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DAR: Development Assistance for Refugees****
DAR: Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat****
DAR: Dahurian Angelica Root***
DAR: Defense Acquisition Regulations***
DAR: Daughters of American***
DAR: Disaster Assistance and Recovery***
DAR: Design Analysis and Research***
DAR: Daughters of the Republic***
DAR: Design Analysis Report***
DAR: Development and Alumni Relations***
DAR: Designated Airworthiness Representatives***
DAR: Daughters of American Revolution***
DAR: Daughters of the Revolution***
DAR: Digital Audio Research***
DAR: Data Analytics Research***
DAR: David Austin Roses***
DAR: digital active resizing***
DAR: Destination Address Register***
DAR: Daily Activity Record***
DAR: Direct Access Restore***
DAR: Drug Abuse Resistance***
DAR: Deutschen Akkreditierungs Rat***
DAR: Doberman Assistance Rescue***
DAR: Duly Authorized Representative***
DAR: Diels Alder Reaction***
DAR: Delaware Association of Realtors***
DAR: Device Address Register***
DAR: Drogheda Animal Rescue***
DAR: Democratic Alliance for the Republic***
DAR: Dams And Reservoirs***
DAR: Double Access Reading***
DAR: Diversity Assured Recruitment***
DAR: Data Acquisition Requests***
DAR: Department of Air Resources***
DAR: Demand A Recount***
DAR: Dialog Active Rack***
DAR: DAP12 Associated Receptors***
DAR: Deutscher Akademischer Reitverband***
DAR: Direct Access Recovery***
DAR: Data Analysis and Reporting***
DAR: Designated Agency Representative***
DAR: Digital Audio Receivers***
DAR: Daughters American Revolution***
DAR: Defense Acquisition Regulatory***
DAR: Disciplinary Action Report***
DAR: Daughter of American Revolution***
DAR: Discovery And Retrieval***
DAR: Dispute Avoidance and Resolution**
DAR: Demand Analysis Request**
DAR: Duszpasterstwo Akademickie Rybnik**
DAR: Danish Amputation Register**
DAR: delayed allergic response**
DAR: Developmental and reproductive**
DAR: developmentally advanced region**
DAR: difference-average-ratio**
DAR: differential absorption rate**
DAR: direct abdominal radiography**
DAR: discriminated avoidance response**
DAR: displacement afferent reservoir**
DAR: distribution absorption ratio**
DAR: disulfiram-alcohol reaction**
DAR: dose absorption ratio**
DAR: dose/area ratio**
DAR: dual asthmatic reaction**
DAR: dual asthmatic response**
DAR: dual asthmatic responses**
DAR: dynamic adsorption rate**
DAR: Departures Across the Region**
DAR: Dept of Agrarian Reform**
DAR: Database Application Remote**
DAR: Duffy Antigen Receptor**
DAR: Diagnostic Assessments of Reading**
DAR: Data Assessment Report**
DAR: Defense Access Roads**
DAR: Drosophila Allatostatin Receptor**
DAR: Dieren Ambulance Rotterdam**
DAR: Directory of Accredited**
DAR: dispersion of atrial repolarization**
DAR: Diocese in Arusha Region**
DAR: District Armed Reserve**
DAR: Digital Afro Riddims**
DAR: Data Acquisition Rack**
DAR: dual late response**
DAR: Development Assistance to Refugees**
DAR: Doppler Ambiguity Resolver**
DAR: D Arianne Resources**
DAR: Digital Afro Roadmap**
DAR: Decision Analysis Report**
DAR: Denis A Rumyantsev**
DAR: Dynamic Alternate Routing**
DAR: Differential Absorption Radiometer**
DAR: Dolori Addominali Ricorrenti**
DAR: Degree in Aeronautical**
DAR: Designated Agency Representatives**
DAR: Daily Audit Report**
DAR: Director of Air Requirements**
DAR: Data Access Recorder**
DAR: Drink Another Round**
DAR: Delayed Auto Reclose**
DAR: Democratic Alternative for the Republic**
DAR: Digital ACMS Recorder**
DAR: Dynamic Adhesion Rate**
DAR: Diabetes Assistance and Resources**
DAR: Data Archive Repository**
DAR: Drugs Analysis and Research**
DAR: District Activities Report**
DAR: Diversity Annual Report**
DAR: Defense Acquisitions Regulations**
DAR: Delivery Appointment Request**
DAR: Defense Access Road**
DAR: Diabetes Assistance Resources**
DAR: Digital Audio Reserves**
DAR: Daughters of the Amer Rev**
DAR: Der ADAC Rechtszeitschrift**
DAR: Document Action Request**
DAR: Drug Abuse Recognition**
DAR: directorate air requirements**
DAR: Disability and Additional Requirements**
DAR: Divisional Annual Review**
DAR: Divine Art of Revelation**
DAR: Division of Animal Research**
DAR: Dalmatian Adoption and Rescue*
DAR: Death After Resuscitation*
DAR: Defence Acquisition Regulations*
DAR: Delayed Auto Reclosing*
DAR: Departmental Analysis Report*
DAR: Debt Advisory Restructuring*
DAR: Defense Acquisition Reform*
DAR: Department of Applied Research*
DAR: Differential Absorption Ratio*
DAR: Diversity Advisory Representatives*
DAR: Data Archaeology and Rescue*
DAR: Database of the Accredited*
DAR: Demokratska Alternativa Rame*
DAR: Data Action Response*
DAR: Designated Appraiser Residential*
DAR: Disease Alert Report*
DAR: Double Antibody Radioimmunoassay*
DAR: Dedicated Agency Representatives*
DAR: Descipline and Appeal Rules*
DAR: Disease Alert Reports*
DAR: Data Automation Requirements*
DAR: Deutsche Agentur fur Raumfahrtangelegenheiten*
DAR: Delivery Acceptance Review*
DAR: Debris Assessment Report*
DAR: Design Acceptance Review*
DAR: Dagestan Autonomous Republic*
DAR: DEA to atrazine ratio*
DAR: Delicate Art of the Rifle*
DAR: Delicate Art Rifle*
DAR: Department of Agricultural Research*
DAR: Department of Agriculture Research*
DAR: Department of Athletics and Recreation*
DAR: Department of the Army Representative*
DAR: Detailed Assessment Results*
DAR: Detection Acquisition and Recognition*
DAR: Dictionary of American Regional*
DAR: Direct Altitude Readout*
DAR: Discharges And Runoff*
DAR: Disposal Area Reclamation*
DAR: Distribution Area Rehabilitation*
DAR: Diversity of Animal Reproduction*
DAR: Division of Aquatic Resources*
DAR: Division of Atmospheric Research*
DAR: Documented Archaeological Resources*
DAR: DoD Advanced Requirements*
DAR: Drive Auto Reviews*
DAR: Duncan Angus Ranch*

Note: Acronym Finder has 85 verified definitions for DAR

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