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DCCS: Distributed Capability Computing System****
DCCS: Distributed Computer Control Systems***
DCCS: Design and Construction Consulting Services***
DCCS: Duty Credit Certificate Scheme***
DCCS: Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium***
DCCS: Data Collection and Control System***
DCCS: Davis County Cooperative Society***
DCCS: Distributed Computer Controlled Systems***
DCCS: Design Construction and Consulting Services***
DCCS: Dextran Coated Charcoal Stripped***
DCCS: Director of Corporate and Community Services***
DCCS: Director Command Control Systems***
DCCS: Distinguished Cancer Clinicians and Scientists***
DCCS: Daimler Chrysler Capital Services***
DCCS: Distributed Computing and Communication Systems***
DCCS: Digital Computer Control Systems***
DCCS: Department of Cultural and Creative Studies***
DCCS: Discretely Controlled Continuous Systems***
DCCS: Division of Corporate and Consumer Services***
DCCS: Dependable Computing and Communication Symposium***
DCCS: Design Construction Consulting Services***
DCCS: Director of Clinical and Community Services***
DCCS: DeKalb County Community Services***
DCCS: Data Center and Client Services***
DCCS: Davidson County Cancer Services***
DCCS: Design Consulting and Construction Services***
DCCS: Digital Contents Collaboration Square***
DCCS: Dimensional Change Card Sorting***
DCCS: Dry Cleaning Computer Systems***
DCCS: Desert Chapel Christian School***
DCCS: Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services***
DCCS: Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting**
DCCS: dermal cell culture supernatants**
DCCS: distal caudal cutaneous sural**
DCCS: difficulty in child-care scale**
DCCS: DoD Command and Control Systems**
DCCS: Deputy Commander for Clinical Services**
DCCS: Direct Congestion Control Scheme**
DCCS: Digital Camera Control System**
DCCS: Dallas Chinese Choral Society**
DCCS: Data Communication Control System**
DCCS: Digital Computer Controlled Systems**
DCCS: Deputy Commander Clinical Services**
DCCS: Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society**
DCCS: discrete clusters of contractions**
DCCS: Double-cuffed peritoneal catheters**
DCCS: Douglas County Christian School**
DCCS: Data Center Control System**
DCCS: Data Communications and Computing Services**
DCCS: Digital Cross Connect Systems**
DCCS: Distributed Computing and Communications Systems**
DCCS: DOUGLAS Consulting Computer Services**
DCCS: Deputy Commissioner Corporate Services**
DCCS: Diabetes Continuity of Care Scale**
DCCS: Document Center Color Series**
DCCS: Duty Credit Certification Scheme**
DCCS: Distribution Center Control System**
DCCS: Dubuque County Conservation Society**
DCCS: Denver Catholic Community Services**
DCCS: Departmental Committee on Computer Security**
DCCS: Dependable Computing and Commmunications Symposium**
DCCS: Dwr Cymru Customer Services**
DCCS: Dynamically Controlled Crystallization System**
DCCS: DES Combined Cohort Study**
DCCS: Dalmuir Community Concierge Service**
DCCS: Data Capture and Coding System**
DCCS: Day Care Consultation Services**
DCCS: Duty Credit Certificate System**
DCCS: DII Communications Channel Server*
DCCS: Dynamic Cell Culture System*
DCCS: Disaster Center Command System*
DCCS: Desimone Carpet Cleaning and Services*
DCCS: Devon Catering Cleaning Services*
DCCS: Directorate of Corporate Communications*
DCCS: Distance Communication Comfort Scale*
DCCS: Duty Credit Certificates Scheme*
DCCS: Defined Contribution Clearing and Settlement*
DCCS: Differential Cascode Current Switch*
DCCS: Digital Content Control System*
DCCS: Digital Cross Connect Switch*
DCCS: Distant Control Cable System*
DCCS: David Casella Children S*
DCCS: Deaf Consultancy Communication Services*
DCCS: Deputy Commanders for Clinical Services*
DCCS: Differential Cascode Current Sensing*
DCCS: Division Central Computer System*
DCCS: Digital Cross Connection Systems*
DCCS: Dartmouth College Computer Science*
DCCS: Dekalb County Cadet Squadron*
DCCS: Duquoin Coal Company Superior*

Note: Acronym Finder has 21 verified definitions for DCCS

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