCR: Design and Construction of Roads*
DCR: Detector de Canal de Retorno*
DCR: Diapause in Corn Rootworms*
DCR: Diary of the Cuban Revolution*
DCR: Dictionary of the Coal Region*
DCR: Digital Computer Rack*
DCR: Digital Corporate Research*
DCR: Diputaci=n de Ciudad Real*
DCR: Directorate of Civil Rights*
DCR: Discussions on Content of Recreation*
DCR: Diseases of the Colon and Rectum*
DCR: Distribution of Coal Reserves*
DCR: Division of Children*
DCR: Division of Computer Research*
DCR: Doctor Clarke is a Researcher*
DCR: Don Campbell Realty*
DCR: Dordt College Republicans*
DCR: Drainage Control Restabilization*
DCR: Dual Color Radiometer*
DCR: dual color radiometers*
DCR: Dutch Centre for Recreation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 83 verified definitions for DCR

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